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  1. Hi, your parents only need to validate their visa before the 12 month expiration date if their police checks. After that they can come and go for up to 5 years before they must take up residency. Our visa was granted 4 years ago and we've only been here 6 weeks! Regards Val
  2. vava


    Oh this is such sad news. I have such fond recollections of her posts. Ironically, I moved to Australia just 2 weeks ago and thought about her when looking at Stilton cheese in Coles the other day. Those of you who have read every one of her feisty posts will remember her altercation with a customs officer who challenged her about her gift of a Stilton in a ceramic dish from a posh shop in London for her brother in law. Most amusing and she got to bring it into the country! Good for her! I hope she's being just as feisty on the other side! Rest in peace Gollywobbler
  3. Hi, My daughter also teaches in South Korea (Seoul) and I've had to get loads of her original certificates and documents done at our solicitors and they do like to charge quite a bit for their services. I suppose if you're living somewhere other than the UK then maybe the background or police checks will not be as straightforward as ours were. See if you can find some info on the IMMI website on requirements for Brits living in another country prior to migration to Australia. Hope this helps! Regards, Val
  4. Hi there, If you mean Police checks then you just apply and they send you the outcome and you forward that to the Parent Visa Centre. Did you know that there is a thread on this site dedicated to Parent Visa applicants? Just search out "The Brand New Parent Visa" thread. There are loads of people in "the waiting room" and some of us (me) who already have their visas but have not yet sold our houses in the uk. There will always be somebody who will know the answer to any questions/worries/fears you may have during this stressful process. Good luck! Val
  5. vava

    Balance of family test

    Hi again! Oops, after just re-reading your original post, I now realise that it's your adopted father who has the 2 adult kids not your natural father. Sorry! Could they possibly be tracked down and make some kind of statutory declaration to say that they no longer consider him to be their father? Just a thought. Hope you find a soloution!
  6. vava

    Balance of family test

    Hi, Wouldn't the fact fact that you were adopted (and presumably your natural father agreed to this) when you were 15 not make you the legal daughter of your adopted father? I thought that once a child was adopted, there was no legal claim by the natural parent. I would try contacting IMMI to get a clear and definitive answer. Otherwise, what's the point of adoption if it isn't legal? Don't give up until you absolutely have to. Good luck!
  7. I'm currently in supposedly sunny Queensland Julie and it's been raining for the last 2 days! Still, it's making us feel right at home! Val
  8. Yes, I was told the same thing at the Post Office. I ended up sending my payment via a courier at a cost of about £25 if my memory is correct.
  9. Hi again, Don't worry! You won't lose your visas. Just email and ask for another couple of weeks. I had to do this when we were about to get our 143. I have an ANZ chequebook so I wrote a cheque and sent it via courier from the UK and IMMI wouldn't accept it. They insisted on a "bank" cheque. Anyway we happened to be in the Canaries when the email came through so they had to wait for the dosh! Don't let them bully you - they need your $$$$$$$$$. Hope it all turns out ok (though I know it will!) Cheers, Val
  10. Hi there, I think it would be an idea to transfer your funds to pay for the visa into your son/daughters account in Australia if you don't have an account there yourself. He/she can then raise a bank cheque and send it directly to IMMI in Perth. If you email your case officer and advise them of your dilemma, they will allow you some extra time to get things in order. It's extremely simple to transfer funds over to an Australian bank account. I did it this morning.......Christmas bonus went straight from our uk account to Halo Financial (other transfer companies are available) and they'll shift it over to our ANZ account. Easy peasy! Good luck with it all and don't be too shy to ask for more help - that's what we're all here for! Regards, Val
  11. Don't get me started on the way this country is run! I'd be wanting to emigrate even if my daughter didn't live in Australia! I can't watch the news these days without my blood pressure rising. In just 18 more sleeps I'll be sitting on a plane bound for Brisbane.............and relaxxxxxxxxxx!
  12. Oh if only the UK immigration people made migrants complete a similar form! We might then know who is living here!
  13. Just as a little heads up, you ought to carry the expired passport with you when entering Australia even if you have filled in the form 929 and had the changes confirmed. I was horrified to log into VEVO only to discover that my visa still has the old passport number on it despite sending all the relevant documents to the Australian High Commission in London. Regards, Val
  14. Dear Vicky, The best method would be to ask your daughter to get a bank cheque from her bank and send it to IMMI by courier which is the most secure way. She must enclose all your details so they know who its from. I think my daughter enclosed a photocopy or a print out of the request with ours. Won't be long now...... Regards, Val
  15. Hi, Because the 173 is, as you say, a temporary visa, they won't require AoS. Your Mum's sponsor will have to arrange for this if or when she applies for the 143. She must allow enough time for the 143 to be granted before the 173 expires so she doesn't find herself without a valid visa. Hope this helps, Regards, Val