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  1. Sorry if this one has been done to death, but I am looking for any current/new information that anyone may have! I've been told that February is the best time to book Christmas flights to the UK, do you agree or do you think differently. TIA :biggrin:
  2. I totally agree that it is not cheap in Oz, however I do need to say prescriptions are not $43 each. Inhalers are as cheap as $5.99 and the last prescription I got was $30 for 3 items. HTH
  3. Popsicle

    Savings and tax return?

    How much savings can you have before you need to declare it on a tax return? is there a threshold? Also, do offshore savings have to be declared? again is there a threshold? Thanks in advance
  4. Popsicle

    10 Year Old not settling

    Aw Julie I feel for you it's awful isn't it. I too don't want to go back to the UK, all I read before coming here was the younger they are the quicker/better they settle so this has taken me back, we were kind of expecting it from our eldest!!!! Finger's crossed we will look back in 6 months and it will all be a distant memory, I'm holding on to that thought to keep me going. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to reply and giving me some good advice it is just great to be able to tell someone outside the family, parents don't know cos they will only worry and nothing they can do.
  5. Popsicle

    10 Year Old not settling

    Thank you for all your replies. We already do one sporting activity on a Saturday morning and am currently looking at Karate etc as a self defence and discipline. The school do have a counsellor and I have asked for time with him but not sure how long that will be as he is "busy"........ Moving schools really would be my last option as I think the kids have been through so much upheavel already don't really want to do it all again. Funnily enough I did give 2 options last night because we agreed as a family we would give it 12 months and speak again as a family to see how we all felt (this was actually my bargaining tool for the eldest, now it appears the youngest is the one who needs it). 1 We are not going anywhere till at least next April so you can chose to be miserable until then. 2 You can try to make the best of the situation until then (in the hope that April will be totally forgotten about) I have tried to put things in place to forge that one friendship as I do honestly believe this may be the stumbling block but at the moment all I am getting is an Anti-Australia attitude so this isn't happening either (case of not helping yourself!!!!). My husband is totally settled (apart from this issue) loving his job, the lifestyle etc. Eldest is typical teenager, grunts a lot and is quite laid back like hubby. I am happier now I am working and have made some good friends. Youngest is very strong willed (like me:embarrassed:) and as said above probably receiving far too much attention regarding this situation, which does give me food for thought..... Thanks again
  6. Popsicle

    10 Year Old not settling

    My 10 year old is not settling at all and is currently putting me through the ringer:cry: We have been here 6 months now and teachers telling me not settling at school, says has no friends, has been getting bullied, which school is dealing with! Doesn't want to be here, can now only see the bad in Oz and the good in UK. Now starting to reject all things Australia. This is the child that wanted to come. Is counselling the answer????? Anyone any similar experiences, any idea how to handle it, strategies etc etc. I think I am handling it very badly but I do not know what to do :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  7. Popsicle

    Cold (no ICY) feet???

    Hi I think you will find it is very normal and the closer it gets the more you may feel you are going insane!! However, you have come this far so I think you have to go ahead and see what the future holds, it will probably be fantastic, however it may not, but hopefully the former. It doesn't have to be forever, just get through the goodbyes, in my mind they are the hardest thing to do, get on the plane and go for it. Enjoy the time you have with your friends and family, then come over and start to make some new ones. Where are you headed and whearabouts in Lancashire are you? Good Luck
  8. They just seem to make such a big fuss about it. My neighbours kids stop playing to go in to have morning tea and then come back out. My kids just run in and just ask for apple, biscuit, drink, crisps (oops that'll be chips) etc etc.
  9. Ha ha feel like a right numpty now:biglaugh: So basically they had morning break in UK, I sent a cereal bar, then lunch I sent sandwiches etc etc, they then had an apple that they saved till after school but they could eat that for afternoon tea. Isn't it amazing how the little things can throw us for six. Cheers for your replies, obviously I just needed someone to state the obvious:biglaugh:
  10. Hi Could someone please explain to me how the whole meal thing works in Oz?? Don't worry I know what lunch and dinner are:laugh: My daughter went on a daytrip and had to provide morning tea Can anyone please explain how the day goes What do they have for morning tea? What time do they have it? What do they have for afternoon tea? What time do they have it? Sorry if this sounds really silly but in the UK we have breakfast, dinner, tea and supper:biglaugh: Cheers Popsicle
  11. Popsicle

    OLD Friend - Advice please!

    Hi Steph No don't worry, I have been tossing it around in my head for over a week now and spoke to hubby about it. He knows how many times she has let me down over the years as does my mum. I think I just needed to put something down this morning. I also think I really knew where this was heading and has been since I had my own children. Her own husband has told her off before about things she said and done to me..... Thank you and everyone for sharing your opinions with me:cool:
  12. Popsicle

    OLD Friend - Advice please!

    Thanks everyone, certainly given me food for thought. It hurts doesn't RichSalt, always having to be the one doing all the running to keep being let down time and time again. I did consider cutting all ties myself and I suppose this just confirms what I have known for a long time, if I didn't bother the friendship would have died a death a loooooong time ago. Maybe it's time to put this friendship to rest:sad:
  13. Popsicle

    OLD Friend - Advice please!

    Hi thanks for your reply, I purposely didn't give her my address to see what effort she made. I have emailed her numerous times in the last 6 months, she eventually replies but never instigates the first email. I appreciate it may sound like I am being silly etc, but I am actually very hurt that this friendship seems all one sided to me.
  14. Popsicle

    OLD Friend - Advice please!

    Hi all Just before I left the UK in January I had "words" with one of my oldest friends (34 year frienship) about how I feel I am always the one doing all the running in our friendship etc etc etc. Anyway I've been in Oz 6 months, my daughter (her goddaughter) had her birthday last week and my "friend" didn't send a card etc. she sent an email to me to pass on birthday wishes. She has 2 sons 16 and 14, I have NEVER missed either of their birthdays and we always bought presents for each others children or gave money as they got older. She has now contacted me to say that she emailed me last week but hasn't heard back from me, I have typed loads of replies to her (never sent them tho) I'm in such a dilemma how to handle it. Do I say "are we not doing birthdays anymore"? or just bluntly tell her how dissapointed I am in her. Any advice? she doesn't have our address and I purposely didn't offer/give it to her to see what she would do, she has never asked for it, all my other "friends" asked in emails etc etc send us "new home" cards etc Thanks Popsicle