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  1. Mrs Depp


    Thanks, we got our email on Thursday
  2. Mrs Depp


    Finally after almost 2 years we have been given our ceremony date. It's on Australia Day. I am so excited
  3. Mrs Depp


    We are hoping that if we get the july one its before 18th and after 28th as we'll be in Bali then. If not then hopefully we can get the September one. Knowing our luck it will slap bang in the middle of our holiday! Our test date was whilst we were on the plane back from Port Douglas, couldn't get a new date so had to pay for an earlier flight! I want an invite to the Home Affairs Christmas party as I've more than contributed lol!, Good luck to you too
  4. Mrs Depp


    Hi, We did our test at the same place as you on the 24th April. We were told to call Home Affairs after 6wks if we hadn't received our approval letter. Will be interesting to see how we both get on. We may get the same ceremony date
  5. Mrs Depp


    Is anyone else seeing this when they log in? I know it says Citizenship applications are not affected and as far as I know we have provided everything, I just wondered if this was a standard message? Thanks
  6. Mrs Depp


    We applied 1st Feb 2018. Not heard a thing!
  7. There's very strong extenuating circumstances in our case and immigration are aware of these. Still waiting for a response from them and I'm hoping that no news is good news at this stage. They have completed a triage form on our behalf which gets sent to triage dept and they then pass it onto the relevant team. This highlights that it is urgent. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyone who had had the initial entry date extended or whether they review and decline regardless. Although, I would like to think this process does mean there is a possibilty that an extension can be granted. Fingers crossed anyway. Cheers
  8. Hi, does anyone know of anyone getting an extension to the visa validation entry date, without going down another visa pathway? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I need to contact immi urgently about my mum.and dad's 143 visa (already granted) Is it Immi or the processing centre in Perth that I call and can anyone help me with the contact no please? TIA
  10. My parents just had a call from their agent and have finally received their visa So happy right now. ? I can't thank you enough for getting me through it. You are all marvellous and I wish you all the very best in this parent visa roller coaster! Cheers, Clare x
  11. Congratulations! My parents agent is UK based so if they are lucky to get the golden ticket today then they've yet to hear. Kind of hoping for tomorrow as it will be exactly 6yrs to the day since we got ours!
  12. Congratulations Zaki! Lets hope they don't take too long to grant the visa.
  13. My parents have also been asked to pay their 2nd VAC today and have been told their visa will be granted on 1st July! Finally. Hopefully there's more of these types of emails on the way for everyone else waiting. ?