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  1. NeilEB

    Functional English for Spouse

    Yep, Bubbe has it right
  2. <p>Neil, hows it going you still staying put or you changed your mind and relooking for down under? We have our visa now hoping to go out in early December. keep in touch mate regards chris</p>

  3. No idea - I would have thought that if she'd signed the she's given her permission. But I wouldn't take a chance with something like this - get in touch with a professional who knows what they are talking about.
  4. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    Yeah ignore me, not sure where I got that from......Florida maybe?
  5. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    Just curious - what was the 'multiplier' if you used your combined income?
  6. Hmm let's break it down like this. Speaking shouldn't be an issue. The rest however, all depend on spelling, so if it's really bad he needs to work on it now. As for gettign started, personally I would get a couple of books - there's one from Amazon and one from IELTS themselves. There's also lots of free stuff on the internet, but personally I like the books. They come with a DVD so you can practice the Listening exams, and also watch the Speaking exams. Writing is the hardest to practice, and also hardest to get a good mark in, but it's definitely possible. Practice as much as he can and hoefully he'll do fine. The good news is he can retake as much as he needs. Also remember that IELTS is designed for foreign speakers, so he has a head start on most :-)
  7. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    That's fine and sensible and it sounds like you've moved around a lot. But if someone is one £100k here, and take up a job for $130k their lifestyle will have to change accordingly. £100k in the UK, can buy a lovely house, expensive clothes, expensive luxury car, lovely holidays. $130k in Aus can definitely sustain you, but if you have to live in a smaller house, and give up those fancy holidays, a lot of people will think "why bother". That is what the 2.2 rate (roughly) does. It's not fool-proof, and no-one is saying that if you only earn 1.9 times your salary you can't live in Oz - but your lifestyle in terms of disposable cash will definitely take a hit. It's important to make people aware of that. Saying "it's fine, you can buy a tent for a fiver, live on the beach for free and eat food out of dustbins and still have a great life in Oz" is misleading. (please note, exagerration for effect)
  8. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    A) Not everyone lives in the South East (I do, my 2 bed house will sell for around £230k) B) Things in Oz ARE more expensive (using the exchange rate) - might be fine buyung a house, but what about affording clothes, food etc? C) Can't compare houses in England and Oz - English house are all brick built and meant to be for an investment. I get the feeling that Oz is similar to Florida - built from wood and not necessarily 'built for life' - I may be wrong about that however. D) Moving away from friends and family is hard enough - if you find that the $60k you are on can't support you without some hefty sacrifices, it's and added pressure you don't need.
  9. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    Yes becuase in that case exchange rates are important, as effectively you you are earning in one country and spending in another. When you move somewhere else, exchange ratesa are unimportant, but the 2.2 figure is still a good ballpark
  10. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    But that's what people are saying and where this 2.2 figure comes from. No-one is talking about exchange rates - they're irrelevant once you've brought your money over. What is important is 'what is a reasonable wage' - now no-one can answer that, as it depends on so many things. So instead people say, take your wages in £s, and multiply it by 2.2to find the figure you need to earn in $s to have a 'similar' lifestyle. So if you earn £50k here, you need to earn $110k to have similar buying power.
  11. NeilEB

    Child Care Rebates on a 176

    Fbt a & b?
  12. NeilEB

    WA versus Queensland areas

    Don't think they'll pay for flights, but they are providing free housing (apparently) in Karratha, so that helps a bit. Anyway I've now completely hijacked Lynn's thread - sorry!
  13. NeilEB

    WA versus Queensland areas

    Just not sure I like the idea of her living on her own (with our boy), in a new country, and me only seeing them at weekends. Is it easy to fly from K to Perth? Anyway, lots of things to think about, and my poor brain hurts.....
  14. NeilEB

    PLEASE HELP.. set my hubby straight.

    Did you sort out the argument?
  15. NeilEB

    WA versus Queensland areas

    Thanks Susie - the missus definitely wouldn't like living in Karratha, but I have to go where the work is - and I'm not exactly fighting off job offers with a stick :-( A new plan (if Brissie doesn't work out, and the wife isn't convinced), is that she stays in Perth while I go to Karratha for a couple of years to build up experience (and bank balance!). We'll see.....