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  1. Thanks for your help guys, I did receive an email from customs today saying 'No', never mind hey!
  2. We are shipping our car in the same container as our household goods. Does anyone know if i will be able to put some of our household goods inside the car?
  3. barton4

    Got it!!! 176 granted today

    Big congratulations to you, where abouts in Melbourne are you going?
  4. barton4

    Yippppeee we have our visa!

    Thanks everyone for you messages of congratulations, feeling a bit under the weather so hoping to feel better soon so we can celebrate properly! got sooo much going around in my ickle head.
  5. barton4

    Yippppeee we have our visa!

    Hi, Looks like we will be going in April, soooo excited. We are on the Devon Cornwall border a place caled Launceston
  6. barton4

    Visa Granted

    Congratulations! we received ours last night!
  7. barton4

    Yippppeee we have our visa!

    Hubby had a phone call last night at 11.30pm telling us our 176 state sponsorship visa for Victoria had been granted :smile: He came and woke me up to tell me the news couldn't quite believe it, still dont believe it now! It has been a rollercoaster 2 years for sure! Hope everyone else waiting for their visa gets some good news soon, hang in there! The amount of times I could of said lets not bother! Here is our timeline: Vetassess July 2009 Applied for Victoria State Sponsorship 8th Sept 2009 Approved for Victoria State Sponsorship 11th Sept 2009 State Sponsorship Visa lodged March 2010 ENS nomination and visa lodged August 2010 Case officer for 176 State Sponsorship 17th Nov 2010 requires some more evidence Further evidence emailed 5th December 2010 Visa granted 6th December 2010 Hubby is a Motor mechanic.
  8. barton4

    Wey Hey we got a CO too!

    Thats great news :smile: I often feel like giving up too :sad:
  9. barton4

    Weekly weigh-in

    Hi everyone, I would like to join you guys in your weekly weigh in. I need to lose alot of weight :sad:. I do comfort eat especially when I'm stressed and this whole moving to Oz thing seems to be nothing but stress :arghh:. Not too sure how i'm going to cope with the summer holidays coming up and me not working and the kiddies home. I did lose 5 stone in eight months a few years back by going to slimming world but as soon as i gave it up the weight went back on. I did rejoin recently but have given up again due to not being able to stay to class. I have done it before and know I can do it again if I put my mind to it. watch this space......... (fingers crossed)
  10. barton4

    Hi there we are new!!!!

    Welcome, i'm new to here as well. There seems to be a lot of useful info on here. Good Luck with the process. :smile:
  11. barton4

    Visa Granted Yesterday!

  12. barton4

    The Bridge Clinic

    We had our medicals done at the end of May at The Bridge Clinic and like everyone else has said they are very friendly, couldn't fault them. We arrived about half an hour early and said the kids could go and play in the gardens.......i took one look at the gardens and thought they would be fine in the waiting room :laugh: such a lovely place.
  13. barton4

    Newbie needing advice

    Hi Gill, My hubby is a mechanic, our agent lodged our 176 visa at the begining of March this year. We are in the process of gathering paperwork to change the visa to a ENS 121, but seems to be taking longer than we thought. Probably end up getting our 176 granted before the ENS is ready to lodge lol :laugh:
  14. barton4

    Newbie needing advice

    Hi Rose, thanks for that. Knowing me i will probably be checking more than once a day lol I'm very impatient and this visa process is driving me nuts at the minute.
  15. barton4

    Newbie needing advice

    Thanks for that I will get it from them and check it out. Watch this space for probably loads more questions:smile: