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  1. walker2012

    M/Cr UK - Free SatNav with Aus maps

    hi paul I live in Halifax and I am moving out to aus in October. I will take the sat nav off you. I will pm my details ​thanks lee
  2. walker2012

    ajusting to working in the heat.

    That's exactly what happened to me too scrumpy. This weather is crazy. Today I have had sun,rain,hail and snow/sleet. I was also working on a roof. Bring on the sun.
  3. our short term rental is in wanneroo. we are staying on a farm for 5 weeks. should be interesting. it's nothing special but a start. i also have a few pals in perth that are chippys and are doing very well for themselves. our plan is very similar to yours. I hope everything works out for you. let us know how you get on when u arrive. cheers lee
  4. hi Benny good luck and all that. where abouts in perth are you heading? me (carpenter) 29 and the Wife and 2 girls are due out on the 22nd of October. have you managed to find work prior to going out?
  5. walker2012

    What SUV would you buy in Australia?

    Kia sportage looks a great SUV also really reliable too. also under budget. I think they start at $25000.
  6. walker2012

    Premiership Football

    and it's free :biggrin:
  7. walker2012

    Premiership Football

    try a site called myp2p, just put it in google and it streams all the games live cheers lee
  8. walker2012

    thats it going home

    hi just let you know that the construction industry is on its arse over here in the uk, with carpenters been paid 10-13 a hour and that's for sub contracting so I would think twice about coming here and landing a decent job, I predict it will be 5-8 years before construction industry picks up properly cheers lee
  9. hi Neil, we are in the same situation so any info would be great, thanks lee
  10. walker2012

    activating our visa?

    hi Ian, we activated ours in January and you have to is enter the country and it activates when going through passports control
  11. hi guys me and the family fly out on the 22 nd December to activate our visas. I just wondered if sunglasses are any cheaper at changi airport or would it be cheaper to by them in the uk cheers lee
  12. walker2012

    wa state sponsorship

    hi just a quick question that's been pickling my brain, when we move to Perth and like after 12months we decide we can't settle. can we move to Sydney as we have family there ? cheers lee
  13. walker2012

    worry over selling the famiy home

    Hi my advice would be to rent it if you can, taking alot of money would be a good idea, plus people are crying out to rent these days as it's harder to get on the housing market, and if things go **** up in aus u are still on the housing ladder, try taking just enough funds to set up in wa and start earning the dollar hope this helps Lee
  14. walker2012

    Should I or shouldn't I ???

    Thanks everyone for your replys, me and my family plan to move in with the in-laws and rent our property out. But I think there house would be over crowded with us all there. Another reason why I think I should go is because of this double dip recession everyone keeps talking about! No jobs equals no money for Australia. And thanks baz any info would be much appreciated Again, thank you everyone Lee
  15. walker2012

    Should I or shouldn't I ???

    Hi baz, is this something you have experience in? My mates out there at the moment as an electrician so he has got my foot in the door if you know what I mean Cheers lee