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    RSMS timeline

    Thanks dear , fingers crossed , how long do u recommend we can hear from our case officer. as we have already submitted our Medicals and AFP on 8th feb.
  2. mystikallz

    RSMS timeline

    i don't know about the status of my nomination , how can i check that , as my employer is away. I was also wondering , if my nomination have approved thats why case officer would be askin for Medicals & AFP . Really worried . Thanks
  3. mystikallz

    RSMS timeline

    when case officer got allotted my medicals were valid as they were submitted late but my spouse medicals got invalid as they were (12 months out of window.)thanks
  4. mystikallz

    RSMS timeline

    my case officer asked for my wife medicals & our both afp, submitted on 8th feb. How long do you recommend. Is there anything to worry
  5. mystikallz

    RSMS timeline

    Hi everyone My timeline Non DRC, HIgh risk , Cook RSMS 857 Applied on 25th, june 2012 Acknowledgement letter 20, aug 2012 Case officer 17th Jan 2013 Medicals and AFP submitted on 8th feb 2013 Waiting eagerly......
  6. mystikallz

    RSMS Acknowledgement time line

    Dear friends I lodged my RSMS 857, myself at Melbourne office on 22nd June 2012 & still waiting for Acknowledgement letter. Please everyone keep updating there timeline for Acknowledgement letter waiting timeline. THANKS May everyone succeed in Immigration race.
  7. mystikallz

    RSMS timeline

    I have applyed RSMS 857 on 22nd June 2012 & still waiting for acknowledgement letter......... time frame given on immigration website is 18 calender days ..... How long i have to wait for acnowledgement letter. My IELTS going to expire in Aug 12 - do i need to reappear , if my file opens after Aug. How long should i expect for visa grant. Wishing good luck to everyone , May everyone succeed in this immigration race. Thanks in advance
  8. mystikallz

    Rsms 857 Visa, few questions - Please help

    I called Medebank my TR medecals(yes they got my blood samples) are only valid for 6 months , bit frustrating they , now i have go through all again ..
  9. 24th , June /2012 Hi Everone I have submitted RSMS on 21st June /2012 at Immigration office Melbourne , on same day my employer sent papers to Regional certifying body . I have submitted my receipt of medical done on 12/11/11 ( at the time of submitiing TR Visa) , are these valid , even after case officer allotted after expiry of medicals . On my job offer letter its going to start from October - so two years is counted from the date of my job offer or date i get my Visa approved. How long its going take ? Thanks in advance
  10. sourse : Ombudsman finds DIAC dodged visa ruling A woman initially refused a partner visa by the immigration department has been allowed to come to Australia following an official investigation into her case. Commonwealth ombudsman Allan Asher said that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship had made a "flawed decision" to skirt a Migration Review Tribunal ruling and refuse a permanent partner visa to a woman who satisfied the criteria. The woman, known as Ms B, first applied for a provisional partner visa for herself and her children from Cairo in 2008. She wanted to join her partner, known as Mr A, in Australia but the department rejected her original application. The Migration Review Tribunal then overturned that decision on appeal and visa processing continued for 18 months. Mr Asher said Ms B was granted a provisional partner visa on May 3, 2010, but two days later the immigration department refused her a permanent partner visa. "It is concerning that this action may have been an attempt to avoid a tribunal decision that (the department) disagreed with but had not challenged appropriately," he said on Monday. Because Ms B hadn't entered Australia she could not have her most recent rejection reviewed, so Mr A lodged a complaint with the commonwealth ombudsman on her behalf. After an investigation by Mr Asher, the department granted Ms B a permanent partner visa.
  11. mystikallz

    Sponsorship By Blood relation Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes thats true , now i will start looking for other options
  12. I have done commercial cookery and lodged my TR in aug 2010 , few days back my sister got PR in India as her husband applied for offshore Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) subclass 176 (Skilled - Sponsored) as he is engineer , i was wondering when they come here can i apply for PR on their basis as blood relation gets points .