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  1. Joana

    VETASSESS assessments upto Dec'09 validity

    Hi , can someone please advise ? I have the same problem, skill assessment issued in 2007 for community worker asco - ASCO code 2512-13. There is no expiry date on the document. Vetassess advised the same thing , it is still valid but I should contact the Department. I wish to apply for 190 visa state nomination WA, the occupation exists on the WA list, but not sure about the validity of the skill assessment. On the Department website: [h=2]Only ASCO-ANZSCO correlations endorsed by the department are acceptable for skilled visa program purposes[/h]Only those ASCO-ANZSCO correlations endorsed by the department as acceptable for skilled visa program purposes can be used in ASCO-ANZSCO transitional arrangements. Occupation information (such as a valid skills assessment) can only be used under transitional arrangements if all the following circumstances apply. a departmental-endorsed ASCO-ANZSCO correlation for that particular occupation exists that occupation continues to be an acceptable occupation for skilled visa program purposes the skills assessment is still valid (validity periods are determined by skills assessing authorities and may differ between occupations/authorities). If any of the above circumstances do not apply, then the occupation information may not be considered under skilled visa program transitional arrangements. If you are unsure whether your skills assessment is still valid, you will need to contact the relevant authority that issued the skills assessment. If you are uncertain whether your skills assessment is acceptable for a visa application, or have further questions regarding the above, please contact the department to discuss your situation. I have tried to contact them to speak with one of the pre-lodgment officers but they are not sure if the assessment is valid or not, strange response. can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Joana

    Anyone submitted skills assessment through Vetassess?

    Hi, I am already in Australia, I obtained my skill assessment a long time ago. All I know is that for the moment the Vet assess applications are being processed with a delay because they have received a huge number of requests for assessment ( the reason being the new changes to be introduced from July). good luck!
  3. Joana

    Anyone submitted skills assessment through Vetassess?

    Hi I was assessed by Vetassess as a community worker - with a law degree.
  4. Joana

    Get Going Migration Agency

    my advise is that if you want to engage an migration agent choose a registered one. At least they are accountable for their advise and are up to date with the new changes. the migration process seems to be easy in some cases ...in fact it is quite complicated sometimes and based on an unstable legislation. I think that an australian immigration lawyer is the best option. they are not only migration agents, they are immigration law lawyers .....(responsibility, skill, experience....). I personally used a imigration lawyer after having been told by different agents registered or unregistered that I have no chance to get the PR. And here I am. Jo
  5. Joana

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    Should I get my refund back or not? Does anyone really believe that anything can be done? maybe in theory but it may also take years for a decision............... thanks
  6. thank you for your reply. We are now in the process of choosing which institution to apply to. There are 3 government providers for this course in Mel: Chisholm, Holmesglen and RMIT (not sure) & 1 private provider ANIBT. I have made some enquiries and compared these courses and I was confused why the ANIBT course is longer in duration comparing with the others' . Their course is 74 weeks- 1 year 1/2 and the Diploma is only 6 months. I hope they are all all right for the purpose of getting a positive skill asessment by TRA.
  7. Hi, My brother wants to enroll in the same course. May I ask you where do you study? We think to apply at the ANIBT.National Institute of Business and technology). They say that in the second year of study have 6 months apprenticeship for students, this will help student with further employment opportunities
  8. I cannot recommend you to engage or not to engage a migration agent. my advice is that first you come in Au, read about this visa and then decide what to do. good luck & welcome in Oz
  9. Joanna, 143 and 864 are the two PR visas (contributory parent) . One is offshore application , one is onshore. 143- parent need to be Outside Au at the time of application & when the visa is granted, needs to have at least 50% children AU PERMANENT residents or citizens and must pay a substantial amount for the 2nd installment (before visa is granted). From my experience this visa takes approx 2years to be granted(at least in our case)> My parents applied in august 2008, case offficer in October 2009, medical checks & payment requested in april. Now, because more applicants switch from the normal parent visa to contributory the waiting period may be longer. Consider approx 3 years. 864- contributory aged parent. It is a PR visa as well, the only difference being that the parent must be of a certain age(65 or 64?) & MUST be in AU at the time of application and at the time when visa is granted. Eg(parents come with turist visa max 6 months(because if condition "no further stay is placed on their turist visa-condition usually placed on 1 year visas they cannot apply for 864), they apply for 864 and remain in Au until visa is granted. They usually are given 1 years visas with the request to leave and re-enter Au until PR is granted. this is not legal advise, it is from my experience only . Parent visa is not complicated. need more clarification? I'm happy to help JO
  10. Hi has anyone obtained a positive skill asessment from TRA after completing this course in Australia? is so, can you please advise which institution? thank you
  11. Joana

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    [ATTACH]1923[/ATTACH] This is the letter. you can ask for a refund . if you do so that means you have consented to the cease and cap and later you cannot join a class action ......if there will be one. Hovewer, even if a class action will ever exist againt the Department....it will take probably years.......
  12. Joana

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    yes I live in melbourne and I am an Australian Citizen> I joined this forum because my sister in law is facing this cap and cease situation. She is overseas for the moment and she had a 2007 sponsored skilled application. thank you for your help and suggestions
  13. Joana

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    very interesting, indeed. Today, after I got my letter my thought was the same. Should I get a refund or should I wait? I hope tommorrow I will have an answer from the immigration lawyer I have contacted in NSW. I'll let you know. But I wouldn't be surpriesd that this refund if accepted ...to put an end to any future opportunity to challange the decision if it will be the case. the Department played dirty and they have to get rid of so many applications. It was their defective management and negligence and now they try to "charge" offshore applicants to pay for this because they are not Australians ant this makes things easier. I am outraged at their reason to capp this appliations."easier english standardds". It was in fact their defective list. At the time when we emigrated in Australis, 2004 I was the principal applicant (with a law degree in the french system- and only partially recognized in Oz) . My husband was a doctor and he was not on the list. After 7 years , they suddenly realized that they need doctors and they do not need solicitors.....and other occupations such as "company secretary" in fact, this list was a joke, and did not reflect the real occupations in need in Au. But this price should not be paid by innocent people who were so close of getting their PR after...so many years. This is a denial of natural justice to apply rules retrospectively. they should not have continued to receive new applications. very interesting legal situation....
  14. Joana

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    I don't know what to think any more. In my opinion, not only it is not fair but it is contradictory with what they say in the submission made to the Parliament to support the Bill. they cannot decide to cap and cease based on the fact that an application is on demand. I will seek legal advice about the money refund as well. I'll keep you informed... Jo
  15. Joana

    Pre september applicants-let us count how many of us?

    ye, I know that but ........this is the situation. I have contacted a law company from NSW . They will look at the letter and will let me know is anything can be done. They will try to initiate legal action if possible. We'll wait. However, even if legal action will be initiated no oane can repay 3 years of lost time, hopes and posponded...family plans. My case officer wrote to me that her application was not considred because it was not on the Crtical list. So , it means they chose to process only aplications with occupations on the Critical list which in my opinion is not in accordance with the current power conferred by S 39. The decision to process or not an application shoud not be based on the fact that the occupation is or not in demand, or on the critical list( see Department submission to parliament). This is not written in the letter I have received but the case officer wrote me an email and which says this is the reason of capping my sister application. I will try to bring my siter here(because it was her application) on a student visa. will see what happens next