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  1. makita199

    IELTS Tips Please!

    Hi Minxey,Just to say your not alone.I sat my 5th IELTS on the 12th and can not crack the reading either! Carpenter from Devon
  2. makita199

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    Thank you,And the same for yourselves.Really hope i can pass this before July.
  3. makita199

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    Bad times tommo007
  4. makita199

    IELTS Results for 21st April Test

    After the long wait for my results in which i need 7s im down on the reading again for my 4th time!previous 6.0,6.0,6.5 and 6.5!The curse of IELTS am I doing anything seriously wrong guys? 29 year old Carpenter from Devon Skills Test Passed Feb 2011
  5. makita199

    IELTS 24 September

    hi all,is it the overall score what counts or in all 4 modules?
  6. makita199

    SA State Sponsership.

    Thanks lisa,yeh thats just the hardest part sitting down ad getting pen to paper. Vetassess passed 24th FEB 2011 Carpentry.
  7. makita199

    SA State Sponsership.

    hi peeps,does anyone know how much research is needed for state sponsership? with the deadline set for 2nd of may i really need to get my skates on and am srtuggling to get pen to paper.any help would be good kind regards.