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  1. ljwalvin

    870 visa

    Hi guys, My mum is the holder of a 143 visa of which I was the sponsor. My dad is not. We did not apply the visa for him at the time of application because 1)he was not yet keen to come to Australia and 2)we did not have enough money. From what I understand, the holder of a 143 visa is not allowed to sponsor anyone until 5 years from approval of the visa. My dad however, is ready to retire and come to Australia. The problem we have at the moment is that her 5 years residency does not finish until Feb 2022. This, my mum and dad feels is too long. As such, I was thinking of applying the 870 (3 year parent visa) for him until the time comes for him to apply the 309/100 spouse visa. My question then is will such a visa strategy pose a problem? Does it seem dodgy to go down from a parent visa then to a spouse visa? Also, given that they have been married for 40 years, will the 309/100 visa be approved in a short period of time once she's approved to be a sponsor? I thought I have read somewhere that long term partners are processed fairly quickly. Any input will be much appreciated!
  2. Hi guys, I thought that there were going to be changes post 1 Jul Re citizenship application. I rang Department of Immigration yesterday for my mum (who is older than 60) whether the changes would affect her (ie. English test+Citizenship test) and the lady on the phone didnt know. Also, the changes link on dimmi website has been removed? Would anyone know whether the changes will still be going ahead?
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if 60 year olds will still need to sit for an English test for citizenship after July 1 next year? From what I understand, 60 year olds dont have to sit for the citizenship test at the moment but I'm not sure about what's going to happen next year when they start rolling out the English test.
  4. Hi guys, just wanted to say that my mum's visa was granted on 19/1. She'd applied on 9/7/14. Just a note re centrelink. They gave me a number in Sydney/Canberra (Area code 02) for the phone interview. I only rang that number whenever I had to deal with Centrelink. Got through everytime in less than 1 minute.
  5. Hi Fisher1, I had a look in the letter DIMMI sent and there's no Billercode? I'm guessing they've probably changed that?
  6. Hi guys, My mum's received the email from IMMI asking for the 2nd VAC. It says that I can either choose to pay it by bank cheque or Credit Card. I was wondering though if it is possible to pay by BPAY. IMMI's website said that other options were available. I'm guessing these other options only apply to other visa subclasses? The only reason I'm asking is because I prefer to BPAY rather than sending a cheque in the mail!
  7. Hi guys, Centrelink said they would send it off to department of immigration for me. I did however receive a copy of it in my centrelink account. I sent a copy of it to department of immigration just in case.
  8. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that I've lodged the bond with commonwealth bank and it's not really possible to waive the establishment fee. However, there was also a fee that you get charged every 6 months or so of 1.65%?? I didn't know about that! Also, I'm not sure if it's possible but ask for a centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) and you can upload all the documents with the centrelink App. Makes life much easier so you don't have to go into the centrelink office and be treated like a criminal.
  9. Hi Juliew1499, I agree with you. How hard can it be to look at a few pieces of paper and approve my application? I deal with Medicare on a professional level quite often and the amount of mistakes they make and the people they hire to answer the phone is a joke at best
  10. Hi Bear2015, My mum lodged on 9/7/2014. Documents were requested on 20/10/16. Centrelink AOS submitted on 24/10/16. Centrelink's a pain in the bum to deal with..Never expected them to be this slow.
  11. Hi guys, Sorry, I've got one more question. It says on the centrelink letter that I have to go back to the centrelink office to submit all the paperwork from the bank. Can I do that via the centrelink app? Sorry, just trying to avoid going back to centrelink as I work full time. Yes @Fisher1, centrelink staff seem to be a bit of a hit and miss. Some are helpful while some others aren't
  12. Thanks so much guys @Sadge and @Fisher1. I'll see how I go this weekend.
  13. Hi guys, Centrelink has posted a letter to me saying that they need a bank guarantee for my mum for her assurance of support. It says in the letter that I have to book an appointment with the bank. I was under the impression that I could walk in and tell them what I needed. Did anyone need to book an appointment for it? Also, I thought I remember reading here that someone managed to get the bank fee waived. Is it the bond lodgement fee at the discretion of the bank manager? Thanks guys.
  14. Hi guys, I've submitted the form 80 police clearance etc to the PVC team. Am I meant to get some sort of acknowledgement from them? I thought I was meant to because the last time I sent them an email, there was an acknowledgement of some sort that they got my email.