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  1. Hi I have a friend who is need Skill Assessment for Book Keeper / Accountant. She is not a CA in India, but has done bachelor of management studies Which assessment can she do? Accountant General: 221111 Management Accountant: 221112 Taxation Accountant :221113 External Auditor: 221213 Can any one guide please.
  2. vbulsara

    Skill assessment and RPL Drama...

    Hi, I know you are already in Australia now as per your location, can you tell me how many year they counted in ur RPL?
  3. vbulsara

    ACS Assessment for Sister

    ACS Assessment for Sister Hi Everyone My Sister is Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111), i want to know , she has 7 year experience. Got Microsoft certification on 19/10/2012. Her degree was not in ICT, she has done B.COM. in year 2010, but has MCP & MCSE training certificate dated 2005 from local training center in india. Just want to know if ACS count the experience from 2012 after MCSE certification from Microsoft or 2005 after MCP & MCSE training certificate?. :chatterbox:
  4. vbulsara

    Computer Network and Systems Engineer - 263111

    I mean i want a sample.
  5. vbulsara

    Computer and Network Systems Engineer ACS RPL Advice

    Hi all, can you guys send me a resume copy? who as got the assessment completed?
  6. Hi Every one, Can some one provide me with computer network and systems engineer resume? So i can put for assessment , ?
  7. Hi Nish886 You should go for PCC and Medical, and Frontload it now. it will speed up ur application now.
  8. vbulsara

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Congrats.. Mate..
  9. vbulsara

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Yes, Does does mean Everything is ok. But CO Might ask some time More, if CO has still not check your documents. Check Online on TRN Page, if ur all Documents show MET, other then PCC and Medical. then all documents are ok
  10. vbulsara

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hi Yes, It Does Change to MET, when CO Check It, and if CO need any thing more, CO will ask you.
  11. vbulsara

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Name: vbulsara Date of Visa application: Jan 2010 High/Low Risk: HR Trade/profession: ICT Business Visa type: 176 Onshore/offshore: Offshore Pre-14th July 2011 Category (If applicable): Post-14th July Category: Medicals submitted: 25 Oct 2011 Police check submitted: 3/11/2011, Wife & Daughter Submitted Date CO assigned: 14/10/11 Date of employment verification (If applicable): N/A Date visa granted: 4/11/2011
  12. vbulsara

    Got it.................

    I Got My Visa Today Morning.. Below is my Timeline
  13. vbulsara

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Just Scan the Medical Receipt and Send to CO.
  14. vbulsara

    Indian Passport ECR/ECNR

    Hi I have Passport with ECR Stamp , Does it Effect while Traveling to Australia on 176 Visa ? Can any one Help. if any one Traveled with ECR Stamp on his passport ????
  15. vbulsara

    Medical not received yet

    Hi Mine and My Wife Medical was Electronic, But my Daughter was done Paper Base we did it on 20/10/2011. Mine and my wife is already showing Finalized, but Daughter still Outstanding. I did my Medical in Mumbai. and As per i know, it Take 18 Working Days to Reach Speed Post to Australia as i did many Speed Post Before. All where reaching on 18th day. Update>>> I Checked with Medical Today, They Used Courier Service for My Daughter what they Told me..