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  1. ellasdaddy


    I'm alive hehe still here, been here since Jan so almost a year hehe living in Kennedy and soooo love it xx
  2. Oh god homefind is a pain in the butt, we had our PMKeys No for about 5 months before we came out and in that whole time their was only 2 houses on their and neither were what we wanted so we waited till we got here ( I would personally advise anyone who is coming over to choose when you arrive as what you see on the commp google earth etc may not be what you see in real life) anyway we waitied and waited and as you have the rental when you get here their is no rush to choose a home i think you can stay in the rental for 6 weeks and over if you wish, anyway no DHA homes became available for us so we had to private rent, its a pain in the butt house inspectons every 6 week, the real estate agent is a cow and to be honest its not worth the hassel couple that up with having to pay a bond and 2 months rent up front and its not worth it I would take a DHA home any day over a private rent.
  3. Bin the lot of it, nothing is the same here not even name tallys
  4. Liz am i your friend :wubclub: hehe i just made it up as i went along lol
  5. ellasdaddy

    Fear of Flying....

    Oh no i hate flying too We flew to perth in January seriously i was a sweaty wreak before the plane even took off all i did was i took an ipod and plugged it in turned it up full blast and shut my eyes Every little bit of turbulence had me asking "are we cashing@ sounds really stupid now lol but on our flight from hong kong to perth during the night the turbulence was horrific , so i went to the toilet to be sick and low and behold the capt of the plane was their OMG that set me off again i was quizzing him about the turbulence the likelyhood of crashing etc, he just laughed and said at some point between hong kong (cant remember wher it was) the usually experience turbulence for about 15 mins and that it was completly normal and not to worry he then went on to tell me about his daughter etc and how she was the same age as mine, and when i got back to my seat about an hour later he came up to have a chat with us really really nice man, and we arrived safley i still dont like flying but hey ho If i was you what id do is try and stay up for as long as you can the day before so your really tired as soon as you get on the plane ge your pyjamas on and have a drink then try your hardest to fall asleep before the plane takes off Good luck im sure you will be fine
  6. Anywhere then lol lol Ive kept my big spider in a jar just for you lol
  7. Hiya Their are hardly any rentals available over here at the min, wwe arrived in jan and nothing so we had to go rental assist its good but their are downsides i.e they wont pay your bond for you unless you have a tax file number which you cant get till your here, The rent they pay for you is 185 per week, and you have a ceiling rent too so your not supposed to go about that ours was 389. Oh and trying to get a rental if they have any DHA ones available take it because for every ouse that is on the open market to be rented about 10 - 15 couples will go view it at the same time as you and most will put in applications for it, the rental market here is completly different from the uk, their are so many after rental and not enough up for rental we applied for our along with 9 other couples all which had reference etc, what we had to do was double the bond and then pay 6 months rent upfront, Hope this helps a little Oh and before i forget not many houses here have pools that are for rent and when they do expect to see double the amount of applications we went to see one with a pool the house itself was well ugly the rent was high but it had a pool they had over 40 applications for it But good luck :wubclub:
  8. ellasdaddy

    Who fancies ice cream?

    ewww i have to admit that kinda made me feel sick lol
  9. ellasdaddy

    Another Earthquake in Christchurch

    Im just watching it now so very sad Hopefully they can get some sort of power back to enable the search and rescue teams in to find the people who are trapped
  10. ellasdaddy

    Have you met your neighbours?

    well ive only lived in my house about 3 weeks the house one one side of me is empty, and on the other side ive only met the man he seems nice cleaned my bins for me on friday and put them back while i was on the school run, but ive only seen him once, next door to the empty house their is a massive family of about 18 at least nice family the wave in the morning when i go out but i havent spoken to them, thats about it apart from the lovely ermintrude mcmoo who came to visit me last week :biggrin:
  11. ellasdaddy

    Help needed on difficult situation!

    Congratulations on your news :biggrin::biggrin: Ok so your 2 months pregnant now so first have youhad a scan to date your pregnancy you could be further on than you think, if your 2 months now by the time June comes around thats 5 months away so you would be 7 months, do you not need to have permission from a gp to fly that late on?? maybe their is away around it, possibly I really hope you get to stay here in oz, Good luck with the pregnacy
  12. ellasdaddy

    Moving to Perth Mid May

    Hi Ali We wenthad had a look at a few areas, but as soon as we went into the school and spoke to the head he was so nice, we have a 10 year old a 4 year old nd a 3 year old, the 10 yer old had a few tears on the first day but they were so nice they settled in really quick, Ella our 4 year old loves it, shes even started whinging when its the weekend :err: cos she want to go to school. We live in port kennedy and he kids go to rockingham lakes, the kids have been at the school 2 weeks now and the head has went to visit them everyday to see if they are ok settling in etc, i realll;y couldnt recommend the school high enough When do you arrive here or are you already here? It lovely anmd sunny today however at 5:30 in the evening im sweating like a pig hahaha :biggrin:
  13. my god liz how long did that post take to type out lol bullet point and everything very impressesed hehe 26 weeks and counting lady lol
  14. ellasdaddy

    The Classic "Spiders/Insects" Thread

    can someone tell me what a wolf spider is? I hae these really cute spiders in my garden they are kinda tiny get black and look like a platic toy but what are they theyre only about 5mm big well cute
  15. ellasdaddy

    The Classic "Spiders/Insects" Thread

    ive only been in oz 3 weeks and i have 2 dead readbacks on my garden fence because we sprayed the fence and killed them i also have a baby huntsman on my bathroom window (on the outside) but since they dont do anything serious ive left it alone hehe i bombed my house the other day and had a few dead spiders but think they were just normal house spiders but they are all dead now anyway