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    Brisbane Tradies

    Hi Guys, Not been on for a while, I moved to the Sunshine Coast 3 + years ago, great lifestyle, beautiful beaches, lovely people socially but geez, trying to find good workers is a nightmare! I came on a business visa, I set my own window and door manufacturing and installation company up and have struggled to find decent hard working installers. I know it's a similar story for most trades. So if you can get a foot in the door over here and show your worth then work is a plenty. ps if anyone wants some fitting work let me know Jon
  2. 163ALLOUT

    Birmingham to Brisbane

    Alright our kid how am ya I originate from Solihull and have lived on the Sunshine Coast now for 3 years. My wife and two kids love it up here. If your husband can fit windows and doors then I have a job for him, CAD would be useful too. I came on a business visa and my company manufactures and fits aluminium windows and doors for the commercial market down in Brisbane. If there is anything you want to know send me a PM and I'll try and help...It's the best move we ever made. Jon
  3. Hi Guys, I have a commercial aluminium window and door business in Queensland. Most of my work is based in Brisbane. I am looking for some experienced fitters/installers who are conscientious, loyal, hardworking and keen. We have a good order book and some excellent potential if I can get a good team around me. If anyone is interested let me know on here and I will get back to you Cheers Jon
  4. 163ALLOUT

    ten days on sunshine coast!

    Is it a war on positivitism by any chance?
  5. 163ALLOUT

    ten days on sunshine coast!

    Welcome to paradise! Left Solihull 2 years ago for Pelican Waters, never looked back. Other than a decent curry can't say we miss the UK at all. Oh and my footy team The Blues but their having a tough time so best out the way I reckon. Sunday morning here, late Autumn with winter around the corner, it's 28c, not a cloud in the sky and we're off to the beach:biggrin: Off to a street get together this arvo, every few weeks we get togther with the locals, take a plate of food, an esky with beers and sit outside chatting while all the kids play together in the street. Plenty of Aussies, a few Poms, South Africans, Canadians and Kiwis. If you mix in the welcome is tremendous. Only regret is not moving here earlier!
  6. 163ALLOUT

    Life in Oz blog!

    Did I, where? I do tend to ramble off subject so you may have misconstrued the point. We are definately staying put with no intentions of leaving. Glad you like the blog by the way :0)
  7. 163ALLOUT

    Life in Oz blog!

    Hi Skippy Believe it or not the blogs had 22 views from Belgium already....Why I don't honestly know!!
  8. 163ALLOUT

    Life in Oz blog!

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog, Why do I buy into a few businesses? well they seemed like a good idea at the time I guess!! Opportunities come up and 'he who dares'. I'm begining to sound like Del boy now lol
  9. 163ALLOUT

    Life in Oz blog!

    G'day all, I haven't been on in a while due to work and beach commitments! For anyone remotely interested I have been living on the Sunshine coast QLD for nearly 18 months now. I have been compiling a blog about our life here coupled with some inane ramblings which have got absolutely nothing to do with, well anything really! If you get chance and want to see some nice sunny pictures then please feel free to take a look. Comments welcome, I've learnt how to delete the bad ones now :0) Jon Visit the Williams family trek to Australia at.... http://3nicepomsandagit.blogspot.com/
  10. 163ALLOUT


    Buderim is full of old fogeys, zimmer frame city lol Nice forest though to be fair
  11. We moved to the sunny coast in June 2011. Boy do we love it!!!! Best thing we ever did. Just bought our first house on Pelican Waters. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I have a blog with pics on with a link at the bottom. Bit out of date but have a look if you can
  12. 163ALLOUT


    I live in Pelican Waters. My boys go to Caloundra City private which is a great school. Also Pacific Lutheren is very popular. The state school in Caloundra is supposed to be pretty good as is the one near by at Little mountain. Maroochydore has a good shopping plaza if that floats your boat, personally I wouldn't want to live there. You can't get much better than the Caloundra area. Just my humble opinion!
  13. Hi Matt, Getting a licence here depends on your skills and certificates you have obtained in the UK, you do however have to apply through the BSA in Queensland to obtain one. If you check out the BSA website there will be more information on there, as well as a rather significant amount of paperwork to fill in too I'm afraid! You can work on sites as long as there is a supervisor working along side you who is licenced. At present we are seeking licenced installers, if you want to send me your Resume we may have openings in the future once we have found our licenced supervisor. As a manufacturer you do not need a licence, it is only when you are an on site installer that the supervisor is required to have one on all jobs over $3,300.00. If you send me a pm I will return my email address to you so you can forward your resume to me. Best of luck Jon
  14. Hi Guys and Girls, A friend and I here in Caloundra have aquired a window and door manufacturing company and we need installers who have a builders licence to operate within Queensland. If anybody is interested please pm me a telephone number and I will call to discuss Thanks Jon
  15. Hey Guys & Gals Just catching up with the site after a while. We've been living on the Sunshine Coast for 1 year now and will do my reccie report in the next week or so for anyone interested. I came over on a 163 business visa so busy preparing my start up in manufacturing, gulp. For anyone who may be coming over on this type of Visa I have a good friend here who has an excellent Restaurant business for sale on the seafront at Mooloolaba, brief details are... The business employs 14-18 staff is and has been a consistent shop with same owner for over 10 years so has a huge amount of intangibles for any buyers...I am happy to stay on and work for the new buyer to educate them on the Australian laws in alcohol and Food...The shop has all manuals for staff and is open 7 days...it would allow the owners to have most nights off like I do and give them a perfect business to enter with and achieve the required ticks http://www.rs.realcommercial.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&id=3174561&f=30&p=10&t=bus&ty=&fmt=&header=&cc=&c=45944006&s=qld&snf=as&tm=1340174053 Please let me know if anyones interested and I will forward your comments onto the owner. Back soon with my update, Jon