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    Best place to get dollars for trip

    I went into the post office today to just check maximum amount could change, and the teller told me that next week they're having specials on Australian dollars, from Tuesday and all next week. She obviously couldnt tell me what the rate will be, but did say it'll be much higher than normal, dont know if this is true or not, will watch and see.
  2. I managed to get uni to email me some info about the modules I took. Basically they were just what the learning outcomes were, so i've emailed them to Ahpra, who emailed back stating that they've passed it on to the professional advisor. I had a massive panic last night thinking what if they dont register me?? Has this happened to anyone who is diploma trained?? I qualified in 08, been in the job since qualifying, and even though it has it good and bad days, we were sort of relying on the face that i'd more than likely be able to get work. Now im worried that i wont get registered therefore wont be able to get work as a nurse, therefore would have to do something else. I have had a few other jobs, so i have other things to fall back on, but it would be such a waste of the past 6 years of my life. We fly on the 17th and i left my employment this sunday past, arghhh!!!
  3. Well, what a nightmare!! I've been assessed by ANMC, got them to send info to AHPRA which they've got. Ahpra then email me three weeks ago wanting extra docs, so got those and thought that was basically it, now they email me stating that the overseas transcript isnt detailed enough for comparison with Oz degree, I'm diploma trained. They now want a detailed description/overview of each module that is on the transcript. Have spoken to five different people at uni as dont have this information seeing as i finished training three years ago (who the hell keeps it all??). They tell me that the woman who deals with it is on holiday till next weds, I fly the wednesday after. Arghhhh!!!! Anyone else had this issue, and actually got registered with diploma?? Thanks
  4. Dont know if anyone can help with this or not. I've got a UK driving license photocard with my old address on, and cant find my paper part. Can anyone confirm or not what is needed when you go to get the Oz driving license, do they need the paper part or is the photocard one with passport to confirm ID enough?? We've moved house a couple of times in the past few years so no wonder its got lost. Thanks
  5. Spotted this thread and thought i'd post as I need some advice really. I dont really know anything about pensions (typical woman eh?? lol). Anyway, i've only worked for the NHS for just under three years and been paying into pension during this time, i've never had a pension before (now aged 37) as financially couldnt afford, studying etc. Anyhow, just wanted to know what happens with the pension payments that i've paid in, we move in 6 weeks to Adelaide. Do I have to do anything? Who do I contact? What would you think be my options? Thanks
  6. we've already been quoted for our goods which included bicycles, i was more wondering about possible charges from customs. Thanks
  7. Hi We've just bought our teenager a new bike to ship with us, as his old one is way too small. It cost us £139, we've filled in the form for the shippers that state what are under 12 months old items. Just wanted to know what we might get charged for this bicycle, anyone been charged for items that are under 12 months old?? Thanks
  8. leemina

    Iphone or not??

    Hi I've got an iphone, the original one not the 4 and was wondering what i would have to do to be able to use it in SA. I'm on a simplicity O2 plan so month by month contract. I mainly use it for playing music, net and sometimes calls (wierd eh??) If i cant take it and use it as phone, i was thinking that would buy a pay as you go phone in oz and just use it for music, what dya think??:unsure: Obviously with this post you'll get the jist that i dont actually know anything about mobile phones at all, but just wanted to find out what i have to actually do before i get there. Thanks
  9. Not from Burnley, but from Blackburn. Moving in 8 weeks time to SA, yippee!!!
  10. leemina

    Singapore Airport

  11. leemina

    Singapore Airport

    We arrive at changi airport at just after 7am and dont fly on till nearly midnight the same day. We've booked in the transit hotel for 8 hours, to get head down on proper beds, shower etc. We emailed them and got confirmation the next day, apparently they get booked and may not be available if you just turn up. Also, you dont pay until you're actually there. We have kids so needed to definately know we had a room.
  12. leemina


    My dentist told us the same thing, that the new dentist will want to do a full assessment of the teeth and therefore a handover file wasnt needed. Have yet to speak to doctors, but think it may be the same, good job we've not got lots of medical issues.
  13. leemina

    Taking Kids Clothes for Next 2 Years??????

    I've bought some new stuff for the kids and tried to make sure they are large enough that they can wear them now and also last for a good while. My boys usually have sweatshirts for about two years before they grow out of them anyway, but they are older (11 & 13). I'm of the thought that we buy enough to go in luggage to last us till we find shops or alternative products. I usually stock up when offers are on anyway eg shampoo, moisturiser so have been doing the same, most will get shipped. I've bought primark tshirts for the boys before and tbh they didnt last long at all, so i'd rather pay an extra couple of pounds for next/bhs etc at least they last longer. I'm waiting for the new winter stuff to come in before we go in august so i can get the boys there winter coats. Have fun shopping. x
  14. leemina

    Schools in Port Noarlunga

    Will PM you. x
  15. leemina

    Schools in Port Noarlunga

    Hi Dont know anything about Port Noarlunga as never been before, but i've got an 11 year old boy who was supposed to go to high school over here in September, but been told that he'll be at primary all next year now in SA, so think yours will be in same boat. We're flying out mid August too. x