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    Accountant (General) Information Help!?

    Thanks for your response Ozmaniac, I fully apprecite having funds in place is a big thing and I have looked into many differing aspects of moving to Oz, I am able to gain about half the recommended funds through family and about 1/4 through saving and as for gaining goverment housing not to sound rude but that would be the last thing I would want to do, I was going to take 6 months out of studying after completing my AAT Qual but after seeing the issues with accounting gen on the sol list may not take that break and get into my ACCA full steam I know the IELTS are valid for two years so depending on my occupation still being on the list I plan to sit them 2016 Thanks again
  2. chazzyg8

    Accountant (General) Information Help!?

    Hello, I am in a similar position although I am a single person with a child and a few years ago I decided to aim for my dream and make it real so started to study accounts, that being said I know I am only half way through completing my studies to finally acheiving ACCA (in my final year of AAT which counts towards first 3(?) modules of ACCA) and I have seen that Gen Accounts on the SOL list has been flagged and worried it may come off by the time that I complete my degree. As it is just myself I would have to completly re-train in another field and there is alway that chance it may be removed from the SOL list so this is dissapointing. What I'm asking is would I be able to apply for a visa/sponsorship is my chosen career is taken off the SOL list? Also I have done years of research and one thing that comes up all the time for me is the min funds to emirgrate for a single parent is £30,000 apx is this set in stone? Any help would be great as if I need to rethink my long term plan I need to know asap #
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    Hi Tracy, Thanks for your reply it was very helpful so if I start my CIMA/ACCA this year and cut my losses with AAT. Have you done either and do you have any advice?? and would i be right in saying as I have over a year work expeiance in finance I need to start looking for a position in a Chartered office??? Thanks again x :rolleyes:
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    Thank you for your reply It was AAT.uk themselves who told me it would help and that's why I have been studying it for the past 2yrs I am actually really annoyed now as I could have been halfway through ACCA/CIMA by now so I do feel as though I have wasted so much time trying to do things right. Do you know by any chance how quick people can get btheir ACCA/CIMA done as through the college I study it can be 3/4yrs?? I know AAT.au is supported by CA/CPA so does that not count for anything over there??
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    :arghh: I know I am only just beginning my Oz plan but already I'm finding things a bit of a minefield so any help would be great. Let me begin by saying a few years ago I posted on here asking how I could get into Oz given I had no hard qualifications and had some good feedback that made me go away and think long and hard about how much I wanted to itch my "Oz" itch.... So I found a profession that is always going to be needed whether in Oz or UK and chose Accounting and thus I enrolled on AAT as I was told by AAT that it is recognised globally and if for some reason I couldn't get to Oz I would still have a good profession in the UK. I have been studying(self funded) for the past two years and I have also recently gained employment as a credit controller for a publishing company so I am getting on the job experience. I am just about to start my last year on AAT and thought I should start my planning for the big dream now but after looking into things have found that AAT is not as well know in Oz as it is in NZ and even then AAT is still not know by the majority of employers and would no count for much, so I am worried I am going to have to continue training right through until I am ACCA/CIMA which is ok because "good things come to those who wait" and it just means I have to hold of on my dream for a few extra years but will be worth the wait. Q1) Could I potentially get a visa through job sponsorship even though I am not a Chartered Accountant? Q2) Where are the best places to find employment for job sponsorship for Oz? Q3) Could I get a visa as a part qualified CA? Also I will be going to Down Under Live @ Birmingham next week has anyone got any experience of this event/tips etc?? Thanks in advance for any feedback :biggrin:
  6. chazzyg8

    help please with work

    im a single mum and work in a hospital as a ward assistant but when i look for if this will help me get to oz i cant find the informatin and now im thinking i may have to spend two or three yrs retraing to be classed as a skilled worker has anyone got any helpx x