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  1. Liz, I thought it may be for those who are in the process already. I will drop Terry George a line anyway as it is better to be too early, rather than too late
  2. With me looking to go (hopefully) in mid 2014, will it be too early to attend one of these interviews. Or do you think it may be an ideal time to put the "feeleres" out
  3. Lets try this http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/95546-rn-ran-exercise-programme-long-look.html
  4. I dont want to hijack this thread, but can you all have a look at this post http://http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/95546-rn-ran-exercise-programme-long-look.html#post863243
  5. The Exchange Programme Long Look (EXPLL) is a multinational, trilateral exchange between the Armed Forces of United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. The 140 exchange positions are drawn from each of the three Services and represent a wide range of employment groups; they are to be exchanged primarily on a RECIPROCAL BASIS within their respective host units. The RN contingent for this programme will be a maximum of 20 personnel to Australia. The expected duration of the exercise is 4 months, from Mid March to Mid July 2011 (formal dates will be published once known). I am a Petty Officer Caterer / Cook currently employed as an instructor in HMS Raleigh, Torpoint, Cornwall. I have submitted my application for EXPLL 11 and am looking for a suitable candidate in Australia (preferably Sydney / Queensland area). If you are interested in this, or may know someone who may be interested, please let me know
  6. I have a copy of my service certificate which states all establisments and ships that I served on until July 2001. Although it doesnt state the actual days spent at sea as sea time was just based on being on a sea going unit, where as now it is based on seperated service and only accrues when a ship is out of base port. Not sure what figure the printout from Whale Island will be based on or what figure the RAN base there Sea pay on
  7. Hi there Duke and Anita, thanks for the welcome. Looking at the timelines on here 2 years seems to be the right amount of time for everything to come through. My TX date is May 2014, so was wondering if I have to actually go outside before transfer or transfer just prior.
  8. Hello all, Just wanted to say hello as I am starting to look at a transfer to the RAN. Me and the wife have been discussing it for years and said that this year we would do all the research. Probably looking at going in 4 years, so havent made any contact yet. Have looked through all the info that you have posted on here and have found it really helpful Speak soon Dixie