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  1. peggsgreen

    Cornwall, expensive?

    if you own the house with no mortgage - then cornwall same price as everywhere else in UK really - apart from london obviously ...... we spend around 2 months a year in Cornwall , yup love it !!
  2. peggsgreen

    Asthma ?

    Thanks for the info, really appreciate it . thank you ............ very interesting indeed
  3. peggsgreen

    Asthma ?

    ah thanks guys , well humidity seems to be a big trigger i'm thinking for our kids .... as its just sunny and rainy all the time this summer hols , and they have never suffered like this before. i just presumed that all asthma sufferers preferred dry air - so yes need to look into for certain the trigger for the pair of them . thanks again
  4. peggsgreen

    Asthma ?

    Hi all , just a question for any asthma sufferers out there in the land down under ? When we lived in Perth a few years back or son really seemed ok , yet our daughter suffered croup in the Autumn and was often chesty. Anyhow fast forward a few years and here we are in the UK, Our son aged 15 has had a really rough summer with his asthma , he is under the hospital and on meds to help. Our daughter aged 6 is really suffering , she coughs all night and we are really trying to control it ..... again she is under the Dr. and on meds . So we have been researching ... and we have had a very humid wet summer here in the UK and asthma sufferers we understand do not like humid air ? Now, we remember that in Oz the heat in Perth was a nice dry air - not humid at all . We plan to return next year ............... But i would love to hear feedback off folk that have moved to Oz , Are your kids health better being over there ? Or worst .... Or you as an adult - hows your asthma ? Just basic feedback on how asthma has improved or not ? thanks in advance guys
  5. peggsgreen

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    Hi , well thats what we had to do ..... you really have to put yourself out there, we had two children at the time aged 3 and 12 . Yes it was absolutely frightening but after 2 years of telephone calls - offers that never came to anything , We just decided as we where told like im telling you " that we had to get out there ! Yup , we sold up and headed half way across the world. it took 2 months and about £10k of savings untill work was sorted . But then once in work more offers came in and all was really well. We are back in the UK now , but the contacts i have form working on the wards in Oz, and they still keep saying there is a job there waiting for me if go back. But i really do feel - if you are confident at what you do - you will have no probs , Also you will have to work on probation for 2 months etc .... they like to try before they buy lol ! Good luck , the work over there is amazing !
  6. peggsgreen

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    not been on here for years !!!! But i doubt very much you will get a job offer whilst in UK - you have to get over there and be seen in person and really get in there , Hope that helps ;o)
  7. peggsgreen

    Perth poms?

    Yes …. all sorted , thanks guys )
  8. peggsgreen

    Perth poms?

    OK thanks for letting us know
  9. peggsgreen

    Perth poms?

    yep so done everything i can ….. cleared everything . Yet perth poms still isnt working , got a message today when looked saying all cookies cleared - then went to click on a thread and all gone wrong still ? my apple just wont open perth poms anymore ?????? not sure if need to open a new account ?? shame as its been a handy forum ;o)
  10. peggsgreen


    we been here 9 weeks …. but didnt know anything of census until somebody at work mentioned it !!! So we were fearing of being fined as tried to log on but couldnt .
  11. peggsgreen

    Perth poms?

    Cheers stormy …. yep done that , cleared all history etc and switched fully off - But just tried again and cant get on page , well i can get on perth poms but then when i try to access thread - it just trys to load facebook and all sorts via perthpoms ….. and then says page cannot be accessed ???? very strange . So if anyone asked us a question on there ….. where not being rude - just frozen out …. eek ! But cheers guys ,will keep trying )
  12. peggsgreen

    Perth poms?

    Hi guys , not posted on here for a while due to basically using perth poms…………. ………….. Anyhow today try to log on to view threads on perth poms and its not working - wont load ???? Just wondered if anybody else was finding this ? Cheers, Pegg ( peggs green ) lisa and paul
  13. peggsgreen

    best MARA agent to use?

    None ……. do yourself - save money and time )
  14. peggsgreen

    Life in Busselton or Bunbury

    bunbury feels right …. folk are friendly too )
  15. peggsgreen

    Bunbury Talk To Me

    Bunbury is a fab place …. close to wine regions for one !!! house's cheaper and lots of work going on . Our friends have lived there for 8 years and now building a 6 bed home for less the price of land ( where i live mullalloo ) . But yep we like it ……Also feel people are less fake down there - Not trying to keep up with the jones'es if you know what i mean . Infact weve got more friends down there than up here !! nay mind …………… ENJOY!