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  1. donlou

    We got it !!!!

    We live in Hampshire, UK and are off to Adelaide (eventually) to be near to my brother!
  2. donlou

    We got it !!!!

    Hi to everyone on PIO, we have been granted visa today !!!! We recieved the DIAC email on 18 March 11 and I wasnt sure whether to go ahead with the Meds etc but decided at least that is one less thing out of the way. Anyway we werent even aware we had been allocated a CO as we just received an email today to confirm we have our visa - so happy. A BIG thank you to fellow PIO's as I have found so much useful advice out there, with regards to our application we didnt need to use an agent because all our questions have been answered on this forum. There is light at the end of the tunnel ! Hang on in there.
  3. I am currently re-training as a Holistic Therapist and my qualifications in massage are NVQ level 3. I am aware of the Australian 'Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice' which is required in Oz to work in this profession however I wondered if anyone had made the move to Oz and had their UK/other qualifiactions assessed against the australian certificate. Is there anyone who is working in this profession either in a salon or working from home that could advise the way ahead with regards to qualifications etc? Any help appreciated.Thanks.
  4. donlou

    TRA question 8 and stat dec

    We have (or should that be OH) just passed the TRA assessment and for Q8 we just said 'all the information requested is stated in the statutory declaration' as clearly you are justing repeating yourself.
  5. donlou

    176/175 visa - Not married

    Thanks for your help - VickyMel when you said you wrote statements and your friends, family etc did also were these statutory declarations as in the fact you had them witnesed by a solicitor?
  6. donlou

    176/175 visa - Not married

    Good day all, Has anyone applied for a 176 or 175 visa who isn't married? It seems I have to provide evidence that my partner and I are in a relationship - we have a daughter, mortgage, joint will etc so obviously I will send copies of the documents relating to these. Is there anything else i should be sending? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. donlou

    How to transfer from RAF to RAAF?

    Hi there, See the attached link Recruitment Centre | Defence Jobs as this states they are not looking for overseas applicants and therefore the likelihood is you would be unable to transfer across. I am in the RN and have been informed it is easier to leave one service and then join another as a civvi rather than transfer. Hope you find what you are looking for. Donlou.
  8. donlou

    TRA assessment timescales

    Hi gypsy10, I live near to Portsmouth, may have to ring around a few solicitors to see if this is the norm.
  9. donlou

    TRA assessment timescales

    Hi guys, When you sent off the paperwork, did you have all documents certified as a true copy by a solicitor? I have contacted a local solicitor and he will charge £5 per document, we have lots of paperwork to send, seems a little excessive. Is there any way around this?