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    school fees!!!

    Hi, Thanks for that link, I will find out if our school falls under this area, I just happened to know about the fee increase as a friend of mine on a 457, who has a child already attending will continue to pay normal fees around $2000 pa, however her youngest who is starting kindy next term will pay the full $4500. Our School office did say they hadn't had full confirmation yet but the draft said it was to be in line with state school fees, she will be very pleased if its going to be less, thanks for that. Cheryl.
  2. cherylant78

    school fees!!!

    Hi, Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but our catholic school in Miranda Sydney, are increasing fees in line with the NSW rates for 457 holders as of next school term, I think this is at least state wide for the catholic schools but you might want to double check that. Good luck.
  3. cherylant78

    NURSES - Moving to Australia

    Hi Tania, I have just finalised my registration with AHPRA in July and didn't have a job offer in place, or any intention of working immediately. I would get my registration completed as soon as possible, they change the goalposts all the time and it may be even more difficult to register in 2013. Do you know anyone in Australia whose address you could use, set up your oz bank account and have that and some other mail sent there so you have id with an address? Good luck Cheryl.
  4. cherylant78

    NSW School Holidays & Writing Style

    Hi, I dont think all private schools have high class numbers,my knowledge is limited to mine and friends experiences though, my friends daughter attends a private school in north sydney, they have smaller class numbers than ours but similar to the state schools. They also pay a fortune for that though. Cheryl.
  5. cherylant78

    NSW School Holidays & Writing Style

    Hi Cal As long as you ring ahead to make an appointment the schools will be happy to see you, getting into a catholic school if your not catholic might be tricky though, they have to have a non discriminatory policy on admissions but they do have a policy of offering places to children from catholic families first. When we went for our interview the first thing they asked us for was my daughters baptismal certificate. Class sizes in catholic schools are much bigger than the state schools most classes have around 30-32 children in them, I think the state schools have something like 18-20?. And a significant amount of class time is taken up with learning about the religion and various masses that we are always being invited too. None of this is any issue for us and we are really impressed with the school, but if your not prepared for it I can well imagine it would seem quite full on. Good luck with your search hope this is helpful. Cheryl.
  6. cherylant78

    Statutory declaration

    Hi All, I have been having this sort of problem with ahpra for months, I trained at Napier university Edinburgh started February 1999, my husband who trained in London at exactly the same time same diploma only less points has already been working here in Australia for 6months. They would like a breakdown of exactly how many hours of theory and practice I did in aged care nursing, mental health nursing, surgical and medical nursing, I didn't do much if any aged care as I did child health branch, the uni are taking forever to sort it out they promised to post it at christmas but AHPRA still haven't received it yet?
  7. cherylant78

    Coming to Sydney area - Good, Bad & Ugly

    Hi there, We have PR and my daughter attends a catholic school, we have some friends from the UK whose son also goes to the school they are on a 457, and because catholic schools are independent they just pay the same fees as everyone else, the first terms fees were $800 term two and three will be the same but term four is slightly cheaper I think around $500. some of the catholic schools are not so strict about your children having been baptised but they would have to participate in masses etc, that may be a cheaper alternative for you. Apologies if someone has already posted something similar I haven't read the whole thread.
  8. cherylant78

    household stuff $2000 the lot

    Was just looking on gumtree for bookcases and came across this, might be useful to someone whose just arrived and starting out again, especially if like me they sold most of the furniture before moving... I cant vouch for any of it though so if its all rubbish please dont blame me. Apartment Set | Furniture | Gumtree Waterloo Leather corner sofa, bed,washing machine,microwave, dining table and chairs, fridge, kitchen utensils etc.
  9. cherylant78

    Atrocious Shipping Experience

    oh that sounds very similar to our shipping story so far, we also shipped from Edinburgh, shippers removed our goods on the 3rd of November 2010 and they didn't make on to a ship until the middle of February despite having been quoted a 10-12 week timeframe. As far as I know the ship has now docked and is waiting on customs clearance, I'm now wondering if we used the same company and dreading what kind of condition my belongings will be in when they are finally delivered. I hope you get some answers from them and soon. Good luck.
  10. Hi Siobhan, I would agree with the other poster about the northern beaches being a lovely area especially around the french's forest area, we initially considered living there but could not find anything suitable to rent for what we are paying now, we could have got a 2 bed unit but certainly not a nice 3 bed house for $500 pw, we did view one house for $560 however it was not in what I what have deemed a suitable conditon to live in you might get lucky and find something but the rents up that way are astronomical, it's much more reasonably priced down here ans close to the beaches, lots of green open spaces for dog walking etc, we have settled in really well thankyou and are delighted with our choice. If I can help in any way please feel free to give me a shout, good luck with your search I hope you find what your looking for. Cheryl.
  11. Hi Siobhan, We live in Miranda have only been here since December but have so far found it to be a lovely area close to beaches, national park, good schools, good train service into city, good shopping etc. Not sure how much your looking to save but we pay $500 pw 3bed 2 bath townhouse, hope this helps. Cheryl.
  12. cherylant78

    best place to buy meat and veg.

    Thanks for you're replies,I should have been a bit clearer I was thinking of somewhere for bulk buying meat, and a good value fruit and veg market. Aldi is really good but selection is limited unfortunately. Cheryl.
  13. cherylant78

    best place to buy meat and veg.

    Hi All, Does anyone know where the best place is for buying fresh meat and fruit and veg in the cronulla area? Im spending a phenomenal amount in Coles and the other supermarkets. Thanks Cheryl.
  14. cherylant78

    Relocating on a budget - where did you save?

    Hi There, We travelled over a few years ago when my daughter was 23 months we paid for a seat and to be honest im really glad we did the flight would have been very uncomfortable if she hadn't had somewhere to lie down and sleep. We paid to have 300 cu ft of belongings shipped over, the shipping company collected our stuff from our house in Edinburgh on the 5th of November and it has only just left the UK this week, we however arrived in Australia mid November and moved into our rental property mid December. Luckily when we arrived we bought a whole 2 bed flat lot of stuff from another PIO'er which was fantastic for us as we haven't had to go out and buy everything again, but there are lots of garage sales out here where you can pick up real bargains and Kmart is really good for kitchen stuff to get you started, I was concerned that it would be replacing all the little things that would cost a fortune but you can go there and do it very cheaply the quality isn't the best but everything I have bought has been perfectly usable. So there are ways of buying good quality things for reasonable prices out here you just have to look around for it. Cheryl.
  15. cherylant78

    Nurse salary after tax

    Hi there, 54k doesn't sound like a great deal to me, are they paying for your visa and flights or are you financing this yourself? If you are coming out on a temporary visa then you may qualify for Living away from home allowance, that might help you out a bit, there are a few threads on here on this or just google it. Does this 54k include your supperannuation which is 9% of your salary, I'm not sure if you only have to pay into superan if your a PR. You also have to pay a medicare levy cant remember how much this is I think It's related to your salary. My husband is 10 years qualified and works in Sydney, his salary is $70 inc super, but to give you an indication he usually comes home with around $2500 every two weeks, if you do overtime then you can bump your salary up a fair bit, if your coming out with a family and having to send that much back every month it might be difficult, by yourself you may be ok. Hope this is helpful and not confused you further, there is a lot to consider. Cheryl.