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  1. Hi All, Me and my girlfriend have been living in melbourne, albert park for three years and are in our early forties. Would welcome the chance to meet up with people for drinks/meals/evenings out. Please PM if interested. David
  2. weemster

    Melbourne Golfers

    Certainly Dale, look forward to it. Enjoy the experience which can be emotional but all in all worth it I think mate.
  3. We left our money in the Uk and have saved a nice pot here but we are lucky that we have good jobs here in Oz. I thought long and hard about bringing over our money but so far haven't. The exchange rates are here to stay now (thats me feeling) and yes the savings rates are much better here in Oz but don't forget thats gross and will need to go on your tax returns. My advice is if in doubt and you don't need it - leave it in blighty.
  4. Hi Guys, We have been here about 18 months (both 41 and we brought our two cats with us). If you ever fancy a drink / sanity check - happy to help. Dave and Michelle (Middle Park)
  5. weemster

    Melbourne Golfers

    Hi Dale, Feel free to get in touch once settled. Me and My fiancee (both 40) arrived in Melbourne about 18months ago and love it, I am a keen golfer but struggle to find people to play with. All the best Dave
  6. weemster

    Melbourne Golfers

    Hi Anyone, Happy to play if anyone fancies a game. Cheers David
  7. weemster

    Melbourne Golfers

    Hi Chris, Been here a year with my fiancee. Sold my clubs before I came out but miss playing. Happy to play. Cheers Dave
  8. weemster

    Aussie pool

    Hi John, Been here several months with my fiancée. Used to play a fair bit of pool in the uk and would be interested in playing maybe even a pint or two Cheers Dave
  9. Hi Kathryn, Please can you add Dave and Michelle to the maybe's list - enjoyed the last one !
  10. weemster

    Looking for people in melbourne...

    Dave and Michelle. Most definite maybes !
  11. weemster

    Looking for people in melbourne...

    Sorry folks, watched the royal wedding (feet up and a malt, lovely) hope you all had a great evening, look forward to next time. David and Michelle.
  12. weemster

    Looking for people in melbourne...

    Sounds great - We will most certainly be there and look forward to meeting some more chums (David and Michelle - live in Middle Park and came to Melbourne 5 months ago, always up for a beer and night out in good company). A quick word though - The Sherlock isn't normally open at the Weekends so it might be worth checking.
  13. weemster

    Melbourne get together

    Transport works for me at 7pm. We could all stay on and watch England win the 'slam'
  14. weemster

    Melbourne get together

    The list gets longer mate - as our search for fine Aussie beer goes on.