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  1. Misssweetkay

    Europe to Darwin - Best way to fly

    i go via singapore quickest route.
  2. Misssweetkay


    i have been in darwin for 4 months now, this is what i have learnt. Reting - estate agent are not the most helpful, we found ray white to be the best, you have to a few a place 1st then put an application in. they need to see proof of i.D. proof of funds eg pay slip. if you haven;t found work then they ask to see proof you can rent for 6 months. Then ref from old estate agents ect. I have a 2 year old and most of the good preschool, school ect have big waiting list. I got my boy into a good one when i spoke with the director of his nursery and explained i couldn't put his name on a waiting list. I agree with whoppsiedaisy about the schools they dont seem to be up to standand so we have started to enrol him from tranistion year ( age 5) in to private school as we are concerned about the amount of school place to the amount of families they are trying to get to come up here. I havent seen any wild crocs yet, i have seen a snake, a cane tode. We have had 3 huntsman in and one of the scared the hell out of me as it kept jumping round they house. With the heat most workplace have aircon and as long as you stay out of the midday heat you will be fine. Hope this helps
  3. Misssweetkay

    Proof of funds for NT SS

    Hi, We used are Isa statements and the capital we had in are house as proof of funds. Hope thats helps
  4. Misssweetkay

    Been in Darwin 3 weeks now an am looking to make friends

    Hi How are you? we are in stuart park. have been here 6/7 weeks now am okay with the weather it is very dry for wet season as long as you stay out of the sun during the mid day heat you will be fine.
  5. Hi, Moved to darwin a couple of weeks a go and have seattled in a bit now and am looking to make some friends. I have a two year old son and am original for brighton england.
  6. Misssweetkay

    Darwin here we come........at long last!!!

    enjoy your last couple of weeks at home, been in Darwin 3 weeks now and am enjoying it. bring a umbrella it rains most days.
  7. Misssweetkay

    Arriving in Darwin on the 1st of dec with Toddler

    reddebz - thanks, i will have alook. My little boy is nearly 2 1/2 and i am hoping he loves darwin as much as i do. i would love to met up my little boys loves playing with other childern, so am hoping to make friends quickly.
  8. Misssweetkay

    Arriving in Darwin on the 1st of dec with Toddler

    Thanks for your response, we think we will be in the leanyer area, i will defo use th water park in the dry season. Is there any website that you know of with useful info one.
  9. Misssweetkay

    Darwin Meet ups

    Hi, I am moving to Darwin on the 1st dec and am wondering if there are any meet ups. Thanks Kaylee P.s - i have a two year old toddler
  10. Hi, My partner and I are moving to Darwin on the 1st dec from Cambridge UK and will be bring our 2 year old little boy. I was wondering if anyone could advised me about toddler groups/ toddler activities. Many Thanks Kaylee
  11. Misssweetkay

    Skills assessment confusion

    was wondering if anyone would be able to help, in Augest 2010 my partner sat a Vetassess skills assessement and passed and was issue with a AQF III, a week later we sent in application to the NT govement for sponser they email last week ( after 9 months) to say they are unable to sponser us due to not having the correct skills assessment. I know in december some changes were announced was this one of the changes. My husband is abit annoyed at the moment as it cost over two grand for him to take. we have tried conctacting the DIAC and they seem to be rather unhelpful. all i can see on there website that tra our doing the assessment but when yoyu applied it tell you to go to Vetassess. Any advice.
  12. Misssweetkay

    gsm 175 application

    Mea and my partner are currently applying for the gsm 17 visa, however the online form, seems different to the paper form, just wonerding how people are doing there visa, Im getting confused as on paper visa it ask all about both of are details and on the online on it justs wants my partners detail as he is main applicant., i dont see where i put me details on. Any help will be useful. x