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  1. pudseypoms

    Adelaide: A better Britain?

    globe trotta , i can assure you i am neither rude or narrow minded , but the post was blaming Australia for there shipping being damaged and other things , every thing they said was negative. We hear so much of people blaming Australia for silly little things!! Moving to another country is a very big step, and can be very overwhelming at times. It can be a very emotional time, staying strong and positive is a important step in integrating. For us as a family embracing Australia and all it has to offer has helped us settle here perfectly even with all the ups and downs. all peoples points of view count!! whether or not we agree with whats been said and will always add value to all sides of the argument, has a senior member you should know that..... i would always wish anyone coming over to australia good luck and wishing them well
  2. pudseypoms

    Adelaide: A better Britain?

    really sorry , but how can you blame Australia ( Adelaide ) for your things arriving broken , surely that was the shipping company !! you seem to be blaming every thing on australia , in my view , you make your own luck , we have found all the Australians friendly and have made some great friends , its their country , dont try change it , embrace it !!!
  3. pudseypoms

    Adelaide: A better Britain?

    Go back to the uk then .... Simple
  4. pudseypoms

    Medical's finalised

    Hi , ours was the same , medicals were saying finalised ,for 2 weeks ,we dropped our agent an email who got in touch with the c.o , got a phone call next morning , visa granted !!! try doing this , it worked for us ..... good luck:smile:
  5. Hi ,we are using go matilda , they came to the rescue for us when our agent ( live in australia ) went bust, alan collett and his staff have been great , quick to respond to any questions weve asked...
  6. Hi just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on Dental assistants in adelaide!!! I am a NVQ level 3 qualified dental assistant / with at least 9 to 10 years experience. There seems to be lots of dental practices in and around the adelaide area.. would i need to re-train out in australia?? or would my qualification be ok?? just wondering what the average hourly rate would be?? If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly received..:biggrin:
  7. pudseypoms

    advice with daughters education

    Hi ...thank you for your advice...i think we are going to wait and see when the the visa finally arrives... And then make our final decision, leaving my daughter behind in england would be a struggle for the family,, but if it would help her education it will be a struggle we will after overcome. :cute:
  8. pudseypoms

    advice with daughters education

    thanks for your advice ,its much appreciated................:chatterbox:
  9. pudseypoms

    advice with daughters education

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help!!!:biggrin: We are currently applying for are SA sponsorship.. and will then apply for our visa.. (fingers crossed) I have a daughter aged 16 (D.O.B 5/4/94) shes just sitting her 1 year of A levels . right now. She will sit her final second year exams next May... We have looked at high schools in australia and the TAFE colleges, but carnt decide if we should leave her to finish her education in England or take her with us?? Would she be able to follow on our visa next May or would she need her own once she turns 18??? so many questions???:jiggy:

    <p>Hi peeka , i have just been looking for some advice on the commitment letter for sponsorship and your thread came up, we are applying to SA and just wanted some kind of guide to work from , i would be very greatful if you could let me see a copy of the one you did </p>

    <p>many thanks </p>



  11. pudseypoms

    Question regarding emigrating

    Hi , you need to look on the sol lists for your occupation . they brought a new one out on 1st july , dental nurse is not on ,but hygenist is !!! wife is a head dental nurse .its a long journey but i think it will be worth it . i have my tra skills assesment passed ,just waiting and hoping i am on the new state migration sponsor list .... i am a printer so dont know about your trade. good luck , hope you go for it ....:biggrin:
  12. pudseypoms

    passed TRA

    well done rachel .. we passed ours 2 weeks ago ,seemed to take us ages but we got there . bring on the smp,s now !!!!:smile:
  13. <p>does anybody know when the smp lists are going to be released !!! i am getting fed up with waiting now...............................</p>

  14. pudseypoms

    TRA sucsessful

    just got news today that our tra application was sucessfull !!!!! yippee all we need now is the release of the state migration plans c,mon hurry up please ...........................................................................:yes::yes:
  15. pudseypoms

    DIY or an Agent???

    hi we were with an agent who were supposed to be good ... they went **** up on the 1st july ,just as the new sol came out !!!! we are now going to do it ourselves , having seen wot the agents do it seems quite straight forward once you get all the right docs and things you need , if you need to ask me anything ,please do