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  1. Hi! We are looking around for good and not very expensive removal companies. We will move from Orange NSW to Brisbane. There are so many around which makes it hard to choose. Can anyone help? Any good or bad experiences? What do we have to be careful when choosing? Any recommendations? Any help or advise is highly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  2. fivetogo

    Orana SS

    Hi RozarDream We will move to Dubbo in March 2012. I was never thinking about to inform DIAC. Although we will contact Dubbo Council as soon as we will arrive in Dubbo. I have contact by mail with a relocation assistant in Dubbo. They have a New Residents Kits and a New Residents Social Night. Please keep us updated how you start in Dubbo is! Cheers Sandy
  3. fivetogo

    Health insurance for family of 4 in Brisbane. How much?

    Also you can look on HBA! I found it very is to get a price! http://www.hba.com.au/public_insurance_sales/nsw/content/overseas_visitor_cover.htm
  4. fivetogo

    Checklist for 475 online application?

    Yes, we did it like this and obviously it was okey :biggrin:
  5. fivetogo

    475 now or 176 Later

    If you have sponsorship for a 475 you have to apply for it. If you get a higer marks in your IELTS you have to ask for a new sponsorship who is valid for 176 visa.
  6. fivetogo

    Regional 475 visa

    I think this is not quite right. With a 475 visa you have to live regional and Perth is not classefied as a regional city when you are sponsored by state. You will get problems when you apply for a PR after two years. You have to bring evidence that you have lived and worked in regional area. It only works if you are family sponsored or by employer (RSMS) but not by state. This is from WA's homepage: http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/Pages/RegionalclassificationforPerth.aspx State sponsorship applications for the Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (Subclass 475 or 487) The changes announced by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship do not affect State Sponsorship applications for the Skilled Regional Sponsored visa classes. Applicants who are successful in gaining a State Sponsored visa for the Skilled regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (Subclass 475 or 487) are still required to live and work in a regional area of Western Australia outside of Perth. Listed below are the eligible postcodes in Western Australia for Skilled Regional Sponsored visa holders: Western Australia except Perth and surrounding areas 6041 to 6044 6083 to 6084 6121 to 6126 6200 to 6799 Be careful with such advise!
  7. fivetogo

    Checklist for 475 online application?

    I know from someone here in the forum woh has submit his spouse IELTS not until he had a CO and he has his 475 visa now. So this is not a problem at all. If you submit everthing from the beginning you can just safe time. Hope this helps.
  8. fivetogo

    475 now or 176 Later

    I am 100% sure. Look at this site: NSW visa types.pdf NSW visa types.pdf
  9. fivetogo

    475 now or 176 Later

    As I know with a 475 visa you AND your dependents have to live at least two years in Australia and the main applicant has to work at least one year fulltime within this two years before it is possible to apply for a PR. Although I am not 100% sure. Maybe someone else can help you more.
  10. fivetogo

    475 now or 176 Later

    I think you confound 457 with 475 visa. 475 Visa is a pathway visa for those people who do not have enough points to get a 176 visa. Of course it is not as safe as 176 but it is a good way to have PR in the end. I agree when you have the alternative for 176 go for it. Unfortunately it was not possible for us and it is the best way that for us our dream comes true! 457 visa is for employer to bring worker to australia. It is very different to a 475. You are stuck with your employer, when you loose your job you have to leave the country within 28 days and you have to pay schools as well. With a 475 you are more independent. I know lot of people confound this two type of visa's.
  11. fivetogo

    475 now or 176 Later

    If you have a 475 Visa you have nothing to pay for schools. I have three kids and we will move to NSW. I read a lot about this. In NSW you have to pay for schools on a 457 Visa but not with a 475 Visa. As I know in WA you don't have to pay for schools at all, dosn't matter witch visa you have. You have to pay only privat schools.
  12. Thank you for this adress. Could someone explain me how I can find out on this site which is a good school and wich one's are not? Honestly, I have no idea what I should looking for. In Switzerland our schoolsystem is diffrent we can not choose in wich school we want to go. You are automatically in the school where you live. Exept of very expensive privat schools. So I really need help. My kids are 8, 10 and 12 and we will move in March 2012. I am totaly overstrained!!! :confused: Thanks a lot!!! Sandy
  13. fivetogo

    475 cat2 applicants - 2011

    CONGRATULATIONS!! We will meet us in Dubbo!
  14. fivetogo

    475 cat2 applicants - 2011

    It is a great feeling isn't it? I still can not believe that we are moving early next. Wow already in November. Please keep us update how Dubbo is!!! We will fly in the beginning of February although stay for three weeks in Thailand. So we are aproximately in March in Dubbo. Wish you a good prearrangement and a good start in Dubbo!
  15. fivetogo

    475 cat2 applicants - 2011

    That's great news!!!! Congratulations!!! Now the wait is over and the move starts!!! When will you move to Dubbo?