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    Melbourne drink?

    Hi, We are in Melbourne for a week on a reccie. We have 4 kids, 3,5,13 and 15 The two eldest are really anti the idea of leaving their friends in the UK and coming to Australia. We are also a little surprised at how expensive the houses and groceries are, and how difficult schools appear to be to get into. But Melbourne seems to be a lovely friendly city, so we are very keen to give it a go. Does anyone fancy a beer to share experiences? Regards Sean
  2. theandersons

    Visa evidencing

    The Australian High Commission has confirmed that it is NOT necessary to have the visa evidenced prior to arrival in Australia. The letter granting the visa is all that is required to enter Australia. Phew !!
  3. theandersons

    Visa evidencing

    That sounds better news !! Thanks
  4. theandersons

    Visa evidencing

    No, the letter said that they recomended that the visa was evidenced, not that it was required. I thought that this just meant a longer queue at the airport. Looks like I need to sort this out on Monday
  5. theandersons

    Visa evidencing

    We are planning to fly in to Australia to validate our visas. I had understood that the letter granting the visa was all the evidence that we required to enter Australia and validate the visas. The letter says that they recommend that we evidence the visa before we enter the country, not that this is required. Does anyone have any insight here? Are we OK just to arrive in Melbourne with the letter of Grant and obtain the visa on entry, or do we need to get an evidence in London before we fly? We fly out in three days!! Thanks Sean
  6. theandersons

    Validating visa, help!!!

    Bit late to pick up on this as I had read this to mean that all I had to do was turn up at the airport in Melborne with my passport and the letter granting my 175 Visa, I could then have this evidenced there. Is this the case? We fly out in Three days !!!
  7. I took the test in London, and was surprised to only score 7.5 on the listening. To be honest I was a bit nervous about the test but found it not too bad after all, although the listening test found me daydreaming a little.............so pay attention !! I am in the UK and English is my first language, so a bit ridiculous being tested by individuals who's first language was clearly not English!
  8. theandersons

    Visa Capping - Senate Inquiry

    I agree, it seems to be really unfair that the rules are continually changed. Especially when the costs of applying in terms of both emotional and financial are so high. We are lucky in that our visa was approved, but still the cost has been measured in many thousands for us. I really feel for the people that are impacted by this continual goal post shifting.
  9. theandersons

    Where to live in Melbourne guide

    Hi I have seen a few mentions of the"Where to live in Melbourne guide" Does any one know where I can get it or have a copy they could email me? Thanks Sean
  10. theandersons

    South east melbourne trip done!

    Thanks - all helps to build a picture of the city.
  11. theandersons

    Change in regs for visas from July 2010.......

    Ouch !! Every time we start playing the game, the goal posts are changed !! Not at all helpful in knowing where you stand. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. theandersons

    Melbourne Recce in July 2010

    Clare, Many thanks for your post. I had not thought about holidays, luckily the it will only impact the first week. I have also looked at the website on accomodation which was really useful. Thanks again Sean
  13. Hi, We are planning to come to Melbourne to have a look with a view to emigrating and to activate our Skilled Migrant Visa. We have 4 children (15,13,7,3) and would like to find somewhere to rent in Melbourne for a couple of weeks, ideally from 5th July !!! Any ideas where we might start? Also where are the best schools, we have thought of independent schools but are pretty open on the subject. We would like to go and have a look at the schools while we are over, Thanks Sean