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  1. Family Anderson


    $8.80 a pint for ale in canberra is not bad especially for the good stuff! i was in melbourne and got charged $10 for a random pint of carlton OMFG,
  2. Family Anderson


    I hear you!, try kosciusko pale ale little creatures at a pinch coopers is not bad (the one with the green label) or if you are canberra way (like me) go to the wig and pen, a micro brewery that serves the best ale this side of the equator , attractively priced at $8.80 a pint I hear tell that home brew is the way forward so try http://www.ubrewit.com.au/qld-nerang Cheers Mr Family Anderson
  3. Family Anderson

    Tyres for motorbikes in ACT

    We arrived in Sep 2010, so comming up to 18 months, and really loving it. Canberra is very easy to get about and great for kids (we have a 3 year old!) great beaches 90 mins away, skiing 3 hours away, Phillip Island 2 days away via lots of nice twisties. There seems to be plenty of short term furnished accomodation about. We stayed in Kingston when we arrived and loved it, and have ended up Gungahlin way and we work in Civic so easier to get to work from thier, however everywhere is easy to get too! Have a look through the posts here in PIO and i am sure you will get an idea of short term accomodation and rental, but http://www.allhomes.com.au for long term is a good start. Cheers
  4. Family Anderson

    Tyres for motorbikes in ACT

    Hi Breezer, try here http://www.canberramcc.com.au/CMS/Accessories/Tyres.aspx, Give me a shout when you and the blade arrives and we will go for a ride out, some great rides around here. Bike gear is a bit pricey so you may want to stock up,
  5. Family Anderson

    TV from UK compatible with Aus networks?

    an HD Digibox is the wayforward as by then all the anlogue channels will be turned off. We brought our tvs and they worked fine (changed the freeview country and could pick up a few channels thou but not the HD ones!) and we are in canberra as well, PS3 works here too. try here http://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-lcd-led-plasma/media-players/set-top-box/ also pack warm clothes and an ice scrapper, it was -2.4c last night Brrrrrrrrrr
  6. Family Anderson

    Barbershop in Canberra

    The Gungahlin Barber shop is good, $25, with razors and neck shave etc.
  7. Family Anderson

    Holidays you've been on whilst in Australia

    You could always try Skiing in Thredbo! We went last June it was fab, blue skys, red gums and parrots, one of the (many) joys of living in Canberra is the slopes are only 3 hours away so you can go skiing for the day! But as everyone says there is so much to do and quite a lot of it is just around the corner (although i really do need to persuade Mrs Family Anderson that she really would like camping!!)
  8. Family Anderson

    Canberra's Playgrounds

    Hi All, Whilst browsing the online Canberra Times, i note that they (in the they department) have mapped all the playgrounds and swimming spots in Canberra http://www.canberratimes.com.au/specialfeature.aspx?id=5892 I wonder where the best one in Canberra is, any suggestions? Anyway hope you all find it useful Family Anderson
  9. Family Anderson

    Another Canberra BBQ

    Great another biker sounds like we need a summer time poms in oz ride out!
  10. Family Anderson

    Canberra BBQ and Picnic @ Tidbinbilla 2/10/11

    Family Anderson will be there, with some sub standard ozzie sausages (been here nearly a year and have yet to find any ) We love tidbinbilla it really is great place; lakes with platypus in it and koalas in the forest, and a good kiddy playground although it's very disconcerting walking on the trails to come face to face with some evil looking emu's. Cheers Family Anderson
  11. Family Anderson

    Canberra familes with young children

    Hello Ladies I am Gina 39 years old and I have a 2 1/2 little girl Ellie & would love to dearly meet up with some of you when you arrive here in Canberra, we have been here now almost a year and would be more than happy to help in any way I can, loan of toys, cot bed or highchairs or even play dates for your children whilst you hunt for houses and alike. I know how difficult it can be hunting round for houses, cars etc whilst towing the children behind you, plus I would dearly love to make some friends here, God I sound lonely. We live in Gunghalin, which is ok and close it everything that you would need. Child care is difficult with places very limited, you may not get a place close to where you live. I am happy to help in anyway we can. Drop me a line. Good luck to you all xx
  12. Family Anderson


    What a small world, we live in Gungahlin itself. Its not too bad and overlooks the bush (or trees as our people would call it), and on the right side of town to get to the airport and or the highway to sydney. i would second Forde, looks lovely but a bit pricey. I would also look at how easy it is to get to civic, as there is a lot of congestion at peak times given the few roads leading north. I have friends how live in tugs its more mountain view and bigger blocks, but takes longer to get into town a few links then The Marketplace Gungahlin > HOME for your shopping needs http://www.forde.com.au/ for your Forde needs of course Canberra News & Opinion | The RiotACT for all the gossip, just search for Gungahlin (or any other suburb) and why dont you stream the local radio ABC Canberra - Australian Broadcasting Corporation oh and there is a lack of pubs generallly but good public transport to civic for a night on the pop where there are some good pubs hope that helps!
  13. Family Anderson

    Canberra get together - Sunday at 1 o'clock

    Hi Tom & Roz We are bringing our daughter, 2 year old Ellie. x
  14. Family Anderson

    Canberra get together - Sunday at 1 o'clock

    Family Anderson will be there with some Snags, some fried onions and bread and some drinks and a couple of pinic blankets to park our bums on ;-) See you all there, really looking forward to it :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  15. Family Anderson

    Phil down Under in Canberra

    Even though we are in Canberra we are looking forward to seeing it, good old You Tube, it will be nice to see what he has to say about the place & an opportunity for our friends and family to see where we are, weve been here since 1st September 2010.