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    Sydney midweek beers? 20 or 21 Feb 2013

    Dave, Noddy the West Ham fan, Canterbury in England is home, never changed the location!! Oh and Canterbury Kent is a damn site more attractive than Canterbury NSW!! you driven throught there? Like Beiruit!!
  2. Nod to Oz

    Sydney midweek beers? 20 or 21 Feb 2013

    sound good.. I'd be up for this.. Weds better for me...
  3. Nod to Oz

    UK shared container

    HI all, Well the dreams turned to **** and its looking like I'm going home. Obviously got a bit of stuff here I need to get home, approx 4 -5 large boxes or bags, so I'm looking for either a good recommendation of a shipping firm (that wont charge the earth - improbable I know!!) or anyone who is prepared to share a bit of a container/movecube for a shared cost.. only clothes/ books/ sportskit going in. Destination, Kent or London at a push... Let me know if you can help.. Cheers Michael
  4. mate, Sharing your pain, drop me a PM if you fancy a chat or a pint... well schooner.!! not sure about Man U pub, but know where the West Ham one is if you want to watch some proper football!!! Michael
  5. Nod to Oz

    Mid 20s couple looking to meet some lovely people.

    HI Rachel & Keith.. drop me a line with some contact details... in touch with a few others on here so could maybe arrange a meet!! Cheers Noddy
  6. Nod to Oz

    Just one more big Ozzie rip off..

    which thread was that? Agree with it being a rip off!!!!
  7. Nod to Oz

    Mid 20s couple looking to meet some lovely people.

    hi guys and girls.. I'm here now and up for meeting new people.. drop me a PM to arrange something? Cheers Noddy
  8. HI Kate.. Me and my partner and baby are in mortdale.. dont think thats too far away,.. be good to hear from you!! Noddy
  9. Nod to Oz

    High Comission UK

    Yes Im in Oz... the point is until you get the nod you cant book travel to validate etc.. not that practical in the real world!! saved myself $140 by booking weeks ago! its just not a very flexible system. What grates with me is that i'm ready to work, got good skills, speak English yet I'm being held back by red tape!! With one breath yesterday they said no more visa's this month then with the next it was granted! Bureaucracy is crazy!! Still its done now off to NZ to validate next week and then start job the following week!! Thanks for your replies!
  10. Royal Ex is the Boleyn in Sydney!! COYI!! Maryrose you seem to know the pubs round that way... shall have to hook up for a beer!
  11. Plus I'm gagging for a decent pint of non over carbonated beer with decent colour and a bundle of flavour... not the weak P!$$ sold here!!
  12. the Mini wasnt.. nor Land Rover..
  13. Nod to Oz

    High Comission UK

    It looks like a phone call may have made the difference... and yes Peach... SV!! talk about awkward!!
  14. Billie, Bring everything and be prepared for how expensive things are here till you start ( and even then ) earning A$.. Shoes.. clothes... bedding.. bring stuff too big so kids can grow into it!! Good excuse to go shopping!! message me if you have any questions.... where you moving to?
  15. Nod to Oz

    High Comission UK

    not spoken to no, but am in email contact today. she has been on holiday.