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  1. may be i m talking about position of maintenance person could fulfilled by offshore candidate. :daydreaming:
  2. electrical guy

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    there could be some hope if every single cat five applicant send evil evan pink roses bukkae everyday, the master mind of all these ill witty rules,and bowen is a just a culprit. :biglaugh: may be evil would be pleased and happily release the gift of god for you :notworthy:
  3. electrical guy

    Class Action for support of G5 has been started in Court...

    hi pop before all the mess created exclusively by chris evil ,i had a decent and graceful feeling for oz politician and thought they are different from our politician .but evan has outlined oz politician selfish,self praised ,racist and mad dictators.nothing more then cunning fraudsters who have no morals.people are just future's ballet paper for them.labors are group of totally incompatible and malice politicians who always blame ABBOTT on their every failure and in past even punished innocent offshore 2k7 gsm applicants with cap&cease legislation to overcome their ill sorted decisions. every morning i woke up with prayer to GOD to correction of our enigma and punish liable person the evil evan
  4. electrical guy

    Today's problems of Immigration Minister Mr. Bowen

    t"CHRIS EVAN " is the FEAR dragon which swallowed all 2k7 pre-sept applicants past year and no politician/bureaucrat an even oz migration body(m i a) raised a voice against sinister minister evan on killing these legally valid skilled offshore applicants.ITS JUST BECOZ ALL WERE HELPLESS OFFSHORE AND HAVE NO RIGHTS AND ANY SOURCE TO FIGHT .in true words they were not the instant voters.and still Chris Bowen has done nothing to rectify his predecessor so now all GSM system is looking a mirage .diac has lost his credibility and trust to clients ,nobody is sure about getting a visa even after a lengthy process after filling all requirements .its the acute harm evan has done to GSM and could not be rebuild easily
  5. I WANT A just one more addition to list, :jimlad:mr bowen he is now joined his seniors after kicking off by high court on asylum policies.may be this is the bset reward he could get on following tamely instruction of sinister minister evan .DUMPED ALL POLICIES APPLIED BY INCOMPETENT LABORS AND ASK FOR ELECTION NOW, NOTHING LESS SHOULD BE PEOPLE WANT:arghh:
  6. electrical guy

    cat 5:Legal Action Process -A feedback from David Harvey

    sir david harvey, happy to watch some one trying to fight for helpless applicants either way.at least they make to realize that their supremacy could be challenged by inferior (in their views)r applicants .but we all pre-sept capped and ceased applicants were not lucky enough becoz no one stood for us to fight against unlawful act of s39
  7. electrical guy

    Tragic News

    its hurts severely when ur dreams are broken and someone else decide about your future .oz immi has gone to so much depressed to migrants from past and its my finding there are more numbers to come in suicidelist of victimized by oz immi.if they couldnt allow migrants to unite to dear ones for whom they live and love,are they not human.then diac should grant visa to primary applicant on the condition of remain single in oz forever. i have suffered too ,coz my visa was capped even when my all requirement was met and finalized by DIAC but I.M CHRIS EVANS done this in unlawful way so after a long depressed 3yrs i could imagine how lethal these feelings are.since then i m fighting for to be stand up mentally but sometimes i too give up .the only one question continue striking on my head always is what was my fault ,there was nothing wrong to my capabilities to cap my visa in final step.its going to a year (28th june2k10 )till and i still surviving on false hope that there could be something positive result in oz court against this .thats why i didnt asked for refunds offered by them. but my all hopes are drowning now ,nothing seems to be well ahead.if ever i give up also ,it will be because of only one man called CHRIS EVAN
  8. electrical guy

    Pre Sept 2007 Onshore Applicants

    hi no one say nothing about yet , hoping they were not victimized by chris evil ,as we were.if any one still in limbo from that timeline ,than it may be closed for ever
  9. electrical guy

    Immigration philosophy

    Likewise, the immigration process does not exist for the benefit of prospective immigrants or to allow people to fulfil their dreams. The entire system is in place to fill skill shortages and thus help drive the Australian economy. As soon a skill shortage has been filled, or other skills have been deemed higher priority, then it makes perfect sense that the goalposts will be moved accordingly hi llesur here is the point mate, then definitely i shouldnt be one of that ceased applicants as my occupation remain always on sol and smp and state sponsored guy .theres nothing correlation between ceased one and skills they needed .its just a matter of politics they are playing to show they are different from past govt in immi policies indifferent about how these could be harmful to economy in long run.they are doing hit & trial instead of going through planned and transparent way I guess the problem is that Chris Evans, and the Australian government do not work for or answer to prospective immigrants. Their primary responsibility is to the Australian tax payer - the voters who elected them in the first place. so then oz tax payers are lotted by govt legaly coz there hard earned money spenting on boat/asylum seekers having no skills at least to benefit oz eco .but sure they are planting voters for their bright future
  10. electrical guy

    Immigration philosophy

    Have you forgotten about the thousands of applicants who, in good faith, made an application based on the rules, provided all the necessary documentation, paid the fees and waited patiently. Then Chris Evans decided to move the goalposts completely, put their applications on hold, moved the priority lists around and shattered the dreams of many. After being messed around for nearly 2 years some poor applicants with state sponsorship then found their occupations to no longer be on the SMP and in the infinite realms of catagory 4, probably never to have their visa application processed. These applicants have paid thousands, put their lives and their family's lives on hold and many are still none the wiser about whether they can get to Australia or not. They feel totally let down by a country who sought their skills a few years ago, lured them into the system and then spat them out when the government changed and they realised the immigration system was broken. Instead of honouring their side of the deal they left the applicants at the bottom of the list after taking their money- or worse cap and ceased their appliction. we can define it as DREADFUL REALITY OF OZ IMMIGRATION .nothing lawful and genuininty was shown by minister evil for only sake of power play. resistricting those valid and bona fide few thousand(4k) applicants by intruducing new retrospective legslative to capp and ceased them inspite of grant them visas after long and painful 3yrs. could that be forget by every applicant in whole life, of course not .sure all effected would have no good feeling for the person responsible for ruined their new future they were surefooted .for this they will always curse him and if they are true soul their prayer will never stillborn .and i believe GOD HAVE JUSTICE FOR ALL ,sooner or later.
  11. electrical guy

    Previous TRA validity for new application as general electrician

    that was the reply i got form TRA Thank you for your enquiry to Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). The occupation of General Electrician, India, falls under the new Offshore Skills Assessment Program. If you are applying under the General Skills Migration (GSM) program and hold a passport from one of the nominated countries and are seeking a skills assessment in one of the nominated occupations, you need to apply under the Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP). TRA approved RTOs conduct the skills assessments under the OSAP. TRA Approved RTOs are available on the TRA website on the Offshore Skills Assessment Program Useful Links page. Your chosen RTO will provide all the information required to lodge a skills assessment, including where the assessment and techical interview will take place. Detailed information on the OSAP is available on our website www.deewr.gov.au/tra. EXCEPTIONS: · If you are applying for a skills assessment under the Employer Nomination Scheme or a State Migration Plan, you should apply to TRA under the Skilled Worker Program. · If you are applying under GSM from within Australia and hold an AQF trade qualification based on studies in Australia, you are not eligible to apply under the Offshore Skills Assessment Program. All replies to this email must be forwarded to traenquiries@deewr.gov.au if you require the matter to be actioned. Trades Recognition Australia Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Phone 61 2 6121 7456 | Fax 61 2 6276 9812 www.deewr.gov.au/tra
  12. electrical guy

    Previous TRA validity for new application as general electrician

    hi 2&3, yes i understand its validity but my question is will diac accept applications with previous tra when they have changed assessing authority for some occupations and countries in july 2010 .general electrician are one of them who now assessed under vetassess . thanks
  13. electrical guy

    Visa Capping

    hi pinup,now even nothing sure for protected visa by new regulations and legal amendments so fix it for every class will be wiser
  14. electrical guy

    DIAC Suggesting Front-End Loading for Some GSM Applicants

    hi all .its nothing sure of eligibility to grant visa on asking for med/pcc but i may be doubt from past experience when they have done this same way to all pre -2007applicants, they are going to clearing backlog by capping and ceasing applications in coming months under a previous legislation or new visa capping bill. its may be my imagination but it is possible becoz they have already a legal tool of S 39 TO A clear gsm backlog in one attempt only.so also be prepared for this becoz diac would never care for the lives messed by their faults or ministerial decision. good luck