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  1. Kirk your such a twit your obviously jealous of my lifestyle. Tell you what you get on with your sad little existence I will carry on enjoying life in Australia and living my dream. Not yours mine and why? Because I had the balls to do it. Where you living at the moment?


    come on if I told you that you would say I was boasting.


    Number 9 blah blah newbury at a guess, still in england? i'm not boasting but i think i'm right

  2. oh god i cant believe i have started people arguing on here, sorry about that! i just wanted to know from people that have done the move what they took with them, we will be taking 15k anyway but we wont be going unless my fella has a job to walk into i dont want to risk us not finding work so that money should be fine if we are carefull with it?


    Do you have friends here? I applied for about 60 jobs whilst still in the uk, 99% of them said they dont give jobs until you're on their doorstep knocking asking for work in the flesh, yes a lot of it is left to chance but its only the same in the uk regarding jobs, i mean if you lost your jobs there what would you do? Whatever it is you would do would be exactly what you would do here, read my post on how i got here then in box me for any questions i may be able to help you with, no not you mr kirk ;)

  3. sorry that hearing the truth hurts but we all have to wake up to it at some point. Yes I may never get there but if I do get there it will not be with luck.


    Who assigned you as the truth teller? Ok you carry on doing what you do best, i'll pop back on here in a couple of years to see who you've upset that day, still wondering if luck will turn a different corner and you either get here to oz or win the lottery, the odds are the probably the same. If.... ;)

  4. Thanks for the good luck but never had to use luck but I will store it up you never know.


    I think deep down you do know you'll never make the move to oz, so do us all a favour fella.......please keep your opinions to yourself or just in box the op with your drivellous remarks, as an example see your reply to SHandGH, there is no need, really there isn't.

  5. you can see by some reactions that they dont wont to here the negative & to me that is more scary than anything.Leaving uk with a average family of 4 going to the unknown with little money now that is scary.


    Yes it is.... Been there, doing that, reading mr kirk and co's previous hate mail, sorry replies, i see its not just my thread he ghouls on, dont repy mr kirk, you're not worth any more of my time, i've the oz way of life to embrace and live. Hope you too will get the chance, good luck, you'll need it...

  6. Brief update from murky, we landed on 26th january 2012, not a lot of money very unsure as to what the hell we were doing. No job no car. Its now 3 weeks later, living with friends for now till i get a rental house, daughter in school, son on trial with a major holden (vauxhall) garage and i'm working full time. Got hp on a new car and picking it up tomorrow night, admittedly a lot sorted in 3 weeks but like i said to myself on that first teary night i cant go back as i only booked one way tickets (all i could afford) i'd like to thank you all for your comments and help in getting me here and i promise i'll keep you all up to date with our progress. To all of you reading this thinking i cant make the move cause of this or that... If you dont give it a go you will NEVER EVER know how you would have got on. This time 6 months ago i was sat at home thinking its not going to happen , i've wasted 4 years of mine and my families lifes wanting something that i can never get. Last weekend i was on a beautiful beach watching parrots in a nearby tree thinking i live here.... G'day mates from the murkys

  7. Hello people, this is a question for a friend of mine. She has permanent residency in oz and is living on the central coast, and her son is on a working holiday. They want to know how to obtain a visa for him, where to apply etc. He is currently working for a friend as a bricklayer...... Any help much appreciated ta :biggrin:

  8. hia would be an English teacher's dream. The poor souls spend every effort to get their charges to write. And here we have encomiastics to 'lambastics' (sorry for inventing the word), generalizations, specializations, summarizations and people want to continue on and on!!! My heart goes out to all you pomz - never seen more helpful souls in the whole wide world :hug:


    I do try


    But I notice how you cannot help but keep coming back to see how things are going, so really you are showing some interest :biggrin:

  9. She is a recruitment consultant but she is confused where to apply for as WA is very expensive and SA doesnt hav too much RC jobs ....


    So really she needs to be where the work is. All research needs to focus on this at the moment and nothing else at all because as soon as the vetasses are passed then she will have to find which state to apply for as per the requirements for the visa. So just find all she can about employment agencies and local jobs in those areas on the Internet. You really do need to stop stressing over other things that can wait until this part has been done.You need to research step by step. You are probably not helping your sister by overloading her with other info at this stage either.


    Mrs Murky

  10. My sister is applying...................


    Country of origin : pakistan

    Wanting to head to : WA/SA not decided

    Vetassess : not approved yet...

    Visa: 176 SS


    Thank you Hia


    As quite a few of us hadn't come across any of your other posts but had just opened the thread because of the title is is nice to see more info. In what occupation is your sister, is WA or SA the best places to be for her job?


    Mrs murky

  11. Hi All


    Just to try and sum up this thread. The OP gave it a very misleading name as we all thought we were getting a long list of why we should not bother stepping foot in oz when all I can gather was that they really only seemed interested in free tax advice which nobody can really give and usually have to pay companies large amounts to get, the same as getting quick migration advice on here you have to pay for an agent. Also benefit advice when nobody can give exact answers to that as all cases are different. We all tried to help but shouted down that we were wrong, then someone jumped on and told us that we should learnt respect another persons culture before we move to oz and not come on here and give an advice until we actually live there not just been for a holiday, which really offended me, as the OP never told us they were from another culture until page 13 and saying we should have guessed by their poor spelling was rubbish as quite a lot of everyone's spelling on here is crap anyway mine included sorry. I never guessed as they said other poms so thought they were british and it wouldn't have changed my view on

    things anyway as we would give the same advice to anyone. Us poms come on here to help but also for the lighthearted banter as on any forum and cannot help it if the question isn't answered as fully as they might like but being a bit silly now and again is our way and our sense of humour that keeps us going and everyone has to respect that also,we are not getting at anyone personally or intentionally with our daftness.


    The OP could now post the real story of their sister, where they are from about their family, which visa applied for and where they would like to live in oz, everyone on here loves detail like this and it isn't being nosy it's just gives a better insight for better answers. We would love to hear your sisters view on things also as surely she must have got onto the Internet for her visa? Or was it just the financial info needed? Because if

    that is the case we probably can't help very much.


    Best wishes with your sisters plans but remember it is her dream and not yours at the end of the day.

  12. just had a rattle through google and found this http://britishexpats.com/forum/showthread.php?t=606712


    i dont know if it is the one, but its got some negative on it.


    it seems most of the horror stories are from tourists though, so the exchange rate is an issue.


    i guess the best thing is to buy a load of stuff in the struggling british shops then get a job in australia and pay it off with the stronger currency lol


    careful tho the pound might recover!


    Sorry flyby knight we can't give out opinions coz we don't live in oz.