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  1. the mooz

    British Style Chippy

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before that there is a new UK style chippy in Victoria Point, Qld. Sells black pudding, haggis, cod etc. Unfortunately no East Coast of Scotland brown sauce just salt and vinegar.
  2. the mooz

    childs prescriptions!!!!

    Are prescriptions in Oz charged by the number of items or per prescription ?
  3. the mooz

    Nhs pension transfer

    What worries me is that your "Super" can run out if you live beyond your estimated life. Do you estimate that you will live to, say 85, and draw on your "Super" pension fund on that basis. Don't know! If you live beyond that, I assume you will be in trouble and relying on the state. With your pension frozen in the UK you at least know it will be for life. My wife and I both have NHS and BT pensions with 50 years of contributions and I'm hoping we are making the right decision by leaving them in the UK. Mr Moo:unsure:
  4. the mooz

    We have landed!!!!!

  5. the mooz

    Nurses & Victoria SMP

    Hi RobotMouse I'm not sure if you can change the code once your applications being processed. Maybe someone more wise than me can answer that one. My wife was assessed by ANMC under the ASCO code 2323-11 which translates to any of the dozen ANZSCO Registered Nurse codes. So some people have a choice for which code they include in their visa application. You could surmise there might be more likelyhood of Medical RN's being wanted by a state than your own speciality and therefore go with that. Looking at the Victoria SMP this is pot luck. Mr Mooz
  6. the mooz

    Nurses & Victoria SMP

    I've just been looking at the Victoria's SMP and was very surprised to see just two nursing codes from the possible twelve. Considering a lot of nurses could legitimately apply under two (or three) areas i.e. general and a specialism, if you were issued with an old ASCO code and pick the wrong ANZSCO code for conversion for your visa application you may be left out. Mr Mooz
  7. the mooz

    GSM Processing Times and Possible Delays with the SMPs

    Apologies, my comprehension late at night is pants (I originally looked at the posts at 1:30am the other night). I must stop looking at this website at midnight to 2am when my brain is grinding to a halt through tiredness and addled by red wine. Just getting the kids to switch the light off now. School holidays - what a life. By the way, we're from Scotland. cheers Mr Moo
  8. the mooz

    GSM Processing Times and Possible Delays with the SMPs

    I've had a quick look at the DIAC website and I still can't see anything saying you must have IELTS to apply for a GSM if you hold a UK passport. I see the message about submitting IELTS within 28 days of your application. The points test gives you the option of getting 25 pts by getting IELTS or 15 points using your UK passport as evidence. Maybe I'm a bit dim and not seeing something obvious. cheers Mr Moo
  9. the mooz

    GSM Processing Times and Possible Delays with the SMPs

    Are you sure you need IELTS for GSM if you already have SS ? I was under the assumption that once the SMP's are published IELTS would be compulsory for new applicants but for those already with SS the rules are a bit vague. There is the possibility that applicants with SS pre 1st July 2010 (and no IELTS) will not need to apply for SMP and hence IELTS otherwise States will become snowed under by tens of thousands of new applications from those already holding SS. As far as I can see there is nothing saying that you must have IELTS for those already with SS. It's a case of wait and see how DIAC decides to handle this situation. Anyway, there's going to be a fair delay before SMP has an impact, SMP's out in Sept / Oct (or possibly later if a new government is elected re Jamie Smith) and then up to 6 months processing times !! cheers Mr Moo
  10. the mooz

    Newbies 176 - mum CPV ??

    Hi Tania Sorry for not acknowleding your welcome as we've been away on a birthday break for the kids. We're now preparing for the DIAC rollercoaster like everyone else. I'll get my timeline on my posts once I fathom out how to do it. cheers :unsure:Mr Moo
  11. the mooz

    Registered Nurse - To lodge 176 SS or wait

    Thanks for the replies Ozzieland and ItsSHIRLEY I understand that what your trying to get across to me is not to fear the test but who knows what else is up DIAC's sleeve. If I can get my application lodged as soon as possible that would be ideal before any more DIAC changes. And if that means avoiding the IELTS test all the better. What I'm wondering is, would a 176 and the SS I received in April be acceptable to DIAC before the QLD SMP is issued. I've read on other posts that the old state sponsorship wouldn't be accepted once SMP's are posted on state websites. aahhh decisions. Thanks again Mrs Moo
  12. the mooz

    Registered Nurse - To lodge 176 SS or wait

    Anyone ?? cheers Mrs Moo
  13. Hi I am a Registered Nurse with 23 years experience, 19 yrs on the wards and 4 years as a Community Palliative Care Nurse (same as a MacMillan nurse). My problem is that I don't have IELTS. I have a positive Skills Assessment from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council and Registration with QNC. I managed to avoid the IELTS by applying for these before it became compulsory last year. I applied for Queensland SS which was granted in April 2010. However, hubby didn't get the 176 paperwork sorted out before the May 7th GSM suspension. Now QLD want IELTS for SMP sponsorship. My question is do I lodge a 176 with SS and in the meantime get IELTS, QLD SMP and send them on to DIAC when I recive them or do I wait for QLD to publish the SMP, apply then lodge a 176 SMP. (The old ASCO code correlates to any of the new ANZSCO nursing codes) My fear is that I could fail the IELTS and God knows how many times I might have to resit it, delaying lodgement of 176 if I wait to get SMP first. Also the delay in submitting a 176 could mean the revised points test could hit me if takes a number of resits for IELTS (age 43 and the possibility of less points for my age). Your help - Please ! Mrs Moo
  14. the mooz

    Newbies 176 - mum CPV ??

    Hi Everyone Our first post on PIO and like every one else we're trying to get our heads round the new regs and failing. Us: Mrs Moo - main applicant - Registered Nurse working as a Community Palliative Care Nurse (same as a MacMillan Nurse but funded by the hospice she works for) 20+ years in palliative care. Mr Moo (me) - a part qualified bean counter with the incentive to get the finger out and study for the final professional exams Twins - aged 10 Missy Moo - lovely but stroppy Master Moo - sensitive but prone to the odd wobbily and thumping of his sister (she can give as good as she gets as she'd done Tae Kwon Do for a couple of years) My folks were £10 poms in the 1950's and lived in the Unanderra area of NSW. They returned to the UK a couple of years before I was born so I was brought up singing Aussie songs , surrounded in bits and pieces my folks brought back from Oz and their stories. My wife and I had our honeymoon in Australia back in 1998 which was great. We were mostly in Queensland (Brisbane, Noosa, Port Douglas) and we (well mostly me) really like the laid back attitude of Queenslanders. Our original plan was for us to go over on 176 visas to Brisbane and for my mum (84) to come over on a CPV shortly afterward. We were going to buy mum's council house and sell it 3 years later when the CPV final payment would be about due. However, nothing runs smoothly and we found we couldn't get a mortgage as the house was classed as sub-standard due to being a prefab with a new outer skin and roof. Also, the credit crunch made banks adverse to a loan on this type of house. Bu**er. So things are a bit up in the air at the moment for getting mum over as we can't afford the visa and it would use up most of her savings if she pays it. I'm also kicking myself for not getting the visa application in before the freeze on GSM visas in May. My wife got her QLD state nomination in April but due to 10-12 hour days and working weekends I never got round to sorting out the paperwork and applying. When we heard the announcement about the freeze I nipped off work but the website had blocked applications before the actual deadline!! Anyway I've got loads of questions to ask so I'll get going. Excuse my turn of phrase as my only written communication for years has been on yellow post-its. cheers Mr Moo