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  1. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    Thank you Tbh there's alot I didn't say as its very personal and I don't want to divulge on a forum, there is a reason I won't/can't go to the dr but tbh it's irrelevant anyway. Regarding the anaemia I've had it my whole life from being a child, there's not a thing I don't know about. It as its always been part of my life, I've had every prescribed medication and a combination of medications, I spent the best part of 2010 in bed totally unable to function an wishing that I wouldn't wake up, I quit my job, neglected my children and was on the verge of splitting up with my partner, all down to the medication I was taking making me so ill, I was on anti sickness drugs along side ferrous fumerate, gluconate and others ( obviously not at the same time!) then also had to take a gurd medication along side that these were all for the side effects, my throat was bleeding I was being sick and all that was dripping out was blood, the anti sickness stopped the sickness but not the actual feeling sick and retching, there's so much more but I'm sure you get the idea, I've seen various dr's and had one blood transfusion related to an infection I believe I only got because if how I'll the iron tablets made me, believe me I've tried all of that and got to the point where I had to think about quality of life, and tbh to me anaemia is the easy option, and I found what worked best was spatone which is very weak and didn't make a huge difference but it did me no harm. My dr in the uk suggested I eat plenty steak, lol, basically to follow the low iron rules, no tea etc. and to get a good multi vitamin along with spa tone or whatever else helped, my iron levels were always at 6, and I'm fine and have been without vitamins and spa tone for months, they can make me feel sicky so it's good to have a break, but now knowing my body I feel I do need them again, I'm not self diagnosing as someone suggested because I know better than any dr, but with over 30 years of it I know there's nothing a dr can do that's not already been tried, I'm also on a prescribed medication related to my anaemia ( not iron), I don't have ulcers it's my children that have the ulcers. I agree looking after children can wear you out and make you run down which is definitely my problem! I've. Never had a babysitter, an weirdly I've never had a day apart from my daughter since she was born, lol, I don't actually know anyone here apart from my partner I see him on a Sunday and we usually have a good day. - sorry for any typos, my phone has a mind if its own for changing words
  2. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    Sorry I wasn't referring to you. Or tbh anyone specific its a saying that's all, and people assumed I'm depressed or whatever that was all, I quoted as I thought you knew about the prescription thing and that you were suggesting I got vitamins from the dr as that was my question, it's all my fault apologies, that man of woman was definitely right implying I have no common sense
  3. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I've heard of borocca too they have that in the uk but I never tried it as wasn't actually sure what it was, I've not got a thyroid problem I've had that checked before in the uk, as my symptoms do point to that the only symptom I didn't have was that I was underweight, I've had countless tests in the past and always came back the same anaemic and just needing a bit of a pick up, I've been fine for over a year, but since coming here the hair loss started again, at first I wasn't sure if it was just breaking off from the sun as its highlighted but I do have a couple of thin patches where it got thin last time, which last time was put down to low iron and other vitamins, I was advised then to just take whatever supplement I chose as they were cheaper in the shops, I'm sure it's the same thing now as I'm feeling exactly the same. Sorry pon queen it wasn't meant to be an insult, it's just a saying, like 'you can't polish a turd', my oh says it to me alot as I assume alot of things, and I'm usually wrong as well. I'm not fussed I've had to tell my life story, lol, just kind of un necessary, and it reminds me why I rarely comment or post on here, even though I've got tons I want to know, I know if I ask one question I will get an answer to another, and then people start judging without having an actual clue what they're talking about. I know alot of people do it for a reaction, but it's not humorous (which I love) it's tedious and just make me want to shout GET A LIFE haha, I wanted to know a good vitamin, pick me up, whatever, as in, what it's called, how much roughly if they know, where do you buy it, is it any good, which I think the majority of people did read and understand, but then there's always got to be someone with the negativity! Suppose it does make it sound more interesting, but in actual fact it's boring, just a recommend for family vitamins
  4. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    Are they cheaper on prescription? Not sure how the dr here works as none of us have ever been I usually just get over the counter medication and I also bought a shed load from England. In England my iron prescription was £7.70 or I could buy the exact same ones, same dose etc in the chemist for just over £1 so much cheaper to buy in the shops, plus the vitamins in boots for example were quite easy to work out as there was barely a choice compared to here, I thought they must be popular over here as there seems to be hundreds to choose from, that's why I asked for recommendations of what people find good. Just because I asked this question not sure why people would assume I'm depressed/ stressed/ or anything similar, as my oh tells me regularly 'only an ass assumes' I've actually never been less stressed, the move wasn't stressful the most stressful bit was the 28 hour flight with screaming baby but that was more of an annoyance than stress that was brief lived. Reading this site helped me a lot as everything so far had exceeded my expectTions, it's much cheaper than I expected, kids school better than I expected, job search and work no problem, house rental, car, and tbh everything else sorted out with ease and so much easier than any other country we've lived in. The most stressful thing for me right now is wondering exactly when terrible twos finishes so we can venture out without tears every 30 seconds, haha, but actually before I get advice on this in reality it doesn't actually stress me, it's just a phase that doesn't last, and honestly it's not my favourite stage I've got 3 older children who unfortunately all went through it too. It's 32• on my thermometer today so I doubt I'm missing much by having a day in the shade, having fun with my little one. When I said I'd not been out in a couple of months I meant not really been in the sun that's why I was wondering about vit d as I'd seen in the media Australians had a problem with it, and really only being here a short time I don't know that much about it. I'm not actually a hermit, lol, I venture out for 2 school runs a day, sport clubs every night apart from Friday, pub on Saturday night, nails and eyebrows Thursday night, etc etc in reality I am knackered and I do feel run down, but I'm busy, never stop, there's not enough hours in the day at the moment just sorting the house and children, that's why I think a few extra vitamins will help I will give the ones recommended a go, and if they don't suit think I'll just google for reviews!
  5. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    Haha this sounds so familiar! yesterday was the first time they've eaten it all, I did wonder if they'd binned it to stop me nagging. mine usually don't touch it at school and eat it as soon as they get home, I even resorted to cutting the crusts off my .8 year olds ham sandwich and chopping it into little cubes, because aparently sandwiches are boring and take too long to chew and there's just no time when your desperate to play football
  6. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    Thanks for that I'm going to MSG my oh now and ask him to pick us some up on his way home from work, my boys are also very active and my 12 year old started a new school at the beginning of this term and has lost so much weight, he wasn't fat before but he's like a stick at the moment, he's so active and doing lunch sport at school he's barely eating or having time to eat, I think also when it's so hot you don't always fancy eating, I think some extra vitamins on top of their diet can't hurt. My 8 year old has also had constant colds, temperatures, hand foot and mouth, and god knows what else over the last 8 weeks, were definitely run down, let's hope these help
  7. Nohea

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    I was thinking maybe multi vitamin but wasn't sure, I'm not depressed, I'm thinking my iron is probably low as well as I'm short of breath all the time, I've just switched to a new mouth ulcer gel for the boys which seems to be working the pharmacist said this one was stronger so maybe that's why, but she said when I bought it that I should think about vitamins to help but I've not had any time alone since to get back there and ask, and with my toddler having tantrums every 5 mins I don't fancy going back with her in tow!
  8. Hi I've looked (or tried to look) in the supermarket for vitamin supplements, they're are hundreds and with a screaming baby, I always end up leaving it and thinking I'll look next time. Not exactly sure what we need maybe a multi vitamin? Since arriving in oz my hair started falling out, I'm really tired and have no energy, and not a great diet compared to what we had in the uk, think that's just down to lack of choice and not great fruit/ veg choice, so thought it might be an idea to try vitamins and hopefully feel better. My boys age 8 and 12 seem to feel fine but both have mouth sores and ulcers constantly, so maybe a child vitamin for them, I wondered if we were all just abit run down and need a pick me up, my boys and husband are out in the sun a lot but me and my daughter haven't left the house in over 2 months so wondering if maybe lacking in vitamin d, anyway, if anyone has any recommendations of what to try and where to buy etc. that would be great, thank you
  9. I'm just applying for a visa for my son now, he's 18 this year and studying in the uk, we have to apply before he turns 18 or he's not classed as dependant, our application only went in a couple of weeks ago, we've used an agent, so fingers crossed he gets it. It might be worth ringing a couple of agents to see what your options are, I wish I had done this sooner, I was told by several people on a forum that he wouldn't get a visa etc etc or a 10 year wait, and because I'm clueless on these things I thought that was true, I'm not sure what made me pick up the phone to an agent one day, desperation maybe, but the two I spoke to both gave similar advice and I'm hoping that within the next 8 months we have a visa for him.
  10. Hi does anyone have any recommendations of what to so and places to go around Christmas time please? living in townsville at the moment and to be honest I'm bored, my oh is snowed under at work working 10 hour days, 6 days a week, so I'm just at home twiddling my thumbs, not that I'd really go anywhere without him. But would be good to get some ideas for Sundays when he's off work and also for Xmas time when my son will be over from the uk to visit, he's 18 and not keen on oz, I want him to move here after his studies so kind of need to sell it to him although struggling to think of what we'll do for a month at the moment, any places of interest or other ideas greatly appreciated
  11. Nohea

    Is this really Normal?

    We never really said goodbye, just upped and left, no parties etc. we called into my mil's on our way to heathrow with the car loaded up with cases, stayed about 30 mins and that was it
  12. I felt exactly the same when I realised my son didn't want to move with us, after lots of thinking, talking, crying, we decided to give it a go without him, it's not been easy and I miss him a lot and it does get me down. My husband could see how much it was affecting me so made the decision to get our son a visa so that the options there for him if he was to change his mind. Who knows what the future will bring but I'm sure it will all work itself out in the end whatever happens. It would be good if your son could complete uni in the uk and have the option to join you if he then wanted to, not sure what your visa situation is, good luck with whatever you choose to do
  13. Nohea

    How Much is a Hair Cut ..... near you

    I had mine done last Saturday, cut and colour I paid $230, a friend went somewhere cheaper for a trim (her hair was past her shoulders), she came out with a cut exactly like the woman in Wallace and gromit, Wendy?? Maybe, anyway she was in tears for weeks, and is still coming to terms with the trauma months later,
  14. Nohea

    The beach every day ?

    Think I've missed something, where did I said I disliked sand? I said I'm not keen on sand everywhere, but if you love it everywhere I won't be judgmental about it, each to their own I say. Also thanks for the advice on my little one, she doesn't like sand or grass under her feet or to touch, I always thought that it was common for babies to dislike certain textures, she's only 1 so can't actually say a lot yet, it's just usually screams and cries to communicate. Next time we go to the park and she won't touch the ground I think it might be best to leave her there screaming and just walk away, she won't follow me but I'm sure she'll learn from it - (a little out of touch maybe?) Also now you've got me thinking perhaps i'm doing something wrong, I didn't mention my boys, ones 17 and dislikes beach, sand, sea, but loves pools, ones 12 and can take or leave beach, sand, sea, he's soon bored of it, and finally an 8 year old that loves sand and sea and could be left playing on the beach all day, when it's time for him to pack away his spade and come off the beach he just won't listen and takes around 15 minutes of 'yes in a minute' before he actually comes off, any ideas why? I always thought it was because everyone's different, but from your comments obviously every child should be the same, haha, feel like I've just gone back in time 50 years
  15. Nohea

    The beach every day ?

    We've actually never been on the beach! im not keen on sand everywhere and my nearly 2 year old hates sand on her feet, we regularly go to the beach but just have a play on the parks and do other things, a lot of the parks have Sand on the ground and I have to carry her from swing to trampoline to slide as she refuses to touch the sand