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  1. Hi We fly into Melbourne next week and looking to hire a car for 2 weeks till we get sorted out with a car. Problem is neither off us has a credit card. What company's can we use with out 1 if any. We are to late now to apply for 1 here now . Any advise. thanks
  2. TheGlovers

    Leaving Scotland end of May for Melbourne

    Kids are 15,11 and 9 . Looking at rentals in the Doreen area but got nothing confirmed yet . Brother in law was looking over places for us at the weekend there. We know it's not going to be easy and things can be expensive . But we will give it a dame good go and see how it goes. My wife is an Australia citizen and kids have dual nationality . Wife been in Scotland now for over 20 years . Still got family and friends out in Melbourne it help us settle down and pick there brains about things.
  3. TheGlovers

    Leaving Scotland end of May for Melbourne

    When did you go to Barony. My sister went there.
  4. TheGlovers

    Leaving Scotland end of May for Melbourne

    We are from Castle Douglas .
  5. Flights booked for 28th of May one way to Melbourne . Taken us 3 years to get there between selling house and everthing else. Kids now looking forward to the new adventure . They weren't before but they have come round to it. Starting to get nervous myself about the move but hay ho life's to short and I all was say here for a good time not a long time .Dont want to sit back in Scotland in 20 odd years say wonder what would off happened if we had moved to Australia . If we find it's not for us after a couple of years we can come back to Scotland. Let the adventure begin . cheers
  6. Moving out to Melbourne at the start of June and wondering anyone can tell me if my HGV class 1 licence is transferable or do I have to resit a test. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the replies . Can I study for a cert 3 in childcare in the uk before we move out .
  8. Hello, Can anyone tell me what qualifications i would need to work in a nursery/kinder in Melbourne. At the moment i work as a cook in Scotland . When we move out to Melbourne i want a change in career . So any advice would be great . Thanks Linda
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    Thankswhat school did your kid go to.we are hoping to move to Doreen at some point this year.We have 3 kids ages 14, 10, And 8 . We were looking at getting yougest to into the primary school in Laurimar across the road from the shopping mall. We arestill in Scotland at the moment but hopefully the house will sell this year fingers crossed . What do you think off living in Doreen . Was there when i came out to validate my visa .any info you have would be great . Tha
  10. Hi, i know it is a personal question but how much money on average do family's have to take out with them to start there new adventure . How much do you need to get started ie. for car,rent etc.we are a family of 5 .looking to get out to Melbourne as soon as we sell the bloody house . Got PR visa . So ready to go when house sells . cheers the Glovers
  11. TheGlovers

    Anyone in Doreen

    Hi Is there anyone out there living in Doreen if so just wondering whats it like to live in . We are looking at that kind off area . Dont need to be close to the CBD or train lines . Just somewhere semi rural . We are a family off 5 hoping to move out sometime this year all going well with house and business sales . Any info would help . cheers
  12. Hi all we are moving to Melbourne hopefully sometime this year . Well as soon as we can sell the house and business. How is everyone elses plans come on.
  13. TheGlovers

    Best place in OZ

  14. TheGlovers

    Shipping cat to Melbourne

    Hi, Can anyone tell us roughly how much to it would cost to take our cat with us to Melbourne. Thanks
  15. TheGlovers

    worry over selling the famiy home

    Hi we in same boat . House been on market since April had a few viewings But no offers . Now getting into winter not looking good for a sale now till into next year . Just want it away then off to Melbourne . Good luck with your house sale .