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  1. 457ScottishExpat

    Advice: Moving to Reservoir, Melbourne

    Hi rosiew - we have lived in Melbourne since 2009 but this is the first place we will be buying and are not familiar with Reservoir. We currently rent in Hawthorn so I think we might be in for a reality check but our main concern is personal safety and that either myself or my mrs can walk about alone without feeling at risk.
  2. 457ScottishExpat

    Advice: Moving to Reservoir, Melbourne

    Thanks wolvesaussie. We are looking at a 3-bed house in the Locher Avenue / Daleglen St / Lucille Avenue area. Do you know if there is any public housing or rough parts in this area of Reservoir (Between say Don St. and Tunaley Parade, East of Cheddar Rd) ?
  3. 457ScottishExpat

    Advice: Moving to Reservoir, Melbourne

    Thanks wolvesaussie. "Not sure what u mean when u say north east west etc" In my mind, I split the suburb East/West at High St. There is pretty much a 100k difference in price. I would say North of the suburb is above Broadway. We are looking slightly north of Dole Reserve. "My friend used to live near the swiming pool and there were a lot of council\aboriginal tenants un that area if that bothers u" We are looking at north of Dole reserve, we would be about 3k north of the leisure centre so a good bit away from there but I'm not sure how far the council housing extends north. We don't mind living in a multi-cultural area, but we want to be able to walk around at night without feeling at risk. Crime and gangs seems to be a running theme but I'm not sure to what extent we should be worried. Related links http://www.lifeinvictoria.com/forum/suburbs-real-estate/35-reservoir-melbourne.html - Locals complaining about rental properties close to where we are looking https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080206183506AAIUKb3 - Broadly positive opinions https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100302234126AA1ZKYA - Mainly negative opinions
  4. 457ScottishExpat

    Advice: Moving to Reservoir, Melbourne

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Houses in the East are far cheaper than the more affluent areas of Reservoir in the West (in the order of 100k) but I would have thought the rough parts are only in certain pockets of the East? We don't mind living in an area that is industrial without much in the way of primary schools (no kids) or amenities but we read a lot online saying some areas of Reservoir are dangerous to walk around at night and we want to make sure the area we are buying in is ok.
  5. Thinking of buying in Reservoir near Dole Reserve in North East Reservoir. The house we are looking at ticks all the boxes but we are not sure what the area is like in terms of crime and personal safety. We'd be looking to walk to/from from Keon Park Station for work. Does anyone live in the area? Is it safe to walk around after dark? Any advice appreciated.
  6. 457ScottishExpat

    Seeking: Primary School Teaching Job in Melbourne

    Been a long time since I last checked this forum but I thought I'd update this. My now fiancée has been teaching primary in Melbourne full time on a rolling 2 year contract for the last two years and may get permanent at end of year. Things were tough at the beginning - early on she was only getting a day here and there a week but eventually you get known and get a foot in the door with schools if you are doing a good job. Just wanted to post something positive on this topic as I know from this thread that there is a lot of doom and gloom relating to primary teaching jobs.
  7. 457ScottishExpat

    Things to do in Oz in January 2011

    Hi, My Mum and Dad are coming over to visit from the UK in January 2011. They'll be flying into, and out of Melbourne. They'll be in Australia for 2-3 weeks. Events in Melbourne in January 2011 January 16th: Cricket One Day International against England January 17th to 30th: Australian Open Tennis January 26th: National Day Celebrations AFL: Season over A-League: In progress. Sights Open to suggestions - too many to list! We spent a week going down Great Ocean Road and loved it, so that will definitely form part of our plans. They want to see some of the tennis, and the Cricket international - other than that the plans are flexible. I don't know about the best times to go to certain places in Oz weather-wise - I heard January was a bad time to go to Great Barrier Reef / Whitsundays ? Suggested itineraries please! :eek: Yours, 457ScottishExpat
  8. 457ScottishExpat

    Seeking: Primary School Teaching Job in Melbourne

    Rudi As she has not been able to secure work since she graduated, we targetted the Graduate positions, as there is a support framework for the teachers - new teachers have a mentor within the school. We were concerned that carrying out casual work would mean she was being thrown in the deep end, but perhaps it's our only option. Out of interest, how long ago was it that you were casual teaching ? Quoll As mentioned before, we've no intention of giving up on the primary teaching route. It is her dream, and she's invested too much time/effort into becoming qualified and registered to abandon things at the first sign of trouble. In terms of casual work, as Rudi said, I think it's a matter of contacting the schools directly and seeing what's available. Looking outside Melbourne is certainly an option available to us, but we'll see how things go with the casual teaching locally before we look further afield. Cheers, 457ScottishExpat
  9. 457ScottishExpat

    Seeking: Primary School Teaching Job in Melbourne

    Thanks for the responses thus far guys (despite the bad news). In Scotland, you have two options - either do your probation year in a school, or you can opt out, in which case you have up to 5 years (of which 2 have elapsed) to get the requisite number of days experience to become fully qualified. Once you opt out, you can't go back and do the probation. So, we can't really "not be too bothered about teaching", as if she doesn't get the requisite number of days, she won't be fully qualified to work in Scotland if/when we return. Unfortunately, going back home isn't a solution to this problem, as primary school teaching jobs are equally over-subscribed, to the point that they no longer run the course in most Universities. All of her friends back home that are fully qualified (with probation) are not working in the teaching sector a year on due to the lack of opportunities. She put a lot of time/money/effort into following her dream to be a teacher, and we're just trying to look constructively at ways in which she can increase her chances. There doesn't seem to be much casual work going for Graduate Teachers - most expect you to be fully qualified ? We were thinking she could maybe do another teaching course / TAFE course here ? I'm not sure it would be any better than the qualification she already has though... Also thinking: ..tutoring kids ..volunteering in a school as a teaching assistant (you can't volunter to be a teacher though). ..basing herself temporarily in another state / country e.g. NZ, where she has better chances ? [*]Not sure which of these would help our chances though... Cheers 457ScottishExpat
  10. Hi, Hello..... First post here... :biggrin: Just looking for some advice really. I'm over here working as an IT Developer on the company sponsored VISA after being transferred from the UK. My girlfriend is qualified as a primary school teacher in Scotland, and chose to come with me to Australia rather than do her probation year there. She's registered to work in Victoria, but, despite lots of applications, has never been offered an interview for the graduate positions. We were under the impression that teachers were in high demand in Australia, but we've had feedback that she's up against 30-60 applicants for each role :frown: Queries: I wondered if there were any other expats out there doing teaching jobs... Whether they've had similar problems getting a job... Whether anyone has any ideas how she could make herself more attractive to potential employers... (e.g. tutoring, volunteering as a teaching assistant, doing a local course???) We're at our wits end really - She's been registered for a couple of months, and submitted 20-30 applications all over Melbourne with no luck. Any ideas ? 457ScottishExpat