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  1. It's pretty easy to go around Brisbane using buses and ferry. The bus to Mt Coo-Tha takes about 30 min. from the CBD. Train to the Gold Coast is very easy too. For day trips, the visitor centre in Queen Street Mall can do the bookings and give you (usually) good advices. Given that you'll be there during low season, it shouldn't be a problem to find a spot.
  2. I agree, sticking to the cities will save you a lot of time in travel. There are many day trips organised from the main cities where you can discover the natural wonders (Blue Mountains from Sydney, 12 apostles, Philip Island from Melbourne, Tamborine mountain, Moreton Island from Brisbane). Enjoy.
  3. annever

    IELTS concerns

    The IELTS has 4 parts. Writing and speaking are marked by a human being :yes: , listening and reading are based on a multiple choice first read by Optical Mark Recognition, then double checked by a clerical marker.
  4. annever

    Oz Citizenship Dilemma

    Well, if I understand it correctly, you have to be in Australia to receive the notification of the department's decision. Once you have this decision, you can travel while waiting for the ceremony. This is on their website: "If you need to travel outside Australia after you have been approved for citizenship but before your ceremony, you must travel on your current passport. This will not affect your ability to attend your ceremony or become an Australian citizen. Before you depart you must ensure you have a visa that allows you to re-enter Australia for your ceremony. If the travel validity period on you permanent visa has expired, or is about to expire, you will need to apply for a Resident Return Visa.If you do plan to travel outside Australia before your ceremony, please let us know. Contact the Citizenship Information Line." As such, what you really need to wait for in Australia is the decision. I hope I'm not wrong but it seems pretty clear from the website. For my PR visa, I didn't use an agent and always talked to the immigration officer directly to let him know my plan (I had to be outside of the country to receive my grant). They are very nice people
  5. annever

    Oz Citizenship Dilemma

    I am exactly in the same situation and my flight is booked for September. I know me and if I don't go, it will always be a thorn in my side and I couldn't be fully happy. To add to the insanity, we have 2 children who will come with me (they miss Australia sooooo much ) My husband doesn't really understand why getting the citizenship is so important but he supports me and he has already planned his visits for the next year. We have already been living apart for 9 months when he came back to Europe for his work and I stayed in Australia until the end of the school year. Our relationship did not suffer at all. This is exactly what Rachel was explaining, I may never use this citizenship but at least I know I have it and that keeps all options open, especially for the children. We are so close that, in my opinion, it would be madness to let it go and re-do the whole process in 2020. Good luck, whatever your decision will be.
  6. annever

    Leave to remove child from jurisdiction cases

    Well, I’m one of those selfish mother for which there is little empathy because she wished to relocate for no other reason than trying an adventure in a new country. However, my ex-partner and I did this in an adult way, leaving any bitterness behind us and discussing how our son could benefit from a great adventure in a new country, experiencing a new culture and learning a new language. My ex authorised me to take our son to Australia and I’m doing my best to have my son call his father, skype him, send him pictures and gifts and keep him informed of what happens in his live (school reports, sport, etc.) as much as possible. He also came twice to spend holidays with him and they had a great time together. I do not have the feeling that my son is torn and I discuss a lot with him to be sure he will never feel that way. I keep on telling him his father and I love him very much. If I ever see my boy unhappy about this situation, I’ll buy a plane ticket for the next day. It is crystal clear for him that I want him to spend time and visit his father. I consider myself very lucky to have an ex that is able to bite the bullet and see the opportunities for his son and be happy for him rather than absolutely trying to put a spoke in my wheel and constantly whinging to his son how miserable he is because he misses him. And this is because he knows he can trust me, he knows I’ll never say anything negative about him and I’ll do everything possible to maintain the relationship and involve him in the important decisions. I am convinced the distance will not destroy a relationship between a child and his distant parent if both parents behave like mature adults, have a positive attitude and collaborate. Being separated with children does not mean having to live the rest of your life stuck in the same city as your ex. On the other side, frustration, anger and pain can destroy a relationship and there are numerous cases of parental alienation between parents living in the same town…
  7. We called the Singapore police officer in charge of our file to warn her that we would like to have the COC picked up by DHL instead of being sent by the post. She then gave us the file number and said that we would be advised when the COC is ready. Afterwards, we contacted DHL to have the delivery arranged (they call it an inbound). We gave them the pick up address, contact name and number and the file number and told them to deliver it to our case officer at DIAC. We paid the fees in advance and on the day the COC was ready, we just called DHL and tell them they could go for it. It was at DIAC the next day, very efficient but additional costs involved of course.
  8. Hi, When our CO was assigned, he automatically joined a letter from DIAC officially requesting us a police certificate. We had to send this letter together with the form, the cheque and the fingerprints to the Singapore police. As we were in a hurry, we even arranged to have DHL pick the certificate once ready. Otherwise, they will send it to DIAC directly. We've had the fingerprints taken here in Australia at the local police office. Very straightforward. Good luck, visa is close!
  9. annever

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hi everyone, merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you, may all your wishes come true. Our visa has been granted on December 19th and I have to say that our CO has been really great. I don't feel like we have ever been in the waiting room. As soon as I had informed him that our last PCC had been delivered to their office by courier (took us a long time to get this one), he sent us the grant letter 10 min. later. He also answered all our questions almost immediately and kept us informed as soon as he had assessed a document. Good on him! I would also like to thank you all for the informations and tips and tricks I could gathered on the forum. Good luck for those still waiting, you'll be soon there. Cheers.
  10. annever

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    As the last March applicants, I can now say that my documents turned as "Met" today. Form 80, PCC and Medicals are marked as requested. Thanks AAZZR and all the others.
  11. annever

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hi everyone, I wish I had something to share with you but no news yet, unfortunately :mad: But I see that grants and CO are still coming in, congratulations to all.
  12. annever

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    I will wait for the next update too. It should then have March covered, at least I hope so. I've read on another forum that a May applicant got a CO today so not bad I guess.
  13. annever

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hi to everyone, I am also a "Marchian" now becoming seriously impatient when so many April/ May applicants already got CO and even grant, but many congratulations to all the lucky people ! Name: annever Date of Visa application: 25 Mar 2011 Nationality: Belgian High/Low Risk: Low Risk Trade/profession: Internal auditor Visa type: 176 Family sponsored Onshore/offshore: Offshore Pre-14th July 2010 Category (If applicable):4 Post-14th July Category: 4 Medicals submitted: Not yet Police check submitted: part of them Date CO assigned: Not yet Date of employment verification (If applicable): N/A Date visa granted:
  14. annever

    Family Sponsored 176- Where are you now?

    Hi everyone, I'm getting a bit worried after reading the post related to the 176 family sponsored application that has been declared invalid because the form 1277 has been provided after the application: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/126290-lodged-176-year-ago-just-received-invalid-application-response-new-post.html I am sponsored by my brother and I lodged first my 176 application online then provided the TRN number to my brother who then filled his part online as well some days later. I was wondering how you've been proceeding on your side? is there anything else I should have done before? Should I have scanned and downloaded the form 1277 the same day as I lodged my application? An MARA agent also confirmed that the legislation requires form 1277 to be signed at the time the visa application is lodged. This is really worrying...
  15. Hi tostar, Did you have any other feedback from your case officer? How did it end up? Thanks for your update.