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  1. steve robbo

    Calling all ACT PIO'ers!

    Awesome Idea. BBQ Catch-up Sounds Like an Awesome idea ? Dave. Down By the Lake or somewhere Central for everyone some ideas for a date and time to suit everyone ????? Cheers Steve & Wendy ? =n30nra1n;1937016959]Hey Quoll, Good to hear from you, we were talking about you recently as we just bought my daughter her first car and remembered your Fiesta [emoji3] Hope all is ok with you and yes have been away from the forum for a while and thought I should stop by and see if I can help others as you did for us when we arrived. Hope you and hubby are ok. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. steve robbo

    Moving to Canberra 2012

    Hi Nik,we arrived in Canberra in Nov 2011 and we love it here. We would be interested in any meet ups you are sorting out when you return from The Chilly UK. Please let us know what,where and when? Thank's Steve,Wendy and Georgia ;-):biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. steve robbo

    New to Canberra - Friends needed

    Hi,we are staying with friends in Evatt,but looking @ houses in the south,as I will be working in Philip. We are busy @ the moment with looking for a house rental,etc. We will be happy to meet up when we are a bit more organized! Steve,Wendy + Georgia :biggrin:
  4. steve robbo

    New to Canberra - Friends needed

    Hi.like you we are new to Canberra,we only arrived on Monday. We have friends here and we are staying with them while we are looking for a house rental and to buy a car! We are so lucky to have friends here to help and we have met new friends here in Canberra,who we have been chatting to on PIO. We are a family of 3 ,Myself (Steve 46) my Wife (Wendy 47) and our daughter,my step-daughter(Georgia 18). We have found everyone here to be very helpful and polite. If you want to meet up anytime, just send a Private message on here and if we can sort out a day,time and place, we will be there? Bye for now,Steve,Wendy & Georgia :biggrin: x
  5. steve robbo

    All Vehicle - Mechanics Thread

    Hi Andy, great news. I am a Car Mechanic and have also worked on HGV's for many years in the past! I am off to Canberra on a 176 SS Visa, with my wife and Step-Daughter at the end of October! We are flying from Manchester to Dubai for 3 nights and then on to Thailand for a week before arriving in Sydney. Then after the w/end in Sydney, we are off to Canberra to start our new lives!! I have a job with a Holden Dealer and start mid November 2011. Good luck with all your plans. Steve,Wendy+Georgia
  6. steve robbo

    Anyone Recommend Shipper ?

    Hi,we have John Mason and Britannia Shipping coming out 19th Sept to give us a updated quote. We had a couple of quotes in April for a 20ft Sole Use Container to Canberra and they all seem to be around £4500 + Insurance at 3% + AQIS( Australian Customs) Charges! We have had quotes from Pickfords,John Masons and Britannia for around £2500 For Half A 20ft Shared Container+Insurance+AQIS. Hope This Helps? Steve.Wendy + Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  7. steve robbo

    Visa Update ACT

    Hey, that's great news. Hope to see you in Canberra. Steve,Wendy+Georgia:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: 176 SS Canberra Visa
  8. steve robbo

    Canberra Arrival Report 9 days in...

    Hi Cal&Co. Thanks for all the info. We have just had Pickfords out today to give us a quote. We are thinking of maybe half a 20ft container now, so we are getting some different quotes from them, then decide what to take. We have had a few quotes in April 2011 and most came back with what you got from John Mason (we had a similar quote from them in April). I have to take all my work tools+ tool boxes (I know they have to be spotlessly clean), so not looking forward to the big clean up mission! :-( We hope to see you all there and sort out a meet up, when we get a little settled? Steve,Wendy+Georgia:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. steve robbo

    Canberra Arrival Report 9 days in...

    Hi, Georgia is 18 Y/Old and I don't think your daughter is quite old enough to go out partying with her just yet. Lol. We have never been to OZ before and we are just so fed up with everything in the UK now,what with rising costs of Fuel,Food ,etc and house prices falling. We just want a better outdoor life for us all. I think it will be the best thing we could ever do to improve our lives. What trade did you get your visa on? I am a Mechanic and my wife (Wendy) Is Photographer,The visa's are granted on my Skill/Trade and we are just waiting to sort out a few things here in the UK so we can book our flights,etc and off we go! Hopefully in the next couple of months. Good luck with your plans and hope to see you all in Canberra? Steve,Wendy+Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  10. steve robbo

    Canberra Arrival Report 9 days in...

    Hey,Fab post. Is that offer open to anyone from PIO? We are hoping to arrive in Sept or late Oct? House,etc to sort out 1st!! Did you ship over your house contents,etc as we are deciding what to ship? We have had a couple of quotes in April 2011 and they were coming back at around £4,300 for a 20ft Container+ Insurance+ The Australian Customs Fee, which people keep telling us The Customs Fee is a Standard $450 or close to it? Just wondering if yourself or anyone you have met has any experience of the costs? Thanks Steve,Wendy+Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  11. steve robbo

    Canberra Arrival Report 9 days in...

    Thanks for a great post. We are moving to Canberra hopefully August/September 2011 so we are all really excited. Thanks Steve,Wendy+Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  12. steve robbo

    Going to Canberra this year?

    Hi Julia+Adrian,Hope your are not too stressed out with all the sorting out,etc, It will all be worth it when you get to Canberra! We hope to be not too far behind you (so throw another couple of shrimps on the barbie) Lol. :wink: Hope you have a fab break in Thailand and safe flight to Australia. Speak to you soon, Steve,Wendy+Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: x
  13. steve robbo

    Motor Mechanic Avarage Wage In Canberra

    Ha,Ha, See You Are Clever! Have A Search In NEW POSTS, And If You Sign Up, You Will Be Able To Add Your Own Post! Hope You Are Enjoying The Lovely Greek Weather And Not Missing Me Too Much ( Lmao ) Mummy Wendy Said "Hello" Bye For Now Steve + Mummy Xx
  14. Does anyone know what the average wage is for a motor mechanic in Canberra Weekly or Per Annum Salary $$$$$$, after Taxes,etc? Thanks Steve:confused:
  15. steve robbo

    Skills Matching Database

    Hi,Yes I got a employer who introduced themselves via a email and said they had seen my details on the Skills Matching Database. I have been on the database since about Feb 2011. Steve,Wendy+Georgia :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: 176 Canberra SS visa.