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  1. Malkitek

    Scotland to Perth Relocation

    Hi, I probably have no useful advice as we live in Adelaide, have a permanent visa and don't have kids but my hubby works offshore on ships (ROV pilot) and wouldn't want to live near the airport as we see it often enough Your family is probably used to the offshore lifestyle but just a wee note to say I have found it harder here than when we were in the U.K although I'm not really sure why? I have friends here, I have a full time job, only real difference is I don't have my parents here but that was only a monthly visit anyway. Maybe cos it's so lovely being here I want him here all the time! But I've got used to it and it's his job so we just suck it up and enjoy the money and the free time when he's home! (With a fair bit of moaning on the phone to him while he's away!) good luck gill x
  2. Hi, just wanted to say we ended up bringing our cat last minute as our adopter fell through. She was nine, very timid, a skin condition and titanium pin in her leg! She came out of quarantine looking better than we had last seen her! She's moved home twice (no more moves, we've bought a home now) and she has been great! She loves the sun so much, loves being outdoors (well as long as she can skulk about in bushes, she'd never just walk down the street). We haven't regretted it for a minute and it helped me settle in so much more easily to have her here! She is now 11 and has become a right sook Gill
  3. Malkitek

    Who has to work away from their partner/family?

    Hi I'm in Adelaide and oh can be anywhere in world working. He did it in uk too but seems harder here. But he gets to come home to a gorgeous place it always makes me feel better knowing loads of people have to do it too!
  4. Malkitek

    Cancer, IVF, Medicare and private health queries

    Hi, I am in Adelaide so a different ivf clinic, but my uk experience to aus is night and day. We are being treated in a private clinic which is part of a public hospital. The access is fantastic, was virtually impossible for us in uk as hubbie works offshore but they have bent over backwards for us here. Very professional and honest. Our clinic bulk bills half cost then we pay half and get various amounts back on Medicare too. Get more back the more you spend in a year! Our clinic is now trialling bulk billing so our next frozen cycle we won't pay anything! And this started ten months after we arrived in aus as permanent citizens. Good luck Gill x
  5. Malkitek

    Cat to Adelaide - settling in

    Hi, we moved one of the most nervous cats to adelaide two years ago. First wander around new house she skulked around, but we had bought a wee hidy hole bed for her and as long as she could retreat to it she was fine. Two years later she is such a happy sun worshipper she has never been happier! Now we have the move from rental to our own house to navigate! Gill x
  6. Malkitek

    Nurse! Holiday and sick pay?

    Hi, I'm a nurse and in SA I get four weeks annual leave with the public holidays on top of that so about six weeks. Sick leave I get 115hrs a year, that does accrue over the years if not used. There is also long service leave after ten years but I'm ages away from that! Gill x
  7. Hi Lindsay, sorry cant help with your question but we are going through icsi/ ivf as permanent residents in SA, so feel your worries! We have had a fantastic service through Medicare and even without any rebate it would be cheaper than the uk for us! It would be awful having just found out that you need it to then have to wait for years so I hope you can work something out. If youre anything like us it probably never crossed your minds that there'd be a problem We do think of the ones who can't afford this all Good luck Gill x
  8. Hi, Flew back from Glasgow last month with connection to Adelaide of 1 hr 50 mins. Flight was on time but then put into holding pattern for 30 mins over Dubai, and then was on bus for about 20 mins. There were loads of people with short connections to Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne and we were all collected together off the bus and hustled through the airport at speed to our next flights, which had been held. Not even time for the loo, but me and my bag made it to Adelaide! Gill x
  9. Malkitek

    Killer Cat - To migrate or not.

    Oh yes my poor wee killer has a bell, and at one point a large sonic device that shrieked when she leapt, but nothing seemed to work in the UK! She has no luck here though (thank god) gill x
  10. Malkitek

    Killer Cat - To migrate or not.

    Hi, My cat was a monster killer in Scotland, birds, mice anything that moved! We brought her over to Adelaide and was very worried abouth the gorgeous local birds, but she hasn't caught one yet and in fact is a wee bit bullied by them! In 16 months she has caught a few butterflies and a few lizard tails, but otherwise enjoys strolling around in the sun! very glad we brought her. gill x
  11. Malkitek

    IELTS Academic Reading - HELP

    Hi, When practising for the reading I found I couldn't much of it because the topics were often so random and generally uninteresting to me, so I also went the route of reading the questions first and then scanning for the answers, rather than reading the whole text first. I also think was right plan for me as was sooo nervous that doubt I would have remembered much through sheer panic! Good luck! Gill x
  12. Malkitek

    Made no friends in Australia

    Hi, strange to read this cos was on my mind this weekend! I have made some friends here who I socialise with, but they they aren't (yet?) the type of friendships I had back in uk. I got some news on Friday, not bad news- I know my new friends would help me out in an emergency, but just news about someone i knew years ago that annoyed me, and didn't feel I could pick up the phone to bitch to them as suppose not sure how they would view me after me foaming at the mouth! Emailed my best friend in Scotland instead and ranted at her and then felt better cos she understood exactly! But I have known her since I was 12! Suppose that's what I miss, is it just cos I'm too reserved, maybe? I probably don't help that when hubbie in the country I don't feel such a need for it (he being my best friend), which probably makes me a crap friend in general! Hubbie thinks I worry about it too much! Gillx
  13. Malkitek

    byford quarantine station

    Hi, we had to pay the quarantine fee at least a week before our cat left it, so they would release on time. Is not ideal, but our cat was in a different city than us in quarantine, as there is not one in Adelaide. She looked great when she was flown to us from Sydney. gill x
  14. Hi, a wee bit different but my hubbie had just been in hospital for four days with abdo pain, and altered liver function tests, the week before his medical. He was still due to go back as an outpatient to review his liver function. I advised him not to mention it unless asked but bless him he blurted it all out straight away. I think we had a particularly sensible doctor, but she did tell him that it wasn't important for this type of medical, it wasn't what they were looking for, and it wouldn't matter. He passed no problems. Cheers gill x
  15. Malkitek

    Any FIFO people??

    Hi Stacey, my oh works off shore on ships, and probably the worse bit for me is there is no planned roster so he goes and we don't know how long for! So at least you would know when your oh was coming back! He did the same job from Scotland, and it is harder for me here, but it's his job, we need it to get settled and buy a house here, and it does keep the relationship honeymooney! I do think I would struggle with him home every night! (I did bring the cat, which helps!) worth a shot for a ticket to oz, you can manage I'm sure! cheers gill x
  16. Malkitek

    Don't want to start a fight but....

    Hi, we are a couple in early forties without kids and we live in Adelaide. We had always heard of Adelaide as a family place, and it is, but great for laid back couples too! Have lived in Sydney, and visited all other big cities. We live just south of Hallet Cove in Port Noarlunga and it is gorgeous. We arrived midwinter last year and are now midwinter again. You do get rain in winter but usually seems only for a hour or two then it clears. The sunny days in winter are glorious! The spring and autumn were lovely, and summer really good. Can't complain about the weather. It's cool at night in winter but I sleep better! We were planning to come over to live in Queensland but after hubbie had a job in humid part of India I couldn't convince him! Coming from Scotland, we love the size of Adelaide, it's affordable, and laid back. Loads of areas to explore, we drove up to the Flinders for a weekend a month ago and were blown away how gorgeous it is. I have an hours drive into work which isnt ideal but still am so happy when come over the hill and see the south on the way home. It's also very handy for getting to Sydney etc, I'll be having my second weekend Sydney trip in a year, next month. Oh and emirates are to be flying from Dubai starting in november. Can't help on the hubbies job front, and suppose that'll be the deciding factor! not a bad decision to have to make really cheers Gill x
  17. Malkitek

    Moving cats to oz

    Hi, We brought over a very nervous cat, with a food allergy and an overgrooming anxity disorder and a titanium pole in her leg! She looked great getting out of quarantine, she hid under the quilt on and off for about a month (but then had done this the month at my mums before we left!), and now seems to love being here. (9 months in total) She loves the sun, is out in back garden all day, and is fully furry! She seemed to quite like hitting a poor lizard on its head, but it stopped moving so she got bored! Was definetly the right thing to bring her cheers gill x
  18. Hi Paul, We moved out to Adelaide last year and love it here. I was a nurse for nearly twenty years in the uk, and think uk nurses are fabulous but moving here has reminded me you don't have to be exhausted by work and crying! I started work in the same type of ward as back in Scotland and went from 1:10 RN to patient ratio to 1 RN to 4! And even then the local nurses would complain if there wasn't a float nurse. I then got a promotion that I probably would have had to kill for in the uk so am a very happy bunny at work. We are both loving living in Adelaide, yes there are hard times being so far away but once here it's easy to remember our life back home in Scotland with rose tinted glasses. It is expensive here, but nurse wages are good, and we are terrible at a budget! Our one regret is we didn't do this much earlier! Good luck, nothing ventured nothing gained. Cheers Gill x
  19. Malkitek

    feeling horrendous

    Hi, i cried for about two weeks at work as had to say goodbye to different people! Was completely dry eyed leaving my best friends and family, weird! Don't worry too much about how you expect to feel, you'll love it in oz! Have a good flight and let us know how you're getting on! Gill x
  20. Malkitek

    OMG we move to Oz this month!!!!!

    Good luck! How exciting, you're going to love it! Be sure and update us! gill xx
  21. Hi, dont worry I remember feeling exactly the same, I got the email in the middle of the night in the loo and nearly never woke my hubbie up! I was sooooo excited about the state sponsorship we got but visa- blah. It came later though and have now been here six months and loving it! Give yourself time, is big news! cheers gill x
  22. Hi, I was a band 6 before coming out, also started as a rn 1.9 here in SA. ( they have just added a rn 1.10 too) my pay was much more than uk, doing much less work! I then managed very luckily to get a RN 3, as a clinical practice consultant, so sometimes it seems once your here it's a bit easier to get higher up jobs. Although that may be in SA wher they say it's who you know! good luck to you oth! Gill x
  23. Malkitek

    How will kitty cope?!

    Hello, Just wanted to share a bit of my cats story! She is/ was the most timid, unlucky accident prone cat in the world, is a feral monster after being born in a shed but acts like a 2 year old around me, follows me everywhere! We moved to my parents for five weeks before moving over and she was awful, under my quilt the whole time! Everyone including my hubbie thought we were mad to bring her! Six months in, she is fab! She looked great coming out of quarantine! Still her usual nervous self but loving the heat and living outdoors. She eats pretty much every insect she sees, unless it's really hot then she just lies there and lifts her head! She loves heat so much she rolls around on hot paving stones, and goes inside metal barbecue in the sun! Best thing we did! Good luck Gill x
  24. Malkitek

    Cat with a past!

    Hi, At the last minute we brought our eight year old cat who was half bald from a food allergy and also has a titanium leg! No problems with her getting here and she is thriving over here and is nearly fully furry again! She's still a nervous scardey cat but is loving the weather and can't wait to get outside in the mornings! So glad we brought her! Gill x