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  1. Neither I just made up a list in Excel and printed it. Why would they care if you think about it, every worldwide shipper has their own quotation form. Goods can be shipped without the code and you have a specified amount of time to claim it back after landing. The dates are just an estimate. The email address is: nch.tor@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk This is the one they confirmed to me in the approval email. " National Clearance HUB All replies must be forwarded directly to nch.tor@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk "
  2. It's just one code for both (at least it was for me). I got my code via email after about 25 days. Thanks.
  3. We applied for this in order to move our pet dog, we were rejected as we didn't include a packing list of our household items, even though I explained that we were not moving any items apart from the dog. So it seems I now have to ship some items back to the UK that I was intending to give away, just so that I can get a TOR reference number
  4. SimonK

    Evidence of relationship... You cant be serious!

    My partner and I went through the same process with an 820 visa although didn't bother with an agent. You do have to be careful with this kind of thing, don't just assume that the migration agent is crazy. A friend of ours visa was cancelled and she had to leave the country because DIAC somehow found out her relationship ended 8 weeks before her visa became permanent! Evidence of your relationship doesn't have to be official correspondence from companies. Do you contact each other throughout the day? text messages and phone calls? emails and facebook messages? Print them out and use it as evidence, send phone bills highlighting your calls and texts to each other, you can even print off emails and things like that. Have you taken a flight anywhere in OZ during your stay here? Find the booking email and use that - it will have your names on it. Also, if there are any photos of the both of you with an obviously Australian background you can use that too. Good Luck!
  5. SimonK

    Point Cook- 1 important question

    We live in Point Cook and really enjoy it here. I drive my partner to Laverton every weekday and sometimes theres a bit of traffic but it's nothing compared to London, or Richmond for that matter.
  6. Hi there, sorry to hear about your problems. I've just gone through the second stage on the partner visa process, I think you really need to think about talking to a professional migration agent, don't rely on an internet forum like this for such important information. As far as I remember, the only reasons that DIAC might give you permanent residency if your relationship ends would involve children or domestic abuse. I could very possibly be wrong though! You might want to ask your employer if they could sponsor you?
  7. SimonK

    Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne

    Hey, I've moved from Sydney to Brisbane and then from Brisbane to Melbourne six months later (don't ask). Moving interstate was much easier than I thought I would be. We used a company called CK Interstate both times, we packed everything ourselves and they moved the boxes etc - this saves a lot of money. The quote is based on the size of your load and a few other factors (which I think is normal). I think we had to book a few weeks in advance, they move up and down the country every week. Cheers Simon
  8. SimonK

    GP/Doctor in Melboune

    Thank you :biggrin:
  9. SimonK

    GP/Doctor in Melboune

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience with a GP in Melbourne (city centre/south/st kilda) that they would recommend? Thanks! Simon
  10. SimonK

    Racism in Sydney??

    I've lived in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The other posters are right, in the cities there are people from many races and countries. Out in the bush or some small towns most non-aboriginal people are white, I think at worst you'd get a look but I very much doubt anyone would have a go - Aussies aren't British trash.
  11. SimonK

    Winter's Coming... :-)

    Ha! I am half way through my Monday coffee. I have found this site to be raelly useful when I was putting my visa application together and figuring out what to do when I got here - the arguments do make me use the site less though. Si
  12. SimonK

    Winter's Coming... :-)

    Hmmm, Maybe there should be a 'Thunderdome' thread to thrash this stuff out?
  13. SimonK

    West End Oppinions...

    Hi there, West end is nice enough, it's pretty much inner city and there are lots of places to eat etc. You could probably walk to the CBD without much trouble. I guess it depends what sort of home you want and the atmosphere you want around you? Thanks Si
  14. SimonK

    Winter's Coming... :-)

    No, I live in a 40s Queenslander in Camp Hill.. I wondered why the builder had put in a brick fireplace! Whereabouts are you in brissie?
  15. SimonK

    Winter's Coming... :-)

    It's about 18c here right now in Brissie (at 10pm) and I've got a hoodie and thick socks on. The extra blanket is already on the bed. Not really the level of acclimatisation I was hoping for!