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  1. I've just applied for my PR (!) from Australia and I clicked on the icon to check where to get my Health Check done, and the nearest centre is in Japan - is this for real? When I look on the immigration website, the only countries available where you can get a health check are outside Australia. Am I missing something here? Or do I need to start packing my kimono and looking forward to authentic sushi?
  2. Hi Marc and Sarah, Just thought I would put my 2 cents in - The limit to get the cheapest price on posting from the UK to Australia is under 2kg per parcel from the Post Office so much better to split them up if you can. Don't listen when Australia Post says sea mail takes 6 weeks - myself and a couple of friends have been told that before but actually when you call their customer service helpline they say 3 months which in my opinion is about right. As far as freight goes, I have had a good experience with UPS shipping from the UK but shop around coz you can get some really good deals if you go through a third party. Good luck!
  3. Lyra

    Declaring foreign rental income?

    Hi Andrew, I'm actually an accountant trained in the UK but it might be different here. I am on a 457 temp work visa but I didn't think that had anything to do with the residency for tax purposes. I.e. it doesn't in the UK. I have lived here continuously for the whole tax year, or majority of it. If I'm not a resident for tax purposes then surely I would get no personal allowance or anything and be taxed at a higher rate...? Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Hey there, I am wondering what income I need to declare on my Aussie tax return (my first one since moving here last year). I have some property in the UK still and receive some rent from it. I do a self-assessment in the UK for that income but I'm wondering if I need to declare it on my Aussie tax return as well? I won't be paying any tax in the UK on it so no double tax relief. I am resident in Australia for tax purposes. Anyone in a similar situation know anything about this? Thanks,
  5. Pretty sure it counts! My friend just got her permanent visa and she has only been here on holidays before and all of that time counts towards her time to apply for citizenship. It can only look good that you have lived and worked here for 2 years. Good luck!