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  1. Thanks everyone. I agree with you all on the store credit so will probably go either cheap/second hand for now for the household goods we need. However the cars are so expensive over here we are struggling to get a halfway decent one (safety for our two girls is most important) without blowing the majority of our savings. Crazily enough spending $1k a month on a rental seems to be the most sensible option. On that note, does anyone know of anywhere that does cheap car rentals (ie $20 per day/$500 per month)? Thanks again!
  2. Hi, We arrived in Melbourne about 6 weeks ago and have moved into our new rental. We now need to buy a car and furnish the house, but don't want to spend all our savings. I have managed to get a job on a 5 month contract, which the company is already talking about extending but obviously still won't be a permanent job. Can anyone recommend a way to get store credit or a bank loan so we can keep some money in our bank account for emergencies? I rang Money1, who will apparently loan to anyone but they said I would need to be in work for 3 months before they can provide us with a loan. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks, James
  3. Whoops, meant aspendale gardens obviously!
  4. hi all, are there any other new mums to Melbourne who want to meet up? Arrived here 3 weeks ago, I'm from NZ and husband British, have two girls 1 and 3. keen to meet any others in similar situation for play dates etc (using my husbands login name, my name is Monique).
  5. JamesMu

    Average salries in Melbourne

    Hi all, I have left a couple of posts recently trying to find info about the kind of lifestyle myself, my fiancee and our daughter can hope to have when we (hopefully) come to live in Melbourne in the next couple of years. We are looking to live in the Western suburbs, probably Point Cook, and I have worked out from previous answers that a salary of around $70k (it will only be me working) should be enough for us to have a similar kind of lifestlye to what we have in the UK at the moment. So my question now is - how likely am I to find a job that wil pay $70k?! I currently work in the financial industry and am earning £36k in London By the time we move over I hope to be on approx £45k, and in a position to earn slightly more. Can anyone tell me what kind of percentage of the population earn $70k so i can try to work out what my chances are? All of your help is appreicated as always! James
  6. Thanks a lot for the advice, we will get onto the Oz Citizenship asap!
  7. Hi, I am sure that someone will have asked a similar question to the one I ma going to ask but I have had a look on the Forum and can't find it if they have. I am a UK citizen and am getting married to my Kiwi fiancee next March (2011). We are hoping to move to Oz (Melbourne) in the next couple of years and so are starting to look into Visa's. We are obviously fortunate tha my fiancee is from New Zealand so can move to Oz with no problems, but I would like some advice on the best option for us. From my research so far, I think the best option for me would be the partner Visa, and hope I get a permanent one. Does anyone know how likely this would be? We have been together for 7 years and own a house together in the UK. We also have a 11 month old daughter, born in the UK. We are also wondering if it would be worth my fiancee getting her Oz citizenship. Her mum is Australian so she is entitled by descent, but we arent sure if this would actually have any advantage over simply going over as a NZ citizen. Has anyone else looked into this? Would it increase my chances of getting a permanent partnership Visa? Lastly, we are not sure what kind of Visa our daughter would need? Any advice on this is greatly appreciated, the Australian embassy are not easy people to get hold of! Many thanks, James
  8. JamesMu

    How to get started in Melbourne?

    Thanks for all of your tips! It loks like holiday homes might be the way to go, especially if we arrive at a time other than summer. I wil keep my eyes peeled & thanks again!
  9. Hi, My Australian fiancee and I are hoping to move to Melbourne in the next 1-2 years. We were there for a quick look around in Feb this year and spoke to someone working for a real estate company about the logistics of finding a place to live. We dont want to buy straight away, so would be looking to rent first of all, probably for the first couple of years. The lady we spoke to said that companies won't rent to someone who hasn't physically seen the place (fair enough as I dont think we would want to sign a lease for a house we have only seen on the internet anyway!), but it got me thinking about what we would do for the first few weeks in Oz. What have people on the forum done? A hotel is the obvious choice but a month in a hotel would be very expensive! Are there cheaper ways of finding temporary accommodation right at the beginning? Thanks in advance for your help! James
  10. JamesMu

    How much to support a family in Melbourne?

    Thanks a lot for all the info! We have a lot to look into and no drop-dead date we need to move over by so we are going to try to find out as much info as possible and hopefully take the plunge in the next 18 months!
  11. JamesMu

    How much to support a family in Melbourne?

    Thanks Byrned. We are thinking of renting for the first year or so to make sure we know the area we want to get settled in, and from what I can see that should bring the costs down a bit until we do take the plunge and buy a place. Your costings are a little scary (!) but its good to be realistic. At the moment we both work over here but in Melbourne my fiancee will look after the kid(s), so we will be on one salary. We dont have a luxurious lifestyle by any means at the moment, but have a bit of spare cash at the end of the month and it looks like things would be a lot tighter, at the beginning anyway. It still seems a little more possible than surviving on one salary in London though, so thats a good thing! Generally, do you have any idea about the cost of living comparison between London and Melbourne, just for a basic lifestyle? Thanks again!
  12. Hi there! I have just joined tonight but have been looking at the site for a little while as I am looking for advice/thoughts on moving to Melbourne. My Kiwi fiancee and I are looking to migrate from London next year. We are ok for Visa's as my fiancee's mum is Australian, but I am trying to work out what kind of salary I will need to earn to support my fiancee and our 9 month old daughter (plus a few more hopefully popping out in the next few years!). We are looking at moving to Point Cook as we have heard nice things about it, and had a quick look earlier this year on our way to Auckland. We will be looking at houses around $400k (with not a huge deposit to put down) and it will be just me working. Is anyone able to give me a rough guide to what I would probably need to earn as I would like to start looking for jobs from over here and want to work out if what we have in mind is realistic? Any help is appreciated, we just cant wait to get out there! James