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  1. I am currently living in Sydney on a Partner Visa Subclass 309, having received the paperwork to ‘upgrade’ my visa to a Subclass 100 about a month ago and which I am aiming to send back next week. In relation to the Subclass 309 whilst I’m still on it – is there any known restriction in relation to working for government agencies whilst on the ‘provisional’ Subclass 309 visa? I ask because I am interviewing for a job with one on Monday… Any help appreciated. Matt
  2. supermatt

    Partner Visa Subclass 309 Question

    Thanks. I have contacted them since arriving onshore and given them my address and phone number and they emailed back to say they had received it, so that should be sorted. My application date was only in October 2010, so I'm probably only due the paperwork in late September/October this year. Does the change in visa involve submitting a bunch of documents like with the original application? My initial application was defacto, but we have subsequently got married. Matt
  3. supermatt

    Partner Visa Subclass 309 Question

    Hi all, I'm in Sydney on a Partner Subclass 309 Visa with an Australian partner. I've had my visa 18 months and been in the country for 15 months. As far as I recall, there is some 2 year milestone with this visa where it is meant to become permanent (a 100 visa I think), but apart from that I'm a little shady on what exactly happens and what is required of me when this event arrives. Can anyone out there shed any light on the process whereby the visa is changed from a 309 to a 100? What documents and fees are involved in this process and is there anything else imorant that I should know? Thanks! Matt
  4. supermatt

    LAFHA for Partner Visa

    Thanks for confirming that. The Other Half wanted me to check, but I didn't think I was eligible. Matt
  5. supermatt

    LAFHA for Partner Visa

    Hi all, I know that LAFHA is meant to be abolished in the near future, but just wanted to know if you can be elligible for LAFHA on a Partner Class Visa? Mine's a Partner Class 309 Provisional. Just for extra info, I'm married to an Australian and we intend to stay here for good. Any help would be great. Matt
  6. supermatt

    PAYG Mobile

    Most of the providers have stores in shopping centres and on-street on local high streets. I think that Telstra and Optus are best. I went with Optus when I arrived and they have a PAYG plan where if you put in $30 a month and opt for the 30 day airtime expiry (rather than 6mo) you get about $300 worth of bonus credit and 500mb of free data which is quite good value for a medium. I think that Telstra do a similar package. (don't sign up for the 6mo PAYG plan as the call and data costs are unreasonable) Matt
  7. supermatt

    Help - First Time Car Buyer

    Thanks for the advice. I'd wondered about dealers offering finance. Luckily we don't need the car in a hurry so I have time to shop around a bit.:-) Matt
  8. supermatt

    Help - First Time Car Buyer

    Hi all, So my partner and I moved out to Sydney 2 months ago and am looking at buying a car. But, the only time I've ever been a car owner in my life is when I bought an old Fiat for my last couple of years at Uni and paid cash for it... Apart from that I've used hire cars and public transport all the way. Anyway, we'd like to buy a car as I think it'll make life easier, but have no idea where to start. Where can I compare prices, how do I decide between new vs second hand and how do I finance buying a car (I can't afford to buy one outright). Does anyone have any useful advice for me? I guess I'd like to see if I can get something decent for around the $10,000 mark. Matt
  9. supermatt

    Visa update

    I heard on Friday that my partner subclass 309 visa* was granted last week. I applied on 7 October. My passport is supposed to be ready for collection today and we're looking at flying in a month. *I applied in South Africa after losing my job in the UK. Matt
  10. Ok, thanks for the replies :-) My missus is Aussie and she's stressing about getting whacked with duty when we get there... I think we'll be ok. Matt
  11. Hi all, I am due to be moving to Aus in the next couple of months and I was just wondering whether they will try to charge me duty on electronics of mine when I do. Things that I'll be taking with me on the plane such as SLR camera with lenses, laptop and possibly some sound equipment. Is there an import duty exemption for people moving to Aus or would I be liable to pay for things I bring in when I move there? Matt
  12. supermatt

    Partner Visa - Travel while visa pending

    I'm due to be assigned a case officer within a couple of weeks, and as it turns out, the job is probably only going to be in February/March next year, so I'll have more than enough time to make sure I have satisfied the embassy's requirements and arrange everything with my C.O. before travelling. Still, thanks to everyone for the replies. Matt
  13. supermatt

    Partner Visa - Travel while visa pending

    Thanks. What is the likelihood that I'd be asked to come in to the embassy for an interview because that might be problematic. I guess I'm hoping I can get a case officer assigned soon so that I can chat to them about any other requirements and try sort that out before I leave if it comes to that. Matt
  14. Morning all, I currently have an offshore partner visa application pending (in South Africa) and had a query regarding travelling or working abroad while I have a visa application in. I only got my file number on 14 October and don't have a case officer yet. The reason I am applying for the visa is because I was made redundant in the UK and have an Australian partner, and since we were already planning to move to Aus eventually we are just making the move now. However, I had to come back to South Africa to make my visa application and while my application is being processed I am unemployed. I have been looking for a job, but not very successfully although I have just been notified of a potential short (1-2 month) contract in Singapore. I tried to call the embassy to find out about it, but couldn't get through to anyone so have sent an email. I was hoping to get answers a bit quicker though as emails can take a while to get a reply. The partner migration booklet implies that I should be able to travel as long as I notify the embassy, but I just wanted to check up about going abroad to work for a couple of months. Does anyone have experience/advice on this subject? Thanks Matt
  15. Hi Etienne, I started calling around for quotes in August and compiling a list of comparative prices (only half a days worth of effort really). All the company's I spoke to could deliver boxes within 2 days and collect with 2 days notice. Shipping time was generally much the same. We got our boxes delivered about 2 weeks after I started looking into it, and 2 days after I called to place the order. So January for a May move is almost too soon - maybe look into if if you want to check out the company's, but you'd be ok leaving it until April I'd think. We ended up going with a company who a couple of friends had recommended and who turned out to have the best rate. PM me with your email address if you want me to email you my spreadsheet of prices. Matt