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  1. janey16

    Nannying and babysitting in WA

    Hi, have seen people advertising for babysitting etc on Bunbury buy and sell Facebook site
  2. New look deliver!!! Hope this will help, I was made up when I found out my next order could be delivered to bunbury in four days:)
  3. janey16

    Ps3 oz games uk console

    Hi, yes we brought ours and all games we have bought over here work fine!
  4. Hi, we arrived as four of us, four large suitcases, two sets of golf clubs and a violin! No problem getting a taxi big enoughfor us outside of the airport, we stayed in Perth though for a few days to sort out banks etc, then luckily one of the people my husband would be working for picked us up and took us to Bunbury. It's a long drive straight off a plane from the uk!
  5. janey16

    Best schools in Bunbury area?

    Hi, thansk for replying, we are looking at private schooling. They are both doing really well here, love sports and my son loves music - so a good all round school really! Thanks again
  6. Hi, we are arriving in March and need to stay in Perth for a couple of nights before we go to our new home in Bunbury! Can anyone recommend a nice hotel ? Thanks
  7. janey16

    CO ?????

    HI, we have just got our 457 granted, it took 30 days in total. We didnt get a CO, not sure if that was because my husband had already had his medical and added our health insurance, good luck!
  8. janey16

    457 visa granted!!!!

    Hi, just got the email that our visa has been granted!!!! ARGHHH, waiting for the kids to wake up so we can tell them. It was lodged on 21st Dec, so took 30 days in total for anyone else waiting, Jane
  9. janey16

    Anyone in Bunbury WA??

    HI, would love to but we dont arrive until the beginning of March! We have a 10yr old son and 7yr old daughter- so if anyone fancies meeting up then it would be great!
  10. janey16

    Paying $50 with import application

    Hi, i have also been pondering this question to pay school application fees! In the end I have just done it through my bank and it is costing me £9, hopefully someone can let us know the cheapest way!
  11. Hi we are hopefully moving to the Bunbury area next year and are deciding where we would be best to settle, so far we have looked at Australind, Eaton, Dallyelup and Gelerup. We have a 10yr old into football and cricket and a 7yr old into dancing and horse riding, so we want to find an area which would have enough going on for them. Any advice/opinions most welcome!
  12. janey16

    Best schools in Bunbury area?

    Only very early in the morning! Thanks for that, any info appreciated!
  13. janey16

    Best schools in Bunbury area?

    Or Dalyellup even!
  14. janey16

    Best schools in Bunbury area?

    Or dalyellup even!
  15. janey16

    Best schools in Bunbury area?

    Thanks for that, what are they called? We are looking at dallyeup, australind or bunburyi itself at the minute, any advice welcome!