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  1. You have to send your licence for evaluation and the send you a letter with your details of what you will be granted on passing the AA exam. i have a letter granting me passes in all sebjects except AA alowing me a grant of a B1.3, C and Compass Cal, on S92, AS332L/L1 on passing AA. Im sure if you were to go and do the AA exam and send you pass certificate along with your EASA license then im sure you would be issued the appropriate CASA license. I dont think those types would preclude you. Dauphin is similar to larger EC types, and are used offshore as im sure you know. Try the WA police. they were looking for a Dauphin engineer a few months back. sounded like a great job with benefits unheard of here in the UK!!!
  2. Out of interest, i have done the exchange process with my licence. i just need the AA exam to be granted my licences and all types by CASA. both companies were offering a LAME position and the time to go and do the AA course ASAP. all at their expense. no need to take up an AME position first. Being an S92 engineer maybe swung the balance though i dont know, but they were desparate to get me on board.
  3. Thaey are recruiting for touring engineers only. FIFO. If you want to find out though, email these people. jo.francois@bristowgroup.com or anna-lee.testar@chc.ca or Lauren.MacPherson@chc.ca Both are looking for 20+ engineers. especially if you have S92 exp, but also large Eurocopter or Sikorsky. CHC take a long time to get their act together, it took about 4-5 months in all from initial contact to the offer of a job, and i already work for CHC. Bristow offered me a job within about 2-3 weeks of applying. There is also Bond helicopters recruiting, but i dont have a contact for them. address is on their website http://www.bondaviationgroup.com/about-us/offices/australia Hope this helps. we've decided not to go for the moment as wifes job is less in demand, and were trying for a baby and think now is not the right time. had to turn both CHC and Bristow down. was not the best feeling!! Good luck if you go for it though.
  4. I dont want to put a dampener on your plans, but getting your license isnt quite a simple as just doing some part 145 work over the course of a year, and the CAA are getting more and more strict on military experience, and the required civil exp to qualify. they are getting more strict with the requirement to actually be working full time for that year. i would make sure you speak to the CAA about that if you havent already. and when going to CASA to have your licence changed, you need to have been certifying on a type for a min 6 months before they will do it. which means you need to be employed as a certifying engineer somewhere. tons of work for lames in Aus especially in offshore helicopters. CHC, Bond and Bristow all recruiting aggresively.
  5. i wouldnt say your cert 4 is useless, but i have also been told aviation australia is a waste of time and money. they wanted to charge me nearly $2000 for what CASA only charged me $265 for.
  6. prob the best thing you could do is come to the uk and work here to get the experience reqd for an EASA licence. you can get recognition for your A&P towards a CASA licence, but you need to sit the CTC exam which is a full day exam on every part of the syllabus. but if you pass you gdt the same dispensation as a UK CAA licenced applicant. if you get your CAA licence, then you could start using your A320 type rating. if you go the greek route, noone will take you seriously.
  7. No, its a separate thing. if you have a licence already, it cost me $265 to get it converted, plus the costs of getting the AA exam done. only having a few modules may not get you much. might be better to start again if you are def going anyway. Aeroskills cert is different again as thats a college thing. best speaking to Padstow TAFE or i think Kangan-Batman TAFE do it as well. i didnt di this so cant say for definate.
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    ive always had an @aol.com email address, and my work email is @chc.ca so never had a .co.uk address.
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    Another Crazy Idea

    i not trying to pour cold water on this idea, but something about it niggles me. if you go on a tourist visa, deliberatly not taking your info so you look like one when you get there. then when you apply for onshore whatever it is visa, then magic up 2 years worth of evidence you live together, doesnt that look like a premeditated attempt to decieve? or am i missing something? Personally, i think you should do what ever makes you happy, noone else can tell you what that is. but i wouldnt want you to do something that might get you in trouble and ejected from the country!
  10. you can get stuff here to spray on at night which prevents ice build up. If you get deicer there, buy the stuff in the spray bottles, not aerosol. it melts the ice really quickly and easily, just needs the wipers to get it off. The quickclear windshields on Fords are brilliant!! had two in the past. audi's have them too as an option.
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    No label no clue...

    Im not usually into the tree hugging and crusading, but certain things i find extremely distastful or worse. one of those things is how Halal/Kosher slaughtering is done. im know meat doesnt magically appear on the shelves, i know where it comes from, but there is no need for this at all. I saw this film on Youtube, WARNING:- DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT TO SEE IT. IT IS HORRENDOUS. BUT ITS IMPORTANT TO SEE SOME THINGS I will understand if the MODs pull this post however i think its important to see whats what. my appologies if it upsets anyone.
  12. I would say, British passport holders, or those who would have been elligable. Ps, when i asked about english only, i knew what was meant but its annoying when people call the UK, England. Even watched some US political members and comentators talking about the US and Englands involvement in the syria situation. (one of many examples!)
  13. its simple science. at high humidity the air is already nearly at saturation point with moisture, therefore your sweat will not evaporate. and why stuff rusts in humid countries. dry air is more comfortable even at 50+C uk has high relative humidity.
  14. so is it only english ancestry that qualifies? not scottish welsh or northern irish??
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    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Last One, Monterey Bay again.