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  1. Hi I'm in Bensville and looking to build up a circle of friends I'm quite limited as I have a 7 year old and my husband works most evenings but would be happy to meet up for lunch etc cheers Amanda
  2. Hi Sally I know how difficult it is making the move so many emotions, let me know if you need any advice and I'd been happy to meet up when you arrive. Cheers Amanda
  3. Hi I'm still in Bensville, I've been on the coast for 3 years now and wouldn't live anywhere else, if you need any info or are meeting up let me know Amanda
  4. Amandab1

    Central Coast to Sydney commute - is it worth it?

    maybe you do need it be a rocket scienist!! thanks for the explanation
  5. Amandab1

    Central Coast to Sydney commute - is it worth it?

    agree it won't happen though it would be nice if they could just think about it a bit and maybe limit the stops on some of the trains, they have done this on the central line via Strathfield it would be great if the train just stopped at Hornsby, Chatswood, St Leonards, North Sydney, Wynard and town hall..I understand that its not that simple but I doubt its rocket science and would make such a difference!
  6. Amandab1

    Central Coast to Sydney commute - is it worth it?

    agree about the faster train!!!
  7. Amandab1

    Central Coast to Sydney commute - is it worth it?

    I agree that everyone is different and looking for different things, for us Melbourne didn't offer a great lifestyle as we like to be by the beach and didn't want to bring our children up in a city suburb, we find we have more of a family life now and for that reason the commute for me is worth it, for us the coast offers everything we were looking for and it took us 5 years of moving around to find it. My husband is from Melbourne abnd wouldn't go back..as long as you find the right lifestyle for your circumstances I was giving my opinion that for what we have the commute is worth it.
  8. Amandab1

    Central Coast to Sydney commute - is it worth it?

    Melbourne sucks compared to the central coast..I lived in Melbourne for 5 years and would never go back
  9. HI I'm on the coast near Bensville, I have a 5 year old daughter, let me know if you fancy meeting up. cheers Amanda
  10. Amandab1

    Any Central Coasters???

    Hi Kylie, we are around for a catch up, let me know if you fancy it, I'm between Bensville and Empire Bay and live here with my husband and daughter..there is also a site on FB called central coast expats which has a few people on it I have tried to organise a catch up but it hasn't happened yet. cheers Amanda
  11. HI I'm in the central coast bewteen Bensiville and Empie Bay, let me know if you fancy a meet up Amanda
  12. Amandab1

    Central Coast to Sydney commute - is it worth it?

    Hi, I do the commute everyday and it is doable, it takes me 2 hours door to door from Bensville to Woy Woy Station to the CBD, terrigal would take a bit longer as you would need to go to Gosford. If you were working in Ryde you would get the Strathfield train and change at McQuarie Park, the train during would take about 1hr 15...you can check timings and the best way to go by going on 131500 website which is the transport website. Chatswood would be better as that takes just under an hour. for the lifestye on the coast it is worth it, I usually work on the train and have that time taken into account for my working day. The trains are nice and quiet. I would not reccommend driving, the roads can be really busy and parking is a nightmare
  13. Amandab1

    Kariong, Central Coast

    Hi Becky I would be happy to meet up PM me, I'm bewteen Bensville and Empire Bay, have you looked at this side, have to agree that Kariong is right on the freeway..Umina Beach can be resonable also there is a site on FB called Central Coast Expats which there is a few of us on, although we still haven't arranged a meet up yet!
  14. Hi Kylie & Joe I'm keen to get a group of people togther and start a social group, I love living on the coast but would like to make some friends and get a bit of a social life.. Let me know if you fancy meeting up happy to host a barbie as a meet and greet
  15. <p>Hi Kylie I saw you were up for meeting up for some drinks, my name is Amanda and I live near Bensville, I work in Sydney during the week but if you fancied meeting up at some point give me a shout .. Cheers Amanda</p>