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  1. madgen

    Social work questions!

    Not sure what area of SW you practice in but if it's CP then why not apply through one of the recruitment agencies? You'll need 2 years post qualifying experience and a SW degree in order to qualify.
  2. It's no better in Australia, if anything it's worse.
  3. madgen

    Social worker moving to Adelaide... advice and info needed please :-)

    Hi Natalie If you put 'social work' into the search box, you should get a number of posts regarding social work in Australia. I had a very poor experience working there as have many many UK Social Workers but some have found it to be ok. Australia is a beautiful country to visit but in my view, not a nice place to practice Social Work. I would advise you to do your research thoroughly before making a decision.
  4. Australia is part of The Hague Convention so UK courts can order the return of a child
  5. Was the hospital role any better than CP role at DHS? Couldn't be worse surely
  6. madgen

    Blood Sugars and Metabolism

    This has been a really interesting thread. I have suffered similar symptoms for years so am reading the responses and taking notes.
  7. They're called Welfare Workers because most are not qualified. Interesting how the recruitment process looks for qualified/experienced UK workers only to put them with some CP workers who have only had a couple of months training. This is why there is no 'social worker' title in Oz, they don't exist, only child protection officers/welfare workers. My advice, for what it's worth, is do your research fully not only in relation to the job but also cost of living.
  8. Not sure this is true. There are loads of social work jobs in the UK, particularly in CP. I have far more work than I can cope with and have offers of work at least three times a week.
  9. madgen

    have you left Oz because of your job?

    It's interesting how Oz gives the impression of such a great work life balance when the reality is having to work ridiculous hours just to pay the over inflated prices there. When I was in Oz I felt like I was missing out, standing still while the rest of the world moved on. What work are you doing? Still social work? I have to say that I have never felt so unhappy in a job as I did in Melbourne! Before I left the UK I had worked for local authority in statutory child protection roles for 14 years, that's why I was so miffed that when I got to Oz I was given a role in intake which was really little more than a call centre, I never met a client and wasn't able to offer anyone a service. I just think Australia pays lip services to child protection, their systems and processes are so poorly thought through, non existent or prehistoric! I went to Oz on a generous relocation package, when I left, they threatened me with legal action to recoup their money, I told them to go whistle for it and should they ever bother me again then I'd take them to court for mis selling the role and wasting my time ... Never heard from them again. I would re visit Oz for a holiday but never to live/work there. What are your options?
  10. madgen

    have you left Oz because of your job?

    Things are going very well thanks, been no problem securing work back in the UK. Currently working as a Guardian in south west London. You still in Oz?
  11. madgen

    House rental nightmare in the UK

    correspond via email, this way everything is in writing and can be used as evidence if needed in court
  12. madgen

    Be Very Worried

    I'd hardly call Australia 'paradise', far from it!
  13. madgen

    NYC - best places to visit and eat

    The revolving restaurant at the top of the marriot in times square is nice, views are awesome particularly at night
  14. Interesting. I'm a self employed social worker and I have more work than I can cope with. I'm contacted for work sometimes twice a day and earn big money. Never had a problem sourcing work since returning from Oz.
  15. madgen

    London hospital receptionist commits suicide

    I'm perfectly calm, just offended. Poorly presented post...