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  1. Is this you? The Consortium of British Pensioners are fighting to stop the unfairness of 'frozen pensions' Quoted from https://www.facebook.com/#!/pensionjustice?fref=nf ICBP are always looking for personal stories to be highlighted in the British press? Could it be you? Did you move overseas to work for a British company and further the interests of Britain? Did you return to the UK because of a frozen pension? Are you prepared to be interviewed by the press ? Please contact us at chairman@pensionjustice.org
  2. Absolutly Andrew good one & you too HolidayKev :wink: Phoebe
  3. Good news an APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) was launched today in the Palace of Westminster robustly supported by some high profile politicians this is great news for us all pop on over to http://pensionjustice.org or join them on face book to get behind them & keep up to date with developments. I'm not in the least bit interested in politics but this one affects all our futures. Phoebe
  4. So pleased for you :biggrin: Feeling much better now but small set back more tests to come 1st April so mo travelling for me just yet :cry: Onwards and upwards Phoebe
  5. Regarding UK pesions. There's a huge campaign going on to 'unfreeze' pensions http://pensionjustice.org they have been fighting for a few years but really stepping it up with petitions media is starting to get behind it. It's crazy that your pension us frozen if you go to Australia Canada South Africa etc yet if you emigrate to an EU country like Spain who don't even speak the same language your pension isn't frozen !!!! We should all get behind this. Well I already have :-) Phoebe
  6. Happy New Year to you too Pam. Sorry to to hear you are having problems :-( Recouperating well from Op but.......because they have replaced the missing disc it has now caused more damage to the one above so have to go through it all again!!! Nerve root injection last week didn't help so just waiting for my next appointment hopefully with a date for next Op. Had planned to go over for Harry's 3rd birthday in April but it's not happening now can't believe it's a year since they were here and haven't seer. The girls for 2.5 year...... This citizenship just got me thinking if it's worth doing at our age maybe someone can help us both. Phoebe
  7. Hi Question for those of you who have made the move to Oz and settled in. My daughter & SIL applied for and got their Oz Citizenship just waiting for the presentation date. Have any of you applied for yours and if so are there any benefits to applying at our age? Phoebe
  8. I lost 2 stone very quickly far too much for me!!! The bones dont start to fuse till 12 weeks 12 months for full recovery. Not out of pain yet but that's where the Osteopath comes in. Im going in the right direction that's the main thing. Phoebe x
  9. Hi golks Im almost back in the land of the living :-) After 2 cancellations I finally had my surgery on 1st October where they replaced a disc in my neck long recovery and had some set backs with pain level but X-ray showed everything is where it should be and further MRI arranged for 16th December to make sure. Started seeing an Osteopath on Friday who can hopefully help with the pains (with the blessing of my Neuro Surgeon) and even better news I can actually eat normal solid food as long as I take my time so weight going back on slowly. I forgot how good a simple ham sandwich tasted :-) All in all I'm in a much better place than I was 2 years ago and as soon as I have this pain under control I'll be booking our long awaited flights hopefully in the first half of 2014. Hope you are all doing well. Phoebe x
  10. Hi I'm not sure if you are limited on how many people you can sponsor, but my daughter & SIL went on a 457 applied for PR after 2 years and got it by proving they were 'settled' (job, house etc) they were then eligible to sponsor us. Hope this helps. Phoebe
  11. Still baby steps had the clips out today bit sore there was 10 in :swoon: I'll spare you the foto I look like Mrs. Frankenstein :laugh: but another step forward :yes: Phoebe
  12. So can you not front load medicals now? Sorry been out the loop a while. Phoebe
  13. Degenerated disc in my neck causing swallowing problems & trapped nerve Carolyn just been such a long road as it took them 19 months of exploratory Ops/investigations/tests to finally get me to the Neuro Surgeon I needed to see :swoon: thankfully another 9 months down the line & Op cancelled twice it's done so been a long haul 27 months just 8-12 weeks recovery & can finally get to Oz to see my family :biggrin: Phoebe
  14. Op finally done 1st October sent home to recouperate....long recovery but thankgod it's over after 27 months :swoon: The only way now is up....up and away :biggrin: Thankyou all for your good wishes. :yes: Phoebe