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    Going for Citizenship!!!!

    Hi Guys, we are just about to apply for our citizenship. our family are two adults a 17yr old and our 13 yr old. Now i know my 13 yr old can go on my application, but what about our 17yr old I know there is a certain form he needs to fill in but does he take the test? Also how long in general does a date for your test to come through? Thanks in advance to anyone who replys mags :biggrin:
  2. Hi, not sure if you know but on facebook there is a group called expats in the hunter.There are quite a few younger adults on there, and then there are all ages too. it is for everyone.
  3. mags76

    Newcastle area

    If Anyone is interested there is a group on facebook I have started up called expats in the hunter. we have people from all over the place so if you want to join your more than welcome.
  4. hey guys, If you dont already know, there are some of us on facebook with a group Called...... Expats in the hunter. A few of us have met up and have enjoyed ourselves so if your interested click to join, its probably the easiest and quickest way of finding out about our meetups. Mags
  5. well i live in the maitland area and have a few POMMY :laugh: friends in the area. Get in touch . Im sure some of us can sort something of a meet. keep in touch Mags:wub:
  6. we lived in Warners for a while, which is lovely. But as you lived there for ten yrs you will already know this. We then moved over to the Maitlnd area and find that the area suits us all better. feel free to get in touch and maybe we could sort something out.
  7. Im up for it, I live in the Maitland area so not so far away from you guys. let me know if anything gets planned Mags
  8. mags76

    newcastle/port stephens?

    Hi Jems, we live just past Morpeth. So if your interested in meeting up let me know and we can sort something out. how are you liking it here? We did look at Thornton when we were buying it has some lovely places. Where abouts are you guys at the moment? Mags:wink:
  9. Hi, Thought i would start another thread up to see if anyone would be interested in having a good natter. Maybe in a couple of weeks so that we can get a few people interested, Also any sugestions on where to go may come in handy :biggrin: Mags
  10. Has anyone heard from Emma who posted the original thread? Have tried to PM her on here and british expats, Hope she is OK.
  11. i couldnt do this wednesday but could do it sometime next wk
  12. Hi tracy, We live near morpeth, and would love to meet up for a coffee and a chat.