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  1. To Karen-J. Before you do (borrow on the anticipated sale of your house), I'd recommend thinking very carefully about it if its your main asset. If the price falls, or if you can't sell it at all without a 'fire sale' you could be leaving yourself seriously exposed. Not a step to take lightly unless you have additional funds.
  2. stevemalbec

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    I've tried Moneycorp a few times. Not always the best, but in this market no one company is always the best. However, I've always found them to be very competitive and been offered the best rate by them around 50% of the time that I've asked for a quote, compared to its competitors. Every company claims that they are always the best, but none is, obviously, the market moves so quickly. But, even though I haven't used Moneycorp every time, I can vouch for the efficient way they do business. Btw, anyone who can't even spell properly doesn't inspire me with much confidence. Its 'losing' Maggie. If one of my business contacts couldn't spell properly I'd think twice about using them.
  3. Some people on this thread are so 'precious' I don't know how they'll cope in Australia. The aussies I know are a pretty straightforward bunch and don't expect to have to give an apology if they disagree with someone.
  4. So whatever our opinions are we can never be judged on them? And I'd dispute your comment "'the powers that be' never listen to us mere mortals". Not always, but I think the latest Tory onslaught on welfare recipients shows that they do listen to their supporters, maybe only when it suits them, but to say they never listen is just hyperbole.
  5. Thanks, I'll easily make that, just wondering if it was OK to spend a couple of month out of the country every year.
  6. Is there any kind of minimum time spent in Australia required for those first 5 years?
  7. If I recall correctly my police check in the UK was £40, and medical in Manchester around £260.
  8. Briefly, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8568970.stm Judges at the European Court of Human Rights were the latest to declare that National Insurance contributions did not have an "exclusive link" to retirement pensions. "As non-residents, the applicants did not contribute to the UK economy, in particular, they paid no UK tax to offset the cost of any increase in the pension," a statement from the court said. The court said that it was hard to draw any genuine comparison with the position of pensioners living elsewhere.
  9. I've just tried a few searches and didn't come up with anything, but can anyone tell me how to get the CPV 143 inserted into your passport before going over? Can't get through to the High Commission on the phone either. Thanks!
  10. To offer isn't illegal, only for agents to demand it. My sources say that agents don't like taking so much in advance as it involves them with a lot more work. Landlords not using agents are a different case altogether. If a prospective tenant offered me 6 months rent in advance for one of my properties I'd sign them up on the spot.
  11. There's no definite timescale, but check http://www.chireckles.com/cpv/tracker.php and click on 'Applications in progress'.
  12. That's a classy reply! I thought this was a forum to inform the members, so when someone gives out false information I think they should be told. Not my fault if you worded it wrong. And as I've just paid almost $38,000 for my second VAC on my CPV 143, I shall be there within weeks. Or are you saying that only people actually in Australia should be allowed to post? If so half the posters would be banned. You got it wrong, get over it.