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  1. I want to ship my car over, but I have very little free time to go through the motions. I want a company to do it for me and just tell me what documents to provide and where to sign etc. Has anybody used an import company in Perth? Are there any? My car is in the UK rusting away on my parents driveway, mush to their disgust. I have a defacto spouse visa so believe the best way is for my partner to import the car and for me to submit a letter saying it's my vehicle but will be imported under her name.
  2. pfeds

    Bizzare Oz Weather Forecast

    You forgot to state the excessive use of the Australian language :em4500:
  3. pfeds

    moving to western oz in feb 2013

    That's great news. I'm 34, single, and gay. x
  4. Where in Portsmouth are you from Carl? I lived off Albert Rd Southsea for a number of years before spending about 10 years in Fratton and Stamshaw. I live in Scarborough now, and have to say Portsmouth was so much nicer in every way, shape, and form. I miss the gangs, drugs, and filth.
  5. pfeds

    Change of Circumstances?

    If you tell them they might send you a bottle of champagne.
  6. pfeds

    one month in brisbane and want to go home

    The potatoes in Brisbane are better.
  7. Sounds like this is the way to go. The car's only worth a few k so it's not as if I'll be doing it for profit. How can they say no?
  8. pfeds

    one month in brisbane and want to go home

    My point was more about the mindset. I heard a story about a girl who moved from Canada to Brisbane. She hated Canada. She hated Brisbane too so moved to Perth. She hated Perth. Point is, some people hate wherever they live. It's not always about the place, it's about the mindset. I thought Australia would be paradise until I moved here. When I did I just found it different, and the things that were different I hated because I wasn't used to them. I hated that most people I met in Perth were millionaires, and I hated that it was 40 degrees on Christmas Day instead of being cold and wet. It took me a long time to realise things were simply different, and not necessarily bad or worse. I spent 2 years going back and forth to England. I find I miss England, but when I'm in England I miss Australia. In technical terms, I'm f*cked, basically. I can tell you Miss tfarell, if you go back to Ireland you'll be regretting not sticking it out in Brisbane. Brisbane is a lovely place and has lots to offer. In time you'll see through the homesickness and see that. Surely that's worth experiencing? Stop thinking of it as a permanent thing. Your husband is working which should help. Convince yourself you'll see it through for another 6 months, enjoy it, then you can decide then if you want to go back to Ireland. I live in Perth. I love Perth. It's not paradise, but it doesn't matter. It's still pretty good. Who cares about the economy? It means didley squat.
  9. Good thinking, that didn't occur to me. I'll look into it.
  10. I just read I need to be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Is that true? I have a car rusting away on my parents drive. They hate it being there, I want it here. I have another year on the 309 before it should become a more permanent visa. I don't even know whether I'd become a permanent resident then...?
  11. pfeds

    Brisbane - cost of living Feb 2011

    Depends on so many factors. I can't speak for Brisneyland, but in Perth the rental varies greatly depending on how far from the beach you are. You can rent 3 bed house for as little as $300/week on a decent plot of land and only 20-30 minutes drive from the city. Our outgoings are about $4k a month for a family of four in a decent house in a nice suburb near the beach. We do a lot of outdoor activities which are cheap - off-roading, biking, camping, beaching, etc etc. Perth is far better than Brisbane though. My salary is over twice what I can earn in the UK, so that's another factor. That depends on what you do for a living.
  12. pfeds

    one month in brisbane and want to go home

    Stop being a wuss. Oz is great!
  13. pfeds

    one month in brisbane and want to go home

    Ha ha, I'm glad I got through that dark phase as otherwise I wouldn't have been surfing today and barbecuing a nice tasty steak tonight ;o)