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  1. moodybird

    Moora/New Norcia

    I have some pictures of Bolgart which is the nearest town (village) to me. You will definatly need to be able to drive out here. Its great that they are providing you with a house :biggrin:. Moora will be your best bet for work or Northam. right now I need to figure out how to upload these pictures .
  2. moodybird

    Moora/New Norcia

    . Good point- we would say they are more like villages. The Aussies call them towns
  3. moodybird

    Moora/New Norcia

    I met my partner in 2005 while on my working holiday visa. I was working as a barmaid at Yerecoin tavern another very small country town! I stayed on the farm with him for a few months then carried on traveling the rest of oz. He then came over to uk 2006 and lived with me for a few years then we moved to the country July 2011 do I new what to expect. Not much traffic on the roads so country towns are easy to get to. Wongan hills takes about 30 mins, bolgart and Calingari 10 mins. Toodyay 30 mins Northam 45 mins Perth 1 hr and 30 mins to 1 hr 45 mins ( midland or Joondalup). Yerecoin where I worked isn't far from New Norcia. ill see if I can post a few pics of where I live for u may have to be tomorrow as I'm using my iPhone. Lap top might be easier.
  4. moodybird

    Moora/New Norcia

    Hey, I live in a farming community inbetween towns called Calingari and Bolgart. I've been to New Norcia pub for dinner a few times. Its a very small town famous for the monks. Moora is a bigger town with a few more shops. The towns I live near have 1 pub, primary school, post office/shop, coffee shop church and caravan park. I think New Norcia is similar. I normally visit Northam to do my food shopping it also has a small shopping mall. I also go to the beautiful town of Toodyay or Wongan Hills for there smaller supermarkets ( IGA's) most of the towns in the wheat belt are very small. I Go to Perth every other week. (Joondalup or midland) for clothes shopping etc. I hope this helps.
  5. My Timeline 07/09/10 Visa application received by Australian House 13/09/10 c/o assigned and aknowledged payment (more info requested- meds/ Australian police check) 20/09/10 Medical completed 25/09/10 Australian Police check sent to Australian House 14/10/10 Medical received Australia House Visa Granted 04/02/2011 (Just under 5 months) Congratulations to everyone who have recently had visas granted and good luck to everyone who is playing the waiting game. Lisa x
  6. Thanks peach ill just be staying with the family I won't be working, by helping out i mean ill help out with the dishes and cook dinner for them
  7. Thanks for the advice guys thats a big weight of my mind. I really didn't want to be away from him for so long. I won't be working, im going over in Jan which is when My fella will be on holidays and I can stay on the family farm and help out for a couple of months
  8. Has anyone else left the uk to await the outcome of there visa in Australia? and is it ok to do this? :confused: My dilemma is my boyfriend is going back to Australia in Nov for harvest and I don't want to sit around waiting for 6 months without him. (We didn't realise the visa processing was taking so long) :arghh: I have read a couple of threads saying you can go to Australia on a holiday visa and then leave again when the visa is due to be granted? My co has requested meds and Australian police check and once meds have been processed and I have received police check I was going to email co and let him know I was thinking of going to Australia for a few months. any info on this would be mucho appreciated
  9. my timeline slightly updated Visa application received by Australian house 07/09/10 c/o assigned 13/09/10 aknowledged payment and more info requested- meds/ Australian police check Medical booked 20/09/10 Australia police check sent in the post today Congratulations to everyone who have recently had visas granted and good luck to everyone who is playing the waiting game like moi
  10. moodybird

    de facto visa to be clarified

    I think pharmacist is on the skilled list?? I had a WHV and once over in oz you can apply for a second WHV as long as you do 3 months harvest work!!! for the defacto visa you need at least 1 years proof of living together. I just recently handed in my application for the offshore defacto visa and after reading through the visa requirements, they don't tend to waiver the 1 year deal unless there are special circumatances. I think you have alot of options and try not to worry to much as i think everything will fall into place once your out there. You may even find a job as a pharmacist out there and they may even sponsor you! good luck :cute:
  11. Hi Guys and Gals Application sent (frontloaded with UK police check) 06/09/10 by special delivery. Received by Australia House 07/09/10 awaiting confirmation of application and payment...... Im worried about the 5-7 month process times as my partner Charlie has to go back to WA November for Harvest!! I need to send off for my australia police check but not sure how to pay?? (needs to be aud cheque/ postal order) Anybody else sent off for Aussie police check?? Im soooooo stressed right now, but im so happy I found this site. It has been so informative and also its nice to know im not the only one going through this horrible drawn out process!!!
  12. moodybird

    Visa update

    Thanks Peach ill check it out now :biggrin:
  13. moodybird

    Visa update

    Names: Lisa and Charlie What Visa: Defacto 309/100 How far along are you: arrived by mail to australian house yesterday, awaiting aknowledgement and confirmation by payment Where you going to be living: Bolgart nr Perth WA