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  1. lucylou1

    Getting Married to my UK partner in the UK

    Thanks Nemesis, I have looked at the website already, but trying to wrap my head around the rules and regulations. Seems a bit OTT if we just want to get married and leave again. We don't want to live in the UK
  2. lucylou1

    Getting Married to my UK partner in the UK

    Thanks for your reply Marisa. I'm Australian and he's British with Australia citizenship but we want to get married in the UK. If I stay less than 6 months do I need a visa, can we just go an get married? The website is all over the place and I'm really not sure what I need to do. We just want to go, spend say 3 months there, get married and come back to Australia, almost like a destination wedding We want to get married in the UK and have a blessing back here in OZ, we have more friends and his family in the UK. It's so overwhelming and really taking the excitement away from a happy time.
  3. Hi all, My British partner and I (Australia) are looking to get married in the UK, is there a similar Forum for Australians in the UK or is there a thread I could refer to please? Thanks so much, Lucylou
  4. lucylou1

    Wanted to Buy - Bar Billards Table

    Still looking.
  5. Anyone have a recommendation for the best British fish and chips on the Gold Coast please.
  6. Hi all, I am in Australia and I am looking for an old Bar Billiards table, which is very different to a billiards table, if anyone has one that they are willing to sell please let me know. Cheers Lucylou :-)
  7. lucylou1

    Citizenship Timelines and City Council

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but doe anyone know if you have to sit the test/interview in your local council or can you do it anywhere and further on can you do the citizenship ceremony anywhere or does it have t be in your local council area/shire? Thanks in advance
  8. Just wanted to post for the information of others. We submitted British Passport application with Australia Post - Thursday 10 October and received back today - 23 October. So took 10 working days!! We submitted the application for C1 fully completed with the old/about to expire British passport with two passort photos one signed on the back as per instructions. They didn't want copies of utility bills or birth certificate. Paid the fee and then yesterday 22 october received the old passport back and then the new one today. We were advised the application goes to Wellington in New zealand and the passport would be sent to us from the UK - which is what happend, the delivery today is post makred from the UK. So less than 2 weeks in total.
  9. lucylou1

    Holiday insurance while on a 457 visa

    I can help you out with travel insurance. I am a travel consultant and the travel insurance company I use will insure a non-resident. Send me an email with your travel dates, ages and travel destination and Ill send you back a quote with the policy PDS. My contact details are: aliciac@travelmanagers.com.au or phone 0479 010 150 Warm Regards Alicia Clark - Personal Travel Manager http://my.travelmanager.com.au/AliciaClark Travel Agents License: 2TA5758
  10. For anyone travelling back to the UK in 2014 the Early Bird airfare deals have now been released!! Now is the time to start booking to save $$$ After 23 years of experience as a travel consultant I know the airfares for travel in 2014 WILL NOT get any cheaper than the earlybird deals. http://my.travelmanager.com.au/AliciaClark [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Travel Agents License: 2TA5758 Cheers Alicia Clark aka Lucy Lou[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  11. Hi all, My partners daughter is (fingers crossed) coming over for a holiday in a few months time. She will be travelling with her Dad (my partner) who has permanent residency here in OZ. Question is which visa does she need for a stay of 4 weeks? Can we get her an ETA - she's 7. Thanks guys any advice welcomed
  12. That sounds like a great plan misssmileyselina. Other than Sophia who else do you know that we can invite? Ill send you a pm with my email address and we can try to get this organised. We are off back to the UK for 2 weeks early April, so looking forward to it!!
  13. WOOOT!!!! Yes robthomas821 we did have an awesome surprise, the visa has been granted for 4 days and we never even knew!! Champagne tonight
  14. Crikies.....We havent even looked at VEVO. We submitted our docs and were received by Immigration 24 December 2013. Our eligibility date was 24 Jan 2013....better go and check now
  15. lucylou1

    How many Australians on this forum.

    This thread seems to have been going a while and Ive just found it so my apologises for the delayed reply....... Im full blood, full bodied Australian through and through.