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  1. Hi michelle someone some months ago sent in ielts that did not quite meet the mark and they had major hassle getting registered dispite having being educated in English and having a letter from school. Ahpra's argument was that they failed the ielts standard. Don't fall into that trap!
  2. Hi there, My hubby and I would be up for meeting, in our 30's, Irish. Sat nights or Sundays best for us at the mo as he is working away during the week. I work in the Shire but live in St George area just over the bridge. Alayne and Kieran
  3. That was sufficient for me ie a letter from school stating I was educated and examined in English. I had a degree in nursing, don't know if that makes a difference.
  4. Alayne

    APHRA and registration.

    Hi Rachel, I have just secured a job and found that it was 50/50 on those who would give me an interview without my registration. I was offered a job without my reg being finalised however they then threatened to withdraw the offer as I didn't have my reg. Catch 22 situation. I spoke to ahpra about this and said I was going to loose a job and they registered me by 12.00 noon the next day. Quicker way to get here is 457, think most hospitals will happily sponsor you for pr once you have worked there a while. Hope that helps Rachel. Happy hunting
  5. Alayne

    APHRA and registration.

    Evening all, well I received my email confirming my registration this evening. I applied in person in Sydney on the 9th December 2011. My form was sent to Brisbane as Sydney has such a backlog. I called yesterday and advised them that I have a job offer but they are going to revoke my offer if my registration is not finalised shortly. The lady looked at my file and said she would pass it to the final assessor and advised I would have a decision by today. I got a call at lunchtime telling me they were missing my nmc verification and I advised them they had it just in my married name, she looked for it on the system and accepted this straight away. I waited until 17.08 and my email arrived. I have nothing but good things to say abouth Ahpra, my application as dealt with really swiftly. Shame I need to re register at the end of may again!!! Good luck everyone.
  6. Alayne

    APHRA and registration.

    Hi all, I applied in Sydney late November as I am already living here. I started to apply for some jobs once this was done. I have had a few come back to me and said they would love to interview me but without my registration they can't. So I just rang AHPRA and told them this was happening. Seemingly as Sydney had such a backlog they have sent my application to the Queensland office, I have an assessment officer and the inital assessment should take 6-8 weeks from when they received the paperwork which they told me was the 12th December. This is much quicker than my quote of 5 months minimum for Sydney when I hand delivered my application. They girl I the phone would not confirm I had all the required documentation but suggested everything was there, I hope this is true. Just thought some of you might be interested to hear that things are moving along in Sydney. Although the Queensland team commented that there is alot of newly qualified nurses to be processed at the moment too. Catch 22 continues - no registration therefore no job.... Good luck everyone
  7. It didn't happen for some reason or other. So you didn't miss anything yet. Had a meet up for us females last night and that was great, nice bunch of people. Hubby and I are keen to meet lots of people so let us know when you are free to meetup. Kieran is going to be working away during the week for the next couple of months so for us both it would need to be a weekend affair (although we are not into swinging!!!) We both love kids and are happy to go to child friendly places. Alayne
  8. I'm coming too if that's ok. Been here a few months & need to broaden my social network. I'm Irish, married no kids just married to one! See you all later. Alayne xx
  9. Sunday the 8th is good for us, lunch would be good or beers or a bit of both? Shall we meet in town somewhere?
  10. Sounds like there are a few of us that are up for meeting, just need someone to set a date and a venue. I'd like a Sunday meet, maybe a nice pub lunch or bbq if the weather changes. Anyone available in the next few weeks? I know me and the hubby are free most Sundays at the moment.
  11. Well I'm kinda glad I haven't missed the first meet then we'll all be newbie's together when we do meet up. I am on a 457, well my hubby is and I got in the door free. I was a psychiatric nurse until I left London in the new year. I am working in the city in an office job at the moment. I'm irish but lived in essex for over 15 years. Don't live to far from you either, i'm down the road in Five Dock. Hope to hear from you soon.
  12. I know what you look like!!! Clicking your name worked. Hope my visual brain works on Friday night. Are you on facebook? Look me up alayne Finnerty that way you'll see what I look like too
  13. Can't make it for 7pm as hubby won't be home until about half 6 and will definetly need a shower after a long hard dirty day working lol I however would be ready seeing as I've not landed a job yet. I'm sure we'll be there about 8ish if that's ok? How will we recognise one another?